mind the gap with cloud based disaster recovery

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Every business wants to protect its operations from downtime and loss of data, yet they often lack the time and resources to adequately mind the growing gaps in disaster recovery and continuity planning. VMware vCloud® Air™ Disaster Recovery, helps to bridge the gaps by recovering critical applications in the cloud while addressing budget, time, and resources constraints.


  • 1. Mind the Gap! Every business wants to protect its operations from downtime and loss of data. But today, there are more applications, systems and data to protect than ever before. To put it simply, businessand the technology that supports itis evolving too fast. Like many, you may find that you lack the time and resources to adequately extend Disaster Recovery (DR) to safeguard all aspects of your organization. As a result, gaps in DR coverage put your business at risk. Cloud-based Disaster Recovery can help you bridge these gaps. Without Cloud-based DR With Cloud-based DR DR Gaps Increase Business Risk Cloud-based DR Improves Outcomes 1 in 4 say recovery took up sta time and negatively impacted the business FASTER Average downtime for data backed up in the cloud is 2.1 hours compared to 8 hours onsite $ 75% of total revenue and productivity is the cost of downtime for the average business Government agencies reduced DR spend by 50% after switching to cloud backup 1 in 10 organizations indicated damage to business reputation after data loss 70% of SMBs go out of business within a year of data loss 72% of enterprise companies and 93% of mid-market businesses will pursue a cloud strategy by 2015 TIME GAP 1 ELASTIC 47 rank or tier the Easily scalable to accommodate growthpay for what you need now and expand as needed 21% 36% of businesses lack the skills... of businesses lack the time... & ...to adequately plan for and test DR 1 in 4 never test their DR plans DR READINESS 43% are getting started with cloud to improve their DR capabilities DR COVERAGE 13 of companies lost 1 or more critical applications, VMs or data files for hours at a time RECOVERY Eliminates secondary or tertiary data center investments and ongoing maintenance = cost for 1 hour of downtime for the average company OVERALL COST SAVINGS ENHANCED RELIABILITY $164K Custom recovery point objectives from 15 minutes to 24 hours ouch! 3OUT OF4 companies worldwide are in danger of failing to recover from a disaster/outage GAP 4 CLOUD COMPUTE & STORAGE recovery priority of business services leaving some applications at risk DR PREPAREDNESS Recover critical applications in the cloud and provide the protection and resiliency your organization needs with VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery. Its: easy to set up, deploy and manage high level of self-service capabilities, minimal configuration and user training quick scale-up protection of onsite applications, by tier and on-demand seamless integration and production support with VMware vSphere environmentswith no need to reconfigure hardware or tools Its a no-brainer to use vCloud Air Disaster Recovery. It is as simple as turning it on. Patrick Tickle, Executive VP of Products Planview hear more Sources: Aberdeen Group: Why Are Small Businesses Moving to Cloud Backup and Recovery? May 2014 Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark. The State of Global Disaster Recovery Preparedness, Annual Report. February 2014 Gartner. Predicts 2014: Business Continuity Management and IT Disaster Recovery Management. November 2013 Forrester. Forrsights Hardware Survey, Q3 2012. September 2012 Forrester. Benchmark The Performance of Your Business Continuity Program. September 2012 IDG Research Services. Quick Poll Research: Iaas Hybrid Cloud. February 2014 $ MONEY GAP 2 DATA GAP 3 GAP 5 % Bridge the Gaps in DR VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery Simple Economical Responsive Compatible For more information on vCloud Air for Disaster Recovery, visit vmware.com/go/protectyourapps EASIER Built-in automated workflows for failover testing, planned migrations and recovery