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  • Michael Sfakianos Senior Software Engineer

  • Our activities focus mainly in the development of

    Turn-Key Software Applications and

    Solutions targeted for Private and Public Sector

    (Telecoms, Energy, Health)

    AppArt SA



    AppArt team is comprised of professionals with long commercial and market

    experience as well as specialized technical expertise and skills

  • AppArt Key Projects

  • Business Lines

    Mobile Applications

    Mobile apps for diversified industries

    On Demand Solutions and Services

    Multi Channel Communication Gateway Interactive Communication Prepay and Post Pay Bulk Messaging

    Business Intelligence Contextual Customer

    Lifecycle Management

    Customer Analysis

    Customer Experience

    Network Performance

    Real Time Contextual Campaigns Management Loyalty Management

    Next Generation Interactive


    Custom Software Solutions Outsourcing Services (Software Development, Operations, Marketing)

  • Other Activities

    Greek and EU Research and Development Projects

    Both the National Strategic Reference Framework

    2007-2013 and the European Commission Research

    & Innovation Funding Projects (HORIZON 2020)

    encourage us to continue with the solutions we

    design, countersigning them by awarding us with

    the related funding opportunities.

  • Hearten Project

    European Funding Program Horizon 2020

    Hearten (mHealth mobile app)

    HEARTEN Consortium comprising of 12 members will design, develop

    and validate an ICT co-operative environment that will enable the Heart

    Failure (HF) patients to achieve sustainable behavior change regarding

    their adherence and compliance.

    AppArt is tightly involved in the

    development of the

    smartphone application as well

    as the development of the APIs

    that will enable the

    communication and data

    transfer between the mHealth

    app and the monitoring devices


  • Hearten Project

  • Hearten Project

  • HERON / Decision Support Tool

  • European 20 – 20 – 20 Targets

    The 2020 energy goals are to have a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions

    compared to 1990 levels, 20% of the energy, on the basis of consumption,

    coming from renewables and a 20% increase in energy efficiency.

    - 20%

    CO2 Emissions compared to 1990

    + 20%

    Share of Renewable Energy

    - 20%

    Primary Energy Use

  • Using New Technologies

    Energy efficiency and conversation requires educated and engaged consumers.

    Smart energy infrastructure is now able to provide all data required to be used

    for increasing awareness and engagement through technology.

  • Utilizing our Experience

    We utilize our experience to transfer and adapt proven, in other

    industries, solutions for the purposes of Energy sector as well.

    We provide the actual tools for:

    • Understanding the consumer • Interact with the consumer

    In order to:

    Educate the consumer

    Engage the consumer

  • Analytics

  • Analytics for Green Energy Decisions

     Analyze raw data for producing

    quantifiable results comprising the

    necessary evidence for reaching justified


     Exploitation of the produced results for

    making better decisions, increasing the

    quality of services and optimizing


     Identify patterns and hidden behaviour,

    revealing issues that may need special

    attention and handling

    Smart and grid infrastructure makes Analytics and Big

    Data relevant for Energy sector

  • Analytics for Network Operations and Planning

    Analyze past metrics, evaluate current performance, produce forecast, compare

    actual data against forecasted ones, use the results as feedback for the

    optimization of process.

  • Analytics for Understanding the Consumer

    Analysis of data for profiling consumers based on actual usage.

    Segmentation allows for gaining insight of the consumer behaviour through


  • Multi Channel Contextual Campaigns


  • Contextual Targeting

    Segmentation Contextual Targeting

    Energy Network Data (e.g. Meter

    Readings etc)

    Other Data (e.g. Geographical


    Consumer Data (e.g. Commercial

    Segment, Number of

    connections etc)




    Customer Care



    Address Consumers

    Campaigner Target

    Based on configurable criteria, the consumer is targeted with information

    relevant to his profile through the communication channel of choice.

    Mobile App

  • Increasing Consumer Engagement

     Data collection from various integration points and analysis algorithms result

    to a thorough segmentation of the consumer base. A deep insight of

    consumers’ behaviour and habits is the basis for efficient strategy design.

     The consumer receives communication relevant to him. The context of the

    communication matches the criteria composing his profile, thus increasing

    the possibility for him to become a responder

     Real time communication which can even be threshold or event triggered.

    The consumer receives communication the moment he is performing a

    certain action or when his consumption reaches a threshold.

     Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting provide the necessary views of

    consumer actions and support better and faster decisions on strategy

    redesign and process optimization.

  • Consumer Awareness

    Educate consumers in energy efficiency

    Increase adoption of energy saving practices

    Motivate sustainable energy behavior


    Raise consumer awareness

  • Mobile Applications

  • New Communication Channels

    Consumers have evolved! Reach consumer through

    Mobile App and Web

  • Self Care Mobile Application

    546 W Consumption

    Heating Consumption




  • Smart City

  • Smart Cities Raising awareness and engagement of individual

    consumers will lead to the greater target of achieving

    smart city targets through the use of internet of things

    technology and smart grid infrastructure

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