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Media Opening Scene By Conor Window 12A

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Page 1: Media Opening Sequence

Media Opening Scene

By Conor Window 12A

Page 2: Media Opening Sequence


The narrative of our movie, and therefore opening sequence, shall follow a notorious gangster and member of the mafia as our main protagonist. However our film shall be unique from other films of the same genre, as these characters are usually Italian-American, where as ours shall he English. As a result of this, our movie shall be set in his home town of London. Our opening sequence will show our main character having flashbacks of crimes he has previously committed whilst casually strolls through central London. A non-diegetic voice over shall describe the events. This allows us to set the scene through our mis-en-scene, as well as establishing a character and plot, all without giving too much away to the audience.

Page 3: Media Opening Sequence


We have used a range of non-diegetic sound throughout our opening sequence. This includes such things as voiceovers and music soundtracks. We have also used a range of diegetic sound, such as speech, gunshots and London traffic.

Page 4: Media Opening Sequence

Shot by shot

The scene shall open with an establishing shot of London. This will allow us to set the scene of our movie, denoting the location to the audience. It will then transition onto a tracking shot, following our main protagonist as he walks through the city of London, with well known locations denoted in the background. Another transition will be used to show the flashbacks of our main character committing crimes. Match on action and shot/reverse shot will both be used during these flashbacks, where we will see a murder, a kidnapping and a corpse being dragged away. To conclude our opening sequence, an extreme close up will be used in order to reveal our protagonists true identity.

Page 5: Media Opening Sequence

Genre – Conforming

One way in which we will conform to the genre is through the outfits of our characters, as our protagonist will be seem wearing formal clothing in the form of a suit and tie. This is a common convention of the gangster genre. Another way that we will do this is through props. Our main character will use a gun to murder a victim, as well as rope in order to tie another up. These are both commonly used props in this genre. The opening scene will also show scenes of violence, danger and some foul language, as these are all also common conventions of Gangster themed films seem throughout the genre. This connotes the 18 age rating of the movie.

Page 6: Media Opening Sequence

Genre - Subverting

Our opening sequence shall subvert to the usual codes and conventions of the genre through a non-diegetic soundtrack. This will be done through an upbeat, happy piece of music. This subverts the genre as the soundtracks used in its movies are usually slow and eerie in order to build suspense. We have decided to use this music whilst showing the flashbacks, as this will disorientate our audience, leaving them confused as to why the sound track is unparalleled towards the scene. This will leave them eager to watch on as they may create more questions as a result of this, which can only be answered by the rest of the movie.

Page 7: Media Opening Sequence


Match on action shall be used throughout our journey through the specify of London. We will use a range of high and low angles throughout the flashbacks, in order to connote the levels of power. Our main character shall he shown through a low angle, making the audience feel inferior as they are being made to look up at him. We will have an establishing shot of London to show the audience a detailed image of where the film is set. A POV shot will also be used during the flashbacks, in order to show the events from the main characters eyes. We will use various zooms when the victim is tied up so the audience can have a detailed understanding of the discomfort, distress and pain in which this character is currently experiencing during this moment.

Page 8: Media Opening Sequence


As our protagonist walks through London, there will be low key lighting in order to connote the dark narrative of the film, as well as the mystery of our anonymous gangster. We shall use a black and white filter during the flashbacks. This is effective as it shows these events took place in the past, as well as connoting the era in which our movie is set in. A series of jump cuts shall be used in order to transition from real time to flash back throughout the opening sequence. The non-diegetic soundtrack will mute during the flashbacks in order to allow the diegetic, synchronous dialogue to be heard by the audience.

Page 9: Media Opening Sequence


We create an enigma throughout our opening sequence. This is done whilst our audience is witnessing the main protagonist walk through London, as they hear the non-diegetic voiceover and soundtrack, as well as when the flashbacks are denoted. This creates an enigma as the audience are left with unanswered questions such as: "Where is he going?", "Does he regret his previous actions?" "Why doesn't the music match the scene?" and "Why is the music so happy?".