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  • M E D I A K I T

  • Why Cartology?We create data led marketing solutions to connect brands with customers at moments that matter most.

    Cartology gives you access to some of Australia’s most valuable and unique media assets. We position your brand where it needs to be on the customer’s path to purchase, including the critical final step of the shopping journey.

    Our marketing solutions are built on rich and detailed customer data, giving you unprecedented insights into campaign effectiveness and bespoke solutions to meet your brand objectives.

    Every campaign focuses on our three core principles:

    • Customer personalisation• Data-led connections• Continuous results

    Cartology is part of the Woolworths Group, and the exclusive provider of media for Woolworths Supermarkets.

    94%of households

    reached weekly

    11.9+ million

    50+ million4.9+ million

    Rewards customers

    online visits weeklypersonalised messages weekly

    Fresh Magazine readership

    Successfully targeting grocery buyers

    19.3+millionvisits weekly



    Australia’sfood and grocery website

    5+ million

  • Want to drive awareness, consideration and purchase?






    C O N S I DE RA


    Fresh Magazine

    Personalised email


    TV, Radio, Press, OOH


    Woolworths Screen


    POS front of store

    Digital display


    Digital catalogue

    In-store audio

    Digital display category

    Branded shop

    POS in aisle

    Cartology Promoted Products

    POS at shelf





    Our multi-channel media solutions enable brands to reach customers at every step along the path to purchase, providing unique opportunities to influence their purchase decision.

    Cartology connects your brand to our customers, at the moments that matter most.

  • Out of store

  • Drive brand awareness and reach large scale audiences with content-rich

    solutions that deliver impact.

    50+ millionpersonalised messages weekly

    11.9+ millionRewards customers

    7+ millioncatalogues distributed weekly

    Fresh MagazineAustralia’s most

    read magazine with4.9+ million


  • Drive brand awareness in Australia’s most-read magazine via high quality integrated advertorials, display ads or classifieds.

    Our content-rich magazine is valued by an engaged audience that spends an average of 71 minutes reading each issue.

    Fresh Magazine is available in print format as well as an interactive digital magazine and searchable recipe library available on or via the Fresh App.

    Fresh Magazine

    4.9+ million


    64%of readers purchase a food product they

    have seen in Fresh Magazine

    14kadditional online Fresh Magazine readers/month,

    reading 1.1m pages

    169kdownloads of the

    Fresh App

    #1 read magazine

    in Australia

    Source: Fresh Reader Survey 2017 & Emma 2019

    Out of store







    's g





    DECEMBER 2019

    Picked for Christmas









    FRE1219p001 1 1/10/19 8:47 am

  • Drive awareness and trial of your brand with a direct 1:1 approach powered by Australia's largest customer personalisation engine.

    Audiences are selected based on purchasing behaviour, ensuring campaigns are highly relevant and effective.

    • 11.9+ million Rewards members• Over 40 trillion data points• Personalised retail messages deliver

    5x better results than traditional methods

    Personalised 1:1 eDM

    45%open rates





    • Themed eDMs with multiple offers

    Takeover eDM• Efficient, sophisticated


    • Monitor repeat purchases for

    true ROI

    Sampling Always on

    Right offerRight messageRight time

    • Drive promotional strategy with ongoing product and brand awareness

    Out of store

    Source: Micro Strategy, Campaign Dashboards, 2019

  • Connect with the large scale audience of main grocery buyers to drive significant levels of awareness, reach and frequency.

    Leverage Woolworths' brand platforms of ‘New’ and ‘Specials’ to drive immediate recognition of purchase location.

    Cartology navigates the complex world of multi-platform offers across TV, radio, press and OOH to deliver complete through the line brand campaigns.

    Audience extension






    Out of store

  • Out of store

    of Facebook and Instagram users

    watch Stories daily


    of audience are responsible for

    grocery shopping


    Engage with over 1.2 million

    Australians across Facebook

    & Instagram

    Connect with the Woolworths social community to captivate, educate and inspire our customers.

    Drive interaction with your brand to grow customer engagement and shareability.

    Create dynamic stop motion content for your brand to encourage interaction with Woolworths' engaged social community.

    Social Media

    Facebook in-stream video is an optimised ad placement that specialises in increasing your brand's visibility, message, awareness and reach.

    In-stream advertising allows brands to deliver 15 second videos before, during or after video content. Over 70% of in-stream impressions are viewed to completion, most with sound on.

    Stories are an immersive creative format that enable Facebook, Instagram and Messenger users to view and share everyday moments that once posted remain viewable for 24 hours.


    Berry pavlova

    Send message ...

    Dessert Alert!


    Facebook In-Stream Video

    Facebook & Instagram Stories

    Brief usChoose

    your product

    Provide your


    The process:

  • Dessert Alert!


    Dessert Alert!

    Isn’t enough!

    New NewNew

    One bite...


    Send message ...

    free range

    Social Media

    *Clickable Recipe Stop Motion is only available when booked with a Fresh Magazine Advertorial.

    Out of store

    New Product Stop Motion Introduce customers to your new product with this high impact execution.

    Clickable Recipe Stop Motion* A compelling format that shows the versatility of your product.

    Frame #2 Stop motion

    of hero product disappearing as

    if it is being eaten

    Frame #1 Opening shot of product styled in foreground and

    packaging styled in background

    Frame #2 Frame #2

    Hero product appears with 1 x key unique fact

    about the product Hero super “Secret ingredient” appears

    Total 5 sec

    New Product

    Stop Motion

    Clickable Recipe

    Stop Motion

    Final Frame Shot of hero product

    all consumed. Click through

    from Facebook to Woolworths


    Send message ...

    Swipe up for recipe

    ... Send message ... Send message ...



    Berry pavlova

    Send message ...Final Frame

    Hero recipe shot with call to action to

    “Swipe up to view the recipe”

    Frame #1 Hero recipe shot

    (no packshot included)

    Frame #3 Stop motion

    of hero product in action being used

    eg: cracking an egg. No packshot Total 5 sec

  • Social Media

    88% use social


    of Australians

    5Xper day social

    media is checked on average

    Extra creamy

    Eye catching cinemagraph A thumb stopping cinemagraph to capture your product.

    Star product serving suggestion Showcase your product as the hero of an entire meal or entertaining platter.

    Out of store

    Eye catching


    Star product serving


    Cinemagraph appears as a

    sponsored post

    Send message ...

    Create this at homeTHE STAR OF



    Fig & walnut paste

    Send message Final Frame Inspiration shot

    of product in use appears with packshot

    and call to action to shop now Total 5 sec

    Frame #1 Hero pack

    shot appears with product name and headline

    Total 5 sec

  • Front of store

  • When customers cross the threshold into store, they switch to shopping mode. Maximise awareness

    and consideration of your brand at the most influential point on the path to purchase.

    Australia’s #1food and grocery website

    19.3+ million customer visits weekly

    1000+ Woolworths stores

    5+ million online visits weekly

  • Woolworths' digital catalogue is the second most visited location on the site, with over 1.5 million unique page visits weekly.

    Digital catalogue readership has grown by 76% YOY, with supermarket catalogues being the most read across all industries.

    Showcase your brand using high impact, full page ads with powerful ‘shop now’ functionality to maximise shopper response.

    Source: Roy Morgan 2018 & Real Media Collective 2017

    Digital catalogue

    Front of store

  • Drive awareness and engagement for your brand on Australia’s #1 food and grocery website with visually rich and engaging placements, reaching both traditional in-store customers and online shoppers alike.

    Secure the highest exposure on home page – a location that welcomes over 2 million customers weekly.

    Digital display homepage

    50%of customers

    shop in-store within 4 days of visiting

    Woolworths online

    Digital drives in-store traffic &


    Front of store

    Source: Adobe Analytics & Transaction data, 2019

  • With over 19.3 million customers through Woolworths' doors every week, point of sale at the front of store delivers large audiences via the high traffic at these sought after locations.

    These solutions all offer an excellent opportunity to drive brand awareness.

    POSFront of store

    Bollards Security gates



    Receipt rolls

    Front of store

  • Woolworths Screen Network is Australia’s most impactful solution for building brands and driving awareness.

    Prominently placed at store entry, the 65” digital screens provide rich, dynamic content and a strong call to action to deliver engaging brand and promotional messages to influence customer behaviour.

    Woolworths ScreenNetwork

    Prominent store entry


    Dynamic content 19.3+million

    customer visits weekly

    1 in 6 share of voice

    @ 10” slot length

    100% on target reach against

    grocery buyers

    Front of store

  • In aisle

  • Signpost your range to generate consideration of your brand – disrupting

    and informing customers as they browse and are open to being influenced.

    67% of visitors

    to an online aisle will make a purchase

    60% of customers

    visit 3 aisles or more in a physical store

    On average 280 people

    walk past your product before one purchases it

    Source: Quantium, GTM Customer Behaviour Insights, 2019

  • Australia’s #1 food and grocery website attracts an audience of over 5 million customers weekly.

    Build your brand and drive sales with visually rich and engaging advertising solutions, including:

    Content cards – a dedicated brand space, reaching customers early in their consideration phase.

    Banners – provide space for brand messaging in the category, and are ideal for cross-selling in a complementary category.

    Recipes – engaging, popular and interactive content pieces that ensure long-term brand awareness.

    Digital display

    Content cards

    Branded product list


    In aisle

  • Create a highly branded and customised online destination to showcase your brand and product range.

    Leverage the visitation to to bring your brand to life and educate shoppers with more detailed information, including videos on how to use and consume products.

    Branded shops offer a great opportunity to point multiple media channels to one information hub, and can be exclusive or collaborations with multiple complementary brands.

    Branded shop

    In aisle

    Full page shown

  • Drive consideration for your brand utilising impactful POS solutions as customers scan the shelves. With 30,000 SKUs in-store, POS will direct customers to your category and inspire them to choose your brand.

    We know that customers want signposted offers*, so our communication pillars provide optimised customer engagement and our templates give the ability to bring brand messages to life.* Source: Step changing the in-store experience, House of Brand, 2015

    Aisle fins

    Fin takesFloor

    Counter cards

    POS in aisle

    In aisle

  • Connect with and inspire customers through the new and improved in-store audio network that has been designed to provide an enhanced in-store ambience and shopping experience for customers.

    Tell your brand story, communicate a promotional message or direct customers to your product on a national or state based level.

    New and improved in-store audio launches from February 2020 onwards.

    In-store audio



    In aisle

  • At shelf

  • The final step of the path to purchase, the shelf is the customer’s ultimate decision point –

    your last chance to influence the purchase decision and have your brand chosen.

    Customers are highly engaged

    and want to take an item

    Aid navigation so customers caneasily find and

    purchase your product

    Combat brand switching

    away from your brand at the last moment

    60+ million searches on Woolworths

    online per month

  • There are over 60 million product searches on each month. 92% of the top 200 site searches are performed using generic terms at a product or category level. 90% of all customers only visit the first page of the search results.

    Our advanced marketing platform places your brand on the first page of search results for keywords related to your product, increasing ‘on-shelf’ visibility in the online shopping environment.

    Cartology Promoted Products delivered an average return on ad spend of over 400% and an online conversion rate of over 50%*.  

    Cartology Promoted Products

    Increased digital on-shelf


    Real time keyword bidding and dashboard


    Performance advertising


    *Source: Adobe Analytics & Woolworths first party data calculated over the period 26 Jun to 26 Sep 2019

    At shelf

  • Drive selection and purchase of your brand at the ultimate decision point. Highlight specific products at the shelf edge – driving navigation to your brand at the final moment that matters.Highlight ‘New’ ranges or ‘Special’ offers to create a point of difference.

    Bus stopsFridge,

    freezer & deli decals

    Recipe cards

    POS at shelf

    At shelf

  • Major Marketing Activations and

    Seasonal Campaigns

  • Woolworths Major Marketing Activations give you access to unique brand properties

    and exclusive partnerships that our customers love.

  • Major Marketing Activations and Seasonal Campaigns

    Our campaigns include:

    Woolworths brand campaigns are a key part of our customer calendar, providing brands an opportunity to be a part of our distinctive owned properties and partnerships.

    These campaigns deliver unique, insight-driven and innovative programs that engage customers and deliver proven sales results which your brands can leverage.

    These events also open up exclusive media options that are not accessible as stand alone bookings.

    Big Night In


    Earn and Learn Christmas

    Tokyo 2020

    Mother’s Day

    Spring Clean


    Winter and Summer

  • FY20 overviewJanuary February March April May June




    Get in touch to discuss how to better connect your brands with our customers

    at moments that matter most.

    Figures quoted in this kit are accurate as at the time of publication and are subject to change.

    Please note that the results of case studies quoted in this kit may not be indicative of future results.

    Results depend on a variety of factors unique to each client.