mediacom fiber city july 25, 2013 1. mediacom. more than cable mediacom is the nation’s 8 th...

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Mediacom Fiber City July 25, 2013 1

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  • Mediacom Fiber City July 25, 2013 1
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  • Mediacom. More Than Cable Mediacom is the nations 8 th largest cable company Mediacom brings broadband to community anchor institutions, including school districts, hospitals, fire & police departments and other public safety agencies Mediacom is extending its fiber-based network inward from residential communities into city centers and Main Street America Significant customer base in the Midwest and Southeast Provides service to over 1M subscribers in 22 states Mediacom Business provides custom digital voice, high-speed Internet access to businesses of all sizes Provides fiber-based connectivity and network solutions to enterprise and carrier customers 2
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  • Mediacoms Fiber Network Invested over $2.5B to improving & expanding broadband network & enhancing product delivery systems Extensive fiber network deployment 2012 network up time of 99.999%* for data and voice services Fiber network spans coast to coast with over 568K fiber miles Network can benefit city economic development without using tax-payer dollars Leverage Mediacoms private investment to community's advantage (attract new industries, revenue) 3 * Based upon 2012 Mediacom Network Operations Center data. Does not include HFC issues or outages that affect less than 150 customers or standard exclusionary events. Data is an annual average for transport networks.
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  • 100% Fiber Solutions Advanced Custom Services Scalable bandwidth Multi-site connectivity High capacity network Expertise to manage & monitor proprietary network 4 Primary Rate Interface Two-way trunk system with capacity for hundreds of inbound and outbound calls Transparent LAN Service Seamless connections for multi-point Ethernet networks Dedicated Internet Access Secure, fast and private connections to the public Internet
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  • Bringing Broadband to Rural America 5 Source: Cisco, White Paper, The Zettabyte Era (May 30, 2012 )
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  • Fiber Solutions: Education Sector 6 Gigabit+ Solutions Advantage Distance Learning Video Support Learning BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) Leverage E-Rate funding for data / voice services Common Core mandate for 2014 2015 school year. Standardized online assessments for 45 states (including IL). Schools will need a flawless network and a significant increase in bandwidth to accommodate every student online at the same time. ConnectED President Obama initiative to increase funding to program with goal of giving 99% of the nations schools access to high-speed broadband and wireless Internet access within 5 years. (100 Mbps minimum with target of 1 Gigabit)
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  • Fiber Solutions: Healthcare Industry 7 Gigabit+ Solutions Advantage Telemedicine Electronic Medical Records HIPAA Medical Imaging (PACS) Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) Telecommunications Program provides discounts for telecommunications and Internet access services for eligible health care providers The Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) is the newest component & will provide a 65% discount on eligible expenses related to broadband connectivity to both individual rural health care providers (HCPs) and consortia
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  • Fiber Solutions: Healthcare Industry 8 overview-vl&list=PLF97B98A2204390BF
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  • Mediacom Business 1G Customers 9 Lowndes County School District Valdosta, GA 15 locations ~ 10G network Dodge County School District Eastman, GA 9 locations ~ 10G network Southern Illinois Healthcare Carbondale, IL 30 locations ~ 10G network Ottumwa Community School District Ottumwa, IA 11 locations ~ 8/1G network Carlisle Community School District Carlisle, IA 3 locations ~ 1G network Red Oak School District Red Oak, IA 6 locations ~ 1G network ADM Community School District Adel, IA 3 locations ~ 1G network
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  • National Interconnect Points Map 10
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  • 11
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  • 12 Serviceable Areas
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  • Vital to Economic Development Change in Business Environment High capacity fiber networks analogous to highway build outs of the last century Fiber networks provide global connections, not just domestic City & Provider Relationship Expanding connectivity is a key driver to economic growth Partnering to explore where fiber networks provide development opportunities City/Provider cooperation increases benefits to both parties Case Study: Google Fiber Kansas High profile cases now prompting conversations 13
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  • Google Fiber City Kansas City benefits to Google/obligations of City 14 1.Executive Sponsor for project 2.Single point of contact for Google 3.Dedicated Team to Project 4.Placement for Google Project employees 5.Full cooperation of all City departments 6.Access to assets/infrastructure: Collocation space Office space Pole attachments in utility/power space Pole attachments in telecom space Conduit use Fiber use Access to GIS data Access to computer tools Traffic control Permits Inspections Access to City rights of way for construction & installation of ground furniture 7.Participates in regular meetings 8.Quick diligent review of permit applications 9.On the spot exception mgmt. where necessary 10.Dedicated inspection team 11.Perform all make-ready work on city own infrastructure 12.Allow Google to attach fiber on City poles by allowing installation in supply space or installation of appropriate cross-arms to facilitate clearance 13.Provide access to detailed GIS data & computer tools 14.Consulting assistance on Project planning/build 15.Appropriate traffic control measures 16.Timely assistance in working with 3 rd parties 17.Cooperate on all publicity and PR 18.Develop & implement marketing/education campaign for local residents 19.Cooperate to obtain settlement-free interconnections with anchors that have existing fiber and/or network connections Source: Development Agreement between Wyandotte Co. / Kansas City, KS & Google Fiber Kansas, LLC.
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  • Mediacom Service Commitment Dedicated Local Account Management Local Account Executives who live in your area & know your market Convenience of one contact to manage network service 24/7/365 Network Operations Center: full service diagnostics, monitoring and resolution management Entire network is electrically mapped, managed & monitored Staffed with experienced IP engineers 15
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