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1 Participant Handbook: Round III March 16 – June 8, 2015

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Page 1: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


Participant Handbook: Round III

March 16 – June 8, 2015

Page 2: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


Let’s Work Out!

In 3 months you will be stronger, more energetic, and with an increased feeling of accomplishment. So, let’s chat about how you will get there. We have partnered with 5 amazing MINDBODY providers who will be leading and coaching you to reach your physical fitness goals.

Rev SLO is a personalized fitness studio on the central coast. We pride

ourselves on hard work and accountability. We strive to know our clients on a

personal level. This helps us help them achieve their goals and stay on task

with their fitness. As every individual is different we do not have cookie cutter

workouts. Our classes are designed for every level with instructors capable of

modifications. At Rev SLO we are passionate about what we do and take our

jobs seriously. Fitness can be a very emotional journey of which we like to

support our clients along with ease. The beauty of Rev SLO is that our class

sizes stay small to ensure proper form and production. All of our trainers are

well certified and work as a team. Our goal is to make every client’s experience

enjoyable. We hope to see you in green! www.revslo.com

Gymnazo, located on California's Central Coast in San Luis

Obispo, provides an innovative environment for all

demographics in which to train for performance,

conditioning, and rehabilitation. The program challenges

the entire body in the authentic movement patterns that

are required to live life more fully and engage in all sports

at a higher level. All workout sessions involve 3

dimensional movement patterns in an encouraging and

team-supported atmosphere. The overall objective of

Gymnazo is to train and discipline the whole person in the

gym so they will fully maximize their abilities outside of the

gym. www.gymnazo.com

Welcome to Sleeping Tiger Fitness! We offer Kettlebells

and Krav Maga in group or private sessions, as well as

personal training to help you reach your fitness goals and

physical potential! We’re proud to have the only

StrongFirst Kettlebell certified instructors in San Luis

Obispo and the only Krav Maga Global instructors on the

central coast. www.sleepingtigerfitness.com

Page 3: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


“EVERYONE IS AN ATHLETE” Athlon was originally created to fulfill the need

for an “elite” level fitness and sports performance facility for athletes in San Luis

Obispo and its neighboring cities. A place where high level fitness and

performance enthusiasts could trust that they we’re getting the most up to date,

scientifically-proven training strategies. We have a team of exercise

physiologists, physical therapists, nutritionists and athletic trainers to ensure the

methods being researched and applied were high quality and multidisciplinary.

Most people want to change their body, fitness and energy levels, health and

vitality and overall wellbeing. The science and techniques behind athletic

development CAN be applied to anyone at the right intensity level with the right

coaching and they’ll see tremendous improvement in not only the way they

perform but in the way they look and feel. www.athlonelite.com

Hamptons Gym Corp (HGC) is very proud to be able to host the Hamptons

MINDBODY Evolve Challenge Participants. HGC was established in 1997 and

has 3 locations to choose from in East Hampton, Sag Harbor Gym, and

Southampton. MINDBODY is offering you a tremendous opportunity and we

are thrilled to partner with you. We at HGC will strive to provide you with the

optimal workout environment and help you reach your fitness goal! If you

have ANY questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to any one of us. The

time is now. Best of luck! www.hamptonsgymcorp.com

Page 4: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


Let’s Make Wellness a Habit!

/ˈhabit/ noun

1. a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. "I have a habit of eating clean and working out 5 days a week!"

In order to develop a habit that you LOVE, you will need to get prepared! Pack your Gym Bag!

Make sure that you are always prepared to GO!

Choose a bag that fits your style and is functional!

If you love the bag and the items inside it, you’re more likely to use them…all while having fun!

Gym Bag Essentials: 1. Clean Work Out Ensamble

Shirt, shorts/pants, underwear, socks, sports bra, sweatband, etc. 2. Proper foot attire that is appropriate for your upcoming workout. 3. Comfy Headphones & Music– If you just have to have your beats when you work out.

4. Shower Essentials & Towel – If you plan to shower a. Travel Sized Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Lotion, Disinfectant Gel,

Makeup for the chicas! b. Deodorant or Body Refresher c. Hair Essentials – Product, Brush or Comb d. Flip Flops

5. Refillable Water Bottle – Keep that MINDBODY Core Value in Mind! 6. Pre/Post Work Out Snack – Think quick and easy like a piece of fruit or a balanced protein bar!

7. A list of your goals images that represent what you are working towards! 8. Any other product that you love and makes you feel fab!

Page 5: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


Let’s “Leverage” Technology! Launch your MINDBODY Connect App and sign up for your classes!

Find your accountability buddies and make a pact to work out together!

Our Evolve Alums found success this way!

Page 6: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


MINDBODY’s Got Your Back!

Financially That Is!

Getting physical and watching your nutrition is now covered. But with all that physical exertion, don’t forget to get pampered to relax, prevent fatigue and injury! As always, you can use your MINDBODY Wellness Card to pay for a massage, acupuncture, beauty treatment or any approved Wellness or Beauty service that you fancy! Think of the fun you can have with $65 a month! Remember to find a participating provider on MINDBODY Connect.

Page 7: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


Track Your Activity to Win! Wear that Jawbone with Pride!

Knowledge is power! Take ownership of your life and how you live it! Aim for 10,000 steps per day, sleep 8 hours per night and make sure to track your food

intake with MyFitnessPal! You can enter data through the mobile app or online!

Take a cue from @adriannebonafede and snap a pic of your super cool new Jawbone UP MOVE!

Use the hashtag #MINDBODYevolve!

Wearing your Jawbone will track your steps and how well you are sleeping! This will provide valuable data to help you assess your progress throughout the

Challenge. It will also be used to determine the winning team and individual.

So wear it if you want to win it!

Page 8: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


MINDBODY Evolve Tracking Tool

The MINDBODY Evolve Tracking Tool is an easy and convenient way for each

participant to track their individual steps, hours of sleep, and total number of

sessions/classes taken.

1) Getting Started:

a) Navigate to http://evolvefitness.azurewebsites.net/Account/Login/

using your web browser.

b) Enter your Username and password and click the Log In button.

c) You will be directed to the Home page, where you can view your recent

activity, your goal progression, etc. This will be updated each day to

reflect all wearable data.

d) Click on your username at the top right hand corner, and change your


2) Connecting Your Wearable Device:

a) After creating your account through your wearable device, click Sync

Devices>Sync Wearable.

b) Select the type of wearable that best matches your device - you may

simply need to choose the brand if the exact device is not listed.

c) Enter the account information you created for your wearable account.

i) IMPORTANT! This MUST exactly match your wearable device account information.

If you are unsure of your account information, do not proceed! Return to your

wearable account and gather the appropriate information.

3) Periodically sync your wearable with your phone to ensure the most accurate

data - data is automatically pulled from your Jawbone account at 2:00 am PT

and 2:00 pm PT each day.

Adding Yourself to the Evolve Round III Challenge:

a) From the menu on the left, select the challenge you are participating in to

open your calendar view of activity.

b) Click on a date to manually enter your total attended sessions for the day

or week.

Page 9: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


MINDBODY Evolve Tracking Tool:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are we responsible for tracking?

A: Evolvers should be tracking steps, sleep, sessions attended, and food intake.

Q: What constitutes a “session”?

A: A session is a fitness class or personal training session taken at your assigned gym,

onsite at MINDBODY or another fitness business or studio.

Q: Do we have to manually input the Weekly Fitness Sessions Attended?

A: Yes, the number of fitness sessions attended needs to be added in manually into the

tracking tool.

Q: How do I track fitness sessions attended?

A: There is a box on the home page where you can enter in your fitness sessions. Please

enter this info in the Tracking Tool on Mondays for the PREVIOUS week (the “week” is

Monday-Sunday). You should be able to enter the sessions on multiple occasions

throughout the week.

Q: What if I forgot to update my sessions attended?

A: Enter the number of classes attended for the week that wasn’t updated. Then go

back in and re-enter in the stats for the following week. Do not add up the total sessions

from the prior week and enter as one number for the previous week. Try to keep the

data entries separate.

Q: When should I enter in my sessions attended?

A: Enter the number of fitness classes/sessions attended for the previous week every


Q: Do I have to enter my steps and sleep every day?

A: You do not need to go in each day to sync your activity – it should pull from your

wearable account directly each day. The Steps will sync at 2:00 am PT and sleep data

will sync at 2:00 pm PT. REMEMBER if you synced your wearable device before that time,

the data will not have been transferred.

Q: Do I need to enter my food every day?

A: Food intake should be entered in daily into the MyFitness Pal App. Studies have

shown that those who track and log food intake have a greater success with weight


Q: When do the wearable stats update?

A: Steps data will sync at 2:00 am PT and sleep data will sync at 2:00 pm PT.

Page 10: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


Take Advantage of MINDBODY Wellness! There are so many opportunities onsite that you can take advantage of as well! Take a class, join Recess or schedule an appointment for a service with an onsite

provider. Email the wellness crew at [email protected] with questions and check out Sharepoint for more information!

“I started my day with an energizing Yoga class, followed by an organic green smoothie and then an acupuncture session in the afternoon.

Am I on vacation? No, this is my job. This is MINDBODY!”

Page 11: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


“When I came to MINDBODY I knew it was health and wellness oriented, but I did not expect the support I would receive when it came to quitting smoking. Not only was MINDBODY here to support me, but they provided me reimbursement for my smoking cessation as well. The team here at MINDBODY has also been fantastic in supporting me, from leaving me notes on my desk, to buying me gum and hard candies during the worst of it. I have been a nonsmoker for almost 600 days!”

- Derrick Hokit

Check out the full policy on MINDBODY Sharepoint and send your

receipts and questions to [email protected].

This is one habit you CAN quit.

We’re here to help!

MINDBODY has a “Smoke Free Campus” policy.

You know the dangers and have seen the data on

how smoking can affect you and those around

you. So, we will skip the gory details.

If you are ready to kick the cigs to the curb (in an

appropriate garbage receptacle), let us help.

Take advantage of our Tobacco/Smoking

Cessation Policy and submit your receipts for

approved nicotine replacement products,

acupuncture therapy, and hypnosis therapy!

With MINDBODY Evolve, make a 360˚ fresh start!

Page 12: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


Activities are always way more fun with buddies! Plan workouts with the other participants (yes, even your competitors )

health conscious potlucks at the office, a weekend hike or a food prep sesh!

Staying focused on living a healthy lifestyle and surrounding yourself with like-minded people will help you stay the course. AND you will make new friends!

Support Each Other! Literally!

Page 13: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


Let’s Get Social…

Let Us Sweeten the Deal! Calorie free, of course!

Wanna earn some extra moolah on your

MINDBODY Wellness Card?! Post, Post, POST!

Throughout the challenge we will announce a bi-weekly or monthly theme. Snap photos that represent that theme, post them to social media, and you could win big!

Themes could include a selfie after a gut busting workout at the gym, fitness in nature, food prep, what’s in your gym bag, your Jawbone UP MOVE / a screen shot of your progress or how you are enjoying some R&R on your rest day. Keep an eye out and don’t forget those hashtags!

Post, tweet and upload your

journey and share your

progress…because you never

know who you can inspire!

Use These Hashtags!




Page 14: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


What to Expect…

MINDBODY Evolve Round 1 Round 2 Total

Participants 72 73 145

Steps Tracked 48,458,330 43,431,678 91,890,008

Classes Taken 3,556 4,440 6,996

Pounds Lost 643.3 482.7 1,126

Inches Lost 1,051.3 402.3 1,453.6

The Breakdown!

Total Miles: 22,944

Times Circled the Equator: Almost one full rotation

Trips from SLO to EH (Door to Door): 7.53 Times

What They Had to Say!

“All my life my weight has held me back. Because of

Evolve I was able to face my monster. It no longer has

power over me and I’ve been able to finally achieve the

life I’ve always wanted.”

- Adam Schellin

“When I was unable to ride a rollercoaster with my kids

because I couldn’t wrap the seatbelt around me, I knew it

was time to for a change. I don’t want to miss life with my

kids because of my weight, and now I don’t have to.”

- Alishia Pantoja

“I have learned how to eat for my body, reduced cravings

and almost completely eliminated coffee! While my goal

wasn’t weight loss, I’ve dropped 5 pounds and feel

increased energy every day!”

- Michael Goldsmith

Page 15: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


And The Winner Is…

You! You are a winner with MINDBODY Evolve!

We love your competitive spirit, so Bring It! At the end of the challenge, two teams will be chosen

who have the highest stats! One in SLO and one in The Hamptons.

o Total number of steps. o Total number of classes. o Tracked sleep. o Full days of tracked nutrition. o Attending your nutritional coaching sessions. o Total physical change, measured on change in weight,

BMI, Body Fat & Body Muscle percentages.

Two Rockstars will also be chosen who exhibit high levels of dedication, act as mentors to their follow challengers, and experience the greatest transformation.

At the end of the challenge, you will have the opportunity to participate in a 5K run and Celebration at the MINDBODY offices. The winners will be announced so they can be cheered, praised and honored!

You have to work for it! So be all in!

Page 16: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


Life After MINDBODY Evolve

The Alumni Program…

The Alumni from Round I & II are living healthier, happier and more vibrant lives thanks to their expereinces in the challenge. After the challenge ends, a member of the Wellness Team will work with you to keep your progress going. Once a month for one year you will have a quick check in to measure your body weight, BMI, body fat and body muscle percentages. You will receive verbal coaching and encouragement to stay the course and accomplish future goals. All information will be kept confidential and is inteded to assist you in your journey and help The MINDBODY Wellness Team to improve the MINDBODY Evolve experience for future participants.

Page 17: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


Your MINDBODY Wellness Team

We’re Here, Cheerful & Ready to Help!

Linsey Boncquet

Human Resources Project Administrator

Linsey really became passionate about overall health and

wellness in 2009 after discovering the truth about food and

how it impacts our bodies. From there, Linsey has taken an

everyday approach to wellness by eating more raw foods

and drinking more water, and enjoying the California

sunshine and everything else the Central Coast has to offer.

To Linsey, Wellness means finding the things that make you

feel good on the inside and sticking with them! Linsey uses

her MINDBODY Wellness Card at Cycletribe Spin Studio and

at Bluebird Salon, depending on the type of Wellness Linsey

needs in a given month.

Jessica Bailey

Wellness Program Manager

Jessica’s major passion in life is working with others to

help them find their joy through health and wellness.

Living life with the belief that wellness must have a 360˚

approach; Jess’ favorite ways to practice wellness is

through Pilates, Yoga, dancing, massage, acupuncture,

meditation, eating in balance and spending time with

those who ignite and support her passions. She uses her

MINDBODY Wellness card at a local esthetician who

helps to add to that post-workout glow!

Page 18: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


We Also LOVE Wellness!

Rachel McClure

HR Program Manager

Rachel feels so fortunate to work for a company that prioritizes the wellness of its

team members. She is inspired by the life changes the Evolve participants have

made and is motivated by them to keep on track with her own wellness

journey. Rachel has a Master's degree in Educational Leadership and

Administration from Cal Poly and is currently a Corporate Wellness Specialist.

She lives in beautiful Los Osos with her wonderful husband Eric and super cute 1-

year-old son Lucas. Rachel uses her MINDBODY Wellness Card for membership

at Equilibrium Fitness, massages, and facials.

Maggie Evans

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & Wellness Intern

Maggie is currently in her final year of Graduate

school at Cal Poly, SLO where she is studying

Kinesiology. She has a passion for health and

wellness, as evidenced by her education & training

as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Maggie

routinely practices wellness by taking group fitness

classes, like yoga & spinning, offered at Cal Poly’s

Recreation Center. You can also find her running on

the beach, swimming, hiking, or working on new

recipes in her kitchen.

Page 19: MINDBODY Evolve Round III Handbook


You’re ready! It’s time to GO!

You are now prepared to embark on a new chapter of your life. Dream big, work hard, get moving, sleep, drink water, make smart choices that you will be thankful for in 3 months and live in balance! Choose to Evolve into the person you’ve always dreamed of being. We support you and are here for you, so don’t hesistate to reach out!

We’ll see you at the Finish Line with one of these babies!

The MINDBODY Wellness Team

The mission of the MINDBODY Wellness Program is to enable our team members to improve their lives along all 7 Dimensions of Wellness – Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Social,

Environmental, Occupational, and Purpose & Meaning.