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  • NOVEMBER 2011 WHATS ON 107


    The Bolton Wanderer

    Welcome back to the UAE. As this is your third time over here, are you getting familiar with the Emirates now?Ive been here a few times, but I wouldnt ask me to give you street directions. I am normally only here for a couple of days.Has the region left any lasting impressions?I am always treated very well here and I feel very accepted and appreciated, the people who I have met have always been very gracious plus the hotels are far from shabby. When youre constantly travelling, it is wonderful to have people look after you to the extent that they do here. But for me, the most important thing is how the people respond to you. I dont care how beautiful a place is if you dont feel welcome then you just want to leave. Ive only had good experiences in Dubai.

    If you find yourself with half a day free, what will you do? The one thing I would love to do is play some golf. I always hear that the courses here are phenomenal, and I havent been able to play them yet.So our tickets are in our hand, our taxi is booked, what can we expect from the gig?Youve got to bring the greatest hits. I dont want to be that guy who doesnt play the big tracks. People come to my shows to hear When A Man Loves A Woman, How Am I Supposed To Live Without You? songs that they relate to. People go through the most important experiences in their lives to music they may have proposed to a certain song, a song might have been on the radio when they were kids, or newlywed or even going through hardship. No matter how excited you are about your new projects, you have to remember that the big songs can really mean a lot to people and I feel its my duty to sing them.Do you have new projects on the go right now?I released my new album, Gems: The Duet Collection, earlier this year. Its a compilation of duets with artists all from over the world, including people like Delta Goodrem,

    Helene Fisher and Paula Fernandez. They are all pretty amazing women and I had to consciously stop myself from looking at them when we were singing, as they are so beautiful that Id get distracted and forget the words. Have you ever been starstruck?I remember I was writing a song with Bob Dylan, and I was a big of his when I was younger. We were sitting there chatting and I was thinking, Oh my God, I cant believe Im sitting here writing with Bob Dylan! I was pretty star-struck then.The Jack Sparrow video you did earlier this year with The Lonely Island guys has exploded on YouTube what has the response been like?[Laughs] Well, Ive found myself getting high-fived by a lot of college students which has been great, as it is a market Ive never really tapped into before. Working with those guys was so much fun, but after dressing up as Erin Brockovich I did learn that I make one scary looking woman.Did it make you miss your old curls?The exact opposite.

    Nov 24, Madinat Arena, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, 7pm, Dhs350. Tel: (050) 3439139. mpremiere.com/michael-bolton-in-dubai

    Multiple Grammy-award winning Michael Bolton is coming to Dubai armed with his greatest hits including When A Man Loves A Woman. Watch out ladies...



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