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Steve Gladdis, Joint Head of Planning and MediaCom UK opening presentation of the conference explains the concept of Super Connected Partnerships


  • 1. Super-Connected Partnerships Steve Gladdis Joint Head Of Planning, MediaCom London @SteveGladdis

2. Why are we talking about partnerships? 3. Partnerships win us a lot of awards 4. Partnerships work the budget hardSpot advertisingContent partnerships Average based on 42 campaignsSource: MediaCom Business Science Benchmarks 5. More and more of them are happening179% in the last 3 years33% since 2011 6. But also, the conditions are right for a new type of partnership 7. Media owners are more commercial than before 8. The entertainment industry is more commercial than before 9. Personalities and celebrities have become media owners in their own right 10. Brands have more to offer the partnership 11. So the old model is a missed opportunity Brand gives partner moneyMedia owner creates a bit of contentEntertainment partner offers image rights 12. We should be thinking about creatingSUPERCONNECTED PARTNERSHIPS 13. Harper Collins and ClearChannel 14. Harper Collins and ClearChannel 15. Characteristics of SUPER-CONNECTED PARTNERSHIPS 1. They have multiple partners working together 2. There are unorthodox partners eg the scouts, a YouTube influencer 3. They are mutually beneficial (not just because money changes hands) 4. They are multi-platform with multiple access points for the consumer 5. They work across all aspects of the marketing mix ie instore, CRM, etc as well as comms 16. Thanks for listening @SteveGladdis