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    The difference between making the podium and ruining a race weekend can be measured in seconds. Drivers make mistakes or parts break and the pressure to get the job done quickly is high – the MTA’s apprentices get a taste of that intense atmosphere at the Clipsal 500. The Association’s repair tent has been a vital part of the pit paddock at the event since it began and the body repair and mechanical apprentices are thrown in to the time-poor world of motorsport repairs. Just a small number of the 483 apprentices get the chance to work in the paddock, knocking out the results of altercations with the Adelaide track’s unforgiving concrete walls or bringing life back to bent mechanicals also suffering from the hits. Third year mechanic apprentice Jos Piscopo, 19, is a fan of motorsport and grateful for the experience. “It’s a good experience and an awesome opportunity ... I am a fan but never had the chance to come to something like this so it’s a good chance to do it.” Lana Brooks is a 20-year-old second year apprentice mechanic and a V8 Supercar fan who has long wanted to be a part of the motorsport world. “It’s a great experience – as soon as I joined up with the MTA I saw that they came here every year so I was definitely applying for that.” “I’m a fan of the racing, I usually come as a spectator every year … maybe next year I'll get a shot in the pits, hopefully,” she said.

    Former touring car champion John Bowe was a beneficiary of the MTA crew’s work after his “Sally” (a 1969 Ford Mustang competing in the Touring Car Masters) was innocently caught up in a crash early on in the reverse grid race. The former touring car champion made the effort of thanking the MTA crew on his Facebook page. “No sooner had Sally been returned to our garage and the MTA (Motor Trade Association) Training and Employment boys and girls arrived. “They took Sally away and began the big task of repair. A big thank you to Mario Marrone and his crew, these guys/gals are apprentices and give their time freely to help us racers. “On behalf of those who race at Clipsal - big thanks, you guys rock! I went over to thank them personally,” he said. “We are carrying the MTA brand on our overnight work - thanks to the MTA crew for your huge effort to get us on the grid,” he said. MTA Training Centre Manager Mario Marrone said the 32 apprentices at the track – supported and advised by the MTA trainers – came from the body repair, mechanical and auto-electrical categories and made it through a tough selection process. “The kids love it, it’s a side of the industry that they don’t always get to see and it’s also about working under pressure, the cars get fixed and go back out straight away. “The work is good, the teams are happy with the repairs, the trainers give a lot

    of guidance as well, they commit for the whole weekend,” he said. A small number of the crew get to spend time in pit lane, where they do their best to fit into the well-drilled teams servicing the V8 Supercars – keeping engines and brakes cool, sponsorship stickers clean and rotating wheels to keep the brake pads from sticking. Daniel Smith, a 22 year old 4th year apprentice was stationed on Craig Lowndes car in the 888 Red Bull Racing pit garage, having worked on titleholder Jamie Whincup’s side of the garage last year. “I give them a hand with whatever they need doing, maintaining the car and workshop – it’s a clean workshop, they are a professional outfit.” Smith said the real-world experience was valuable for his future. “I’d like to have a really good skillset across a wide range of things. “I’m learning the trade at the moment and maybe look at branching into something specific, a job somewhere like this would be awesome.” Fellow Red Bull pit crew member 21-year-old Jarrod Hamood, also a 4th year apprentice mechanic, said the pits was the place to be. “Last year I was in the repair tent and missed out on being in the pits, this is the place to be and I’m really enjoying it. “We’re mainly cleaning the cars and preventing the overheating and spinning the wheels to stop the brakes sticking. “It’s certainly something I would like to do as a job,” he said.

    CLIPSAL 500 MTA's apprentices were trackside for

    the Clipsal 500 but their attention was not on the track, as they worked tirelessly to repair cars and get them

    back on the circuit.

    Clipsal14 Clipsal 15

    This page is sponsored by the MTA Training and Employment Centre. Need an extra set of hands? Think MTA’s flexible apprentice employment options for your business.

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