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  • 1. DisclaimerThis initiative aims to leverage services of Twitter for a social cause and is in noway endorsed or sponsored by Twitter. This should not be perceived as an official initiative by Twitter. There is no association or partnership what so ever with Twitter Inc. The Twitter name, logo, Twitter T, Tweet, and Twitter blue bird are trademarks of Twitter, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

2. Whats leadership? #ThoughtCommons Leadership is about understanding and telling everyone what objectives are worth chasing. 3. Whats objective? #ThoughtCommons Objective is what an organization ultimately wants to achieve. 4. Whats goal? #ThoughtCommons Goal is small-small thing one needs to score to achieve a bigger objective overtime. 5. Whats management? #ThoughtCommons Management is getting all things done required to achieve objectives set by leadership. 6. Whats balanced scorecard? #ThoughtCommons Balanced Scorecard is a small report which tells you how are your performing on different objectives. 7. Whats benchmarking? #ThoughtCommons Benchmarking is doing things better, faster and cheaper by comparing how you do things with how others do them. 8. Whats business intelligence? #ThoughtCommons Business Intelligence is knowing a lot of things about past, present and future to make better business decisions. 9. Whats business operations? #ThoughtCommons Business Operations include all activities involved in making what you sell. 10. Whats centralization? #ThoughtCommons Centralization is when few people do all of a particular thing (mostly planning) in an organization. 11. Whats change management? #ThoughtCommons Change Management is changing things slowly and smoothly from what they are to what they should be without shocking anyone. 12. Whats communications management? #ThoughtCommons Communications Management is getting your messages across to the right people in the cheapest and the most impactful way. 13. Whats human resource management? #ThoughtCommons Human Resource Management is doing everything to have right number of right people working in a smooth work environment. 14. Whats business ethics? #ThoughtCommons Business Ethics remind you not be naughty, dirty and evil while working. 15. Whats corporate governance? #ThoughtCommons Corporate Governance is balancing conflicting interests of shareholders, leaders, employees, customers, suppliers & society. 16. Whats corporate social responsibility? #ThoughtCommons Corporate Social Responsibility is doing some social work to tell a set of people that you care about them. 17. Whats financial management? #ThoughtCommons Financial Management is making sufficient money available for all required things at all times. 18. Whats accounting? #ThoughtCommons Accounting is noting down neatly what you paid money for and what you got money for. 19. Whats assets? #ThoughtCommons Assets are all things an organization owns. 20. Whats liabilities? #ThoughtCommons Liabilities are all things an organization owes to others. 21. Whats capital? #ThoughtCommons Capital is what an organization is left with if it sells everything it has and pays off everything it owes to others. 22. Whats fixed cost? #ThoughtCommons Fixed Cost is what an organization spends even if it is not making anything and sitting idle. 23. Whats variable cost? #ThoughtCommons Variable Cost is what an organization spends in addition to its fixed cost when it starts making something. 24. Whats economics? #ThoughtCommons Economics is about understanding what needs to satisfy with our limited resources and what needs to let go. 25. Whats law of demand & supply? #ThoughtCommons Law of Demand & Supply says costlier a product, consumers want to buy less & sellers want to sell more. Vice-versa. 26. Whats capitalism? #ThoughtCommons Capitalism is when people are free to accumulate wealth and few become richer than others. 27. Whats socialism? #ThoughtCommons Socialism is when only government accumulates wealth and all are financially equal. 28. Whats GDP? #ThoughtCommons GDP is total price of all the things made in a country in a year. 29. Whats inflation? #ThoughtCommons Inflation is when things become costlier. 30. Whats deflation? #ThoughtCommons Deflation is when things become cheaper. 31. Whats globalization? #ThoughtCommons Globalization is when the world behaves like one country when it comes to business. 32. Whats liberalization? #ThoughtCommons Liberalization is when government stops behaving like a strict and unreasonable parent to organizations. 33. Whats marketing? #ThoughtCommons Marketing says understand what people want, get it made, tell them why they should buy it from you and deliver it to them. 34. Whats strategy? #ThoughtCommons Strategy is the smartest way to achieve what you want to achieve. 35. Whats placement? #ThoughtCommons Placement is making it easy for people to buy your products by making them available wherever they want. 36. Whats promotion? #ThoughtCommons Promotion is giving people more reasons to buy from you. 37. Whats PEST analysis? #ThoughtCommons PEST Analysis is understanding impact of politics, economy, society and technology on your business. 38. Whats SWOT analysis? #ThoughtCommons SWOT Analysis is understanding what you are good & bad at and knowing what can you get lucky and unlucky with. 39. Whats differentiation? #ThoughtCommons Differentiation is being different and better from others. 40. Whats economies of scale? #ThoughtCommons Economies of Scale is when you can make something at lesser cost because you are making a lot of it in bulk. 41. Whats brand? #ThoughtCommons Brand is the impression a company or a product leaves in minds of people. 42. Whats integrated marking communication? #ThoughtCommons Integrated Marketing Communication is talking to your customers at every possible place with the same message. 43. Whats project management? #ThoughtCommons Project Management is getting something done in the cheapest and best way within given time.