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    Microsoft Partner IncentivesFY14 Portfolio Overview

    July, 2013

  • Microsoft Partner Incentives 3

    Microsoft Partner IncentivesIn a rapidly evolving marketplace, Microsoft and partners jointly generate customer demand for our devices and services. Microsoft Partner Incentives the richest in the industry accelerate growth through a focus on cloud services, devices, solutions, and annuity, leading to new customer acquisition and strong customer retention.

    Microsoft Partner Incentives fuel partners who are ready to capture the next wave of market oppor-tunity through our devices and services strategy. Microsoft is excited to deliver a portfolio of incentives that enable partner success with all our customers and drive our businesses forward together!

    Each year, Microsoft updates its partner incentive portfolio as new products and services launch in market, complementing the partners investments to serve customers with the latest Microsoft tech-nology. This year, Partner Incentives reflects our key sales outcomes - sustaining and growing robust traditional revenue streams from Enterprise and SMB customers, while aggressively incorporating and expanding our cloud services revenue footprint.

    The Microsoft Partner Incentives Guide is the reference to understand: Incentives by sales outcome - maximize participation and earning in each area of sales focus Incentives by type learn about the individual incentives in a convenient one-page summary Resources access the latest information at Microsoft Partner Incentives on MPN

    Microsoft Partner Incentives - in combination with Microsoft Partner Network benefits, business investment funds, partner marketing campaigns and development funds represent billions of dol-lars every year to partners in recognition of their sales and growth achievements. We look forward to another year of recognizing the accomplishments and performance of our partners!

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    Microsoft Partner Incentives SummaryFY14 Portfolio Overview

  • 4 Microsoft Partner Incentives

    CLOUD SERVICES INCENTIVES FY14 Cloud Services Incentives are the richest set of incentives in the Micro-soft portfolio, rewarding across the Cloud Services sales cycle, from pre-sales through to post-sales. These incentives enable partners to help customers adopt and deploy cloud services through Microsofts unique ability to deliver and manage a cloud platform across private, hybrid and public cloud scenarios.

    AZURE INCENTIVESThe Windows Azure Incentives rewards partners for customer consumption of Windows Azure. This offering creates opportunities for partners to build new sustainable revenue streams and increase their value to customers.

    CHANNEL DEVELOPER INCENTIVES The Channel Developer for Online Services Incentives rewards partners for selling specific Microsoft Online Services, Office 365, Windows Intune and CRM Online, through Advisor partners. The incentive creates opportunities for partners to build new sustainable revenue streams and increase their value to customers.

    ONLINE SERVICES ADVISOR INCENTIVESThe Online Services Advisor incentives reward partners for driving sales, de-ployment and managing relationships with customers using Office 365, Intune and CRM ONLINE sold though both the Microsoft Online Services Agree-ments (Web-Direct) and Enterprise Agreements (EA). Through a combination of incentives and accelerators, the Online Services Advisor offering is commit-ted to differentiating and rewarding our trusted Advisors and high performing Cloud partners.

    SPLA RESELLER INCENTIVES The SPLA Reseller Incentives are targeted at authorized distributor and re-seller partners who sell SPLA for supporting Channel partners and driving the business through hoster recruitment, onboarding, activation and licensing compliance. By participating in these incentives, SPLA Resellers can participate in the fastest growing licensing model within Microsoft and use Coop funds to enable and accelerate hosting partner recruitment, channel readiness, and marketing.

    HOSTER PARTNER INCENTIVESThese incentives reward growth and deployment of Microsofts platform through a third party hosting scenario driven by sales through the Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) program. This program enables hosting partners to earn incentives for key activities such as designing offers based on Microsoft products, deploying, selling, and successfully driving revenue growth and platform share.

    Azure Incentives

    CRM Online

    SPLA Incentives

    Hoster Incentives

    Online Services Advisor Incentives

    Office365 in SMB Incentives

    Cloud Accelerators in Enterprise Incentives

    Channel Developer Incentive


    STRATEGIC to drive customer transition to hybrid cloud solutions

    RICH competitive rates to reward partners cloud investment and adoption

    EXPANSIVE choices for customers and partners for their desired path to cloud

    STABLE public cloud incentives with no change to rate and structures

  • Microsoft Partner Incentives 5

    SOLUTION-FOCUSED INCENTIVES Microsofts incentives for solution workloads and services span across all customer segments, rewarding partners to secure stronger customer relationships with services on Microsoft workloads.

    SOLUTION INCENTIVESOver the past three years, Microsoft has increased its investments in Solution Incentives to drive sales of strategic workloads through partners to customers. Partners with solution selling practices have a great opportunity to leverage these incentives to build their services business on Microsoft products. Microsoft will continue its offer on Management and Virtualization, Application Platform and Lync workloads in FY4.

    SOLUTION ACCELERATOR IN COMMERCIAL DISTRIBUTOR INCENTIVESNew in FY14, Microsoft will offer all of its commercial distributor partners the opportunity to earn against a Solution sales accelerator. In order to qualify for the incentive accelerator for each workload, partners must carry an MPN Competency that is associated with each workload (Silver or Gold Level). The FY14 workloads are Virtualization & Systems Management, BYOD (Virtual Desktop), Business Analytics, and Messaging & Unified Communications.

    WINDOWS + MDOP IN ENTERPRISE INCENTIVESNew in FY14, Microsoft will be moving the Windows Enterprise Solution Incentive into Enterprise Incentives (October 1, 2013). The accelerator will be paid against new revenue when Microsoft Desktop Optimization Package (MDOP) is attached to Windows Enterprise or from an MDOP standalone product.

    Solution Incentives Management & Virtualization

    Solution Incentives Application Platform

    Solution Incentives Lync

    Solution Accelerator in Commercial Distribution Incentives

    Solution Windows Enterprise + MDOP Accelerator

    in Enterprise Incentives


    INVESTMENT to build partner technical selling capacity

    ACCELERATE new customer acquistion and services revenue for partners

    AGILE to allow for a quick response to market opportunities

    COMPETITIVE with other incentive offerings in market

  • 6 Microsoft Partner Incentives

    ANNUITY INCENTIVES The strength of partner-led annuity sales moves our business forward, and Microsoft has a rich set of incentives aimed at continuing this robust part-ner sales engine. Microsofts annuity-focused incentives help partners secure customer relationships, spur cross-sell and upsell of services and products, and foster a seamless transition to the Cloud.

    ENTERPRISE INCENTIVESMicrosofts Enterprise Incentives reward and recognize the co-selling sales motion, as Microsoft and Licensing Solution Partners work together to drive Enterprise Agreements into the Corporate Account and Major Account cus-tomer segments. This incentive enables partners to deliver services against the best licensing vehicle for enterprise customers to move to the Cloud.

    MANAGED RESELLER INCENTIVES Managed Reseller Incentives accelerate partners who drive Open License customer reach through marketing and sales activities. Incentives include both coop funds and cash rebates to help expand the Open License and Office 365 market opportunity and support marketing investments.

    COMMERCIAL DISTRIBUTION INCENTIVES Commercial Distribution Incentives funds and rewards partner performance as authorized Commercial Distributors grow and expand their own partner ecosystems, increase sales pipeline and enable channel readiness, marketing and support. New in FY14, Commercial Distributors will receive additional incentives as they invest and grow a solution-sales reseller ecosystem.

    SAM (SOFTWARE ASSET MANAGEMENT) INCENTIVESSoftware Asset Management Incentives are available to Gold and Silver MPN Competency partners to amplify their business growth, securing long-term customer relationships by delivering world-class SAM engagements and services. The SAM Incentive funds three types of proactive customer engage-ments to help our customers gain a better understanding of their software asset licensing usage and needs.

    Enterprise Incentives

    Managed Reseller Incentives

    Commercial DistributionIncentives

    SAM Incentives


    SIMPLIFIED with a single Enterprise Incentive structure

    FOCUSED on Sell, Renew, True-Up and Cloud with higher rates for sales outcomes