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Marketing Effectiveness in the Data Age


  • 1. What Works Now?Marketing Effectivenessin the Data Age3rd November 2011

2. MediaCom Business Science : An expandingnetwork of over 130 employees in 14 offices UK centre of excellence 45 Econometricians Evaluating over 850m worth of billings in the UK 3. The media picture 16 years ago 4. And the number of communications consumers are exposed to has explodedSource: Luma Partners 2011 5. Econometrics has become the accepted solutionto measuring communications effectivenessWeeks 6. Using analytics to address our clients keybusiness challengesComplexHow much should we spend on How much are weHow much should wecomms in the next three years? spending this quarter? spend next year; and how? What is the cost/benefit of branding?Which message is theHow much should weAre we on track to hit most appealing?spend in digital?our targets?Which retail locations appear the most appealing?TacticalStrategic Can we optimise TV How should we allocate schedules to drive web visits?spend across the portfolio?Which months are Please optimise the mediathe most efficient? mix and implementation How do we know what DR What return could I expect is really contributing?from a new product? Simple 7. Its crucial that communications performance ismeasured through a holistic approach that takesinto account offline influences Typical path to conversion analysisPurchasePath 1Path 2No purchase X Generic search Brand search Aggregator Display 8. Continuing to develop our evaluation techniquesto ensure we capture all communication channelsis crucial 9. And over the last few years weve built strong experience on the effectiveness of areas such as content activation450Business Science database of 42 Content examplesIndex of Sponsorship ROI vs TV Spot ROI400examples ROI Index v. that brands ROI for TV Advertising350300250200 Average = 140Content activation ROI 40% higher than TV ROI15010050 - Content PropertiesSource: MediaCom Business Science benchmarks 10. Defining the KPIs for each piece of activity is keyFacebook fansVideo viewsLikes/comments/interactionsBuzz/Sentiment/Brand monitorDownloads/ratings/appsFollowersAwareness/considerationBrand imageSearchesClicksDwell timesWeb visitsVouchers/redemptionsCompetition entriesCallsSalesRetention 11. The future for media targeting and measurement will bethrough more granular information potentially through singlesource measurement 12. Today youll hear the views of some of the industries experts on where the future of marketing effectiveness is headedClare NewmanJustin ArmsworthDavid LovieHead of Business Science EMEAHead of Marketing Services Scotland Principal Consultant Mark Riseley John ThekanadyPeter FieldGroup Product Marketing Manager EMEA Head of Client Services Consultant