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    n Social Circles Mrs. A. F. Bruchholi of 2217 Portland ave-

    nue will receive^ Informally from 3 until 6 o'clock.Tueoday aftern,oon for her sister. Miss Elizabeth Van Anda of Chicago, who is spending some weeks in Minneapolis.

    Mrs. W. C. Gooding chaperoned a jolly cicwd of Xorth Side peopkl at Lake Minne- tonka. on the Fourth. In spite of the rain the tally-ho ride out was very much enjoyed, and a trip of the lake on the Acte and boat rides in the evening helped to make the time pass pleasantly. Thoso in the party were Misses Alice Best, Ora Ells, Mabel Sundell, Lora Gooding, Laura Miller, Lillian Peake, Cora Sundall; Messrs. Alex Barn«s, Webster Tal- lant, George Xye, Reed "Morrill, Marstln Tal- laiit, James Best and Marshall Xye.

    Th« marriage of Miss Carrie Thompson and Frederick J. Wulllng took place Wednesday evening at 2519 Columbus avenue in the pres- ence of a large group of friends. Miss Madge Pillsbui y was. maid of honor and H. F. Pills- bury was best man. The service was read by Rev. Charles F. Davis and was followed by a* reception.

    Miss Agues Tisdale, a July bride, was the guest of honor at a party given Wednesday afternoon by the Watawah Club at the home of Mrs. WhitforU In St. Anthony Park.

    Mr. and Mrs. Swanson of 333 E Nineteenth street entertained Wednesday in honor of their brother-in-law, A. Rasmus of Chicago. An Informal evening was followed by refresh- ments.

    Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Thomson announce the engagement of their daughter Myrta Ger- trude and Ernest Louis Behnke. The wedding will take place in the early fall.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Sands of 3239 First ave- cue S are members of the summer party which has for four years spent a part of each season at Camp While Away at Birch Bluff. Mr. and Mrs. Sands have recently moved into a new home, and as the colony has not yet gone to the lake, arrangements were made by Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Jackson and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Parsons for an informal reunion that should surprise Mr. and Mrs. Sands. This was given Monday, and campers were present to the number of fifty persons, all the children, big and little, being included in the preparations. Music, reminiscences, plans for the camp this year and refresh- ments occupied the evening. The camp will be established this year about July 15.

    Personal and. Social. M. E. Wallace leaves this evening for


    Frank A. Richards is spending a few days In the city.

    Mrs. W. W. Redfleld is home from Little Falls, Minn.

    Miss Grace Moorehous •will leave this even- ing for Milwaukee.

    C. J. Saiher left to-day for a visit of six Weeks on the Pacific coast.

    Rev. S. W. Sample is very seriously ill •with articulatory rheumatism.

    Mrs. M. Pike and daughter Lulu leave Mon- day for Duluth and West Superior. .

    Mrs. W. H. Ross and son returned from Blue Earth City yesterday evening.

    Mile. Dreyfus will leave next week for the Yellowstone park and the Pacific coast.

    The Amaranth ladies will give a card party Thursday afternoon in Masonic Temple.

    Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Benjamin leave to-day to spend six weeks on the Pacific coast.

    The Enterprise Social club will meet at Mlnnehaha Falls, in the pavilion, Thursday.

    Mrs. J. L. Tracy of 1811 Colfax avenue S left last night for a three weeks' trip in the east.

    Miss A. F. Partridge left Tuesday over the Omaha road for Denver and other Colorado points.

    Colonel S. B. McGuire returned to Wausau, Wls., to-day, after spending the Fourth at home.

    Mrs. E. A. Pati-ick has gone east to visit In Buffalo, Boston and Haley, Me., for two months.

    Sidney Allman of Chicago is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. Keyser of 1715 Fifth ave- nue S.

    Mrs. L. J. Berkey has gone to the south- ern part of the state, where she will visit her parents.

    H G. Murphy left to-day for a trip through the Yellowstone Park and to the Pacific coast.

    Mr. and Mm. J. A. Mattison leave to-night

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    for Denver. Col., to visit their daughter Mrs J. W. Copeland.

    Miss Helen Griffith left the first of the week for a month's visit in New York city and other eastern points.

    Miss Bonnie Snow is in Chicago. She willgo to Detroit next week to the N. E A and later will visit Boston.

    Mrs. F. B. Hart of 1001 E Nineteenth street, left Wednesday for a two months' visit inSpokane and Seattle.

    Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Mllligan are at thehome of their sister, Mrs. McCourt, 510 Tenth street S, for a few days.

    Mrs. Louis Preece left last evening for De- troit to attend the N. E. A. She will spend the summer in the east.

    Miss Marguerite Shotwell and Miss Rose S. Whitten have returned to the city aftera month's visit in Alexandria.

    Mrs. George T. Gibbs and Miss Katherine Gibbs of Clinton avenue leave Monday even-ing for a month's visit in California.

    Mrs. A. E. Clark and daughter and Miss Maude-Davis of BrainerJ leave to-morrow evening for the Soo and the great lakes.

    Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Crandall, nee Archer, have returned from the east anfl will be at home at 2106 Dupont avenue N after Aug. 1.

    Mr. ayrd Mrs. William R. Putnam, nee Eaton, have returned from their wedding trip and are in the city on their wky to Red Wing, Minn.

    Mrs. P. P. Colgrove, St. . Cloud, who has been spending the past two weeks with her sister, Miss Grace Jacobs, returned home yesterday.

    Alexander Freedman of Coldwater, Mich., and Edward Freedman of Colon, Mich., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. D. Freedinau, 734 E Sixteenth street.

    Mr. and Mrs. Dudley T. Stewart and Miss Cosette Stewart of Davenport, lowa are visiting Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Bowler of theHampshire Arms.

    Miss Maude Hoopeg of 1506 Stevens avenue, returned Wednesday from Covington Ky where she was called by the illness and death of her little niece, Maudle Gilbert.

    A. G. Baltic of 1117 Eighth avenue SB, foreman of the Backus-Brooks Lumber com-pany, entertained twenty of hia fellow em-ployes at his residence on the Fourth.

    Mrs. T. E. Jarrett and daughter Florence of Pittsburg, Kan., are guests for the sum-mer of Mrs. J. H. Huntington, 613 Fourth street S. Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett formerly re- sided in Minneapolis.

    Rev. Marion D. Shutter will leave early in the week to attend the National Ycung Peo-ple's convention of the Universahst church at Rochester, N. V., where he is to make one of the principal addresses.

    Miss Laura A. Williams and Miss Mary A. Grimes, teachers of drawing in the summer school at the university, with their classes, visited the art stained glass department of Forman, Ford & Co., yesterday afternoon.

    Miss Hilda Xasmyth, formerly misslonary to Africa, now working among the coloredpeople of the south, will speak to-morrowmorning in the First M. E. church and in theevening in Lake Street Methodist church

    Minneapolis people at New York hotels are:Manhattan. L. M. Park; St. Denis, H M Price, F. D. Woodbury; Bartholdi, Mr. and Mr\r J; Turnblad- St. Paul: Hoffman,L H. Weil; St. Denis, F. S. Bailey; Albert Misses A. S. Wilson, L. E. Wilson; HollandG. Fuller; Navarre, C. J. Richter. SleepyEye: Grand Union, O. W. Pagen

    LAKE MINNETONKA Summer residents at Fairview are takingmeasures to secure a suitable station. The

    passenger traffic at this station is heavy, in fact many more passengers take the train at this point than at other places where ex- pensive stations are maintained. There used to be a station at Fairview, but it burned several years ago. The heavy rains the pres- ent summer have served to emphasize the need of something more desirable than a long platform with the sky for a covering.

    Mr. and Mrs. Adlai Stevenson will entertain at dinner at the Lafayette club Monday evening. The guests will be a group of St. Paul friends.

    A concert will be given in the Congrega- tional church, Excelsior, Monday evening, July 15. The concert will be in charge of Professor Wm. J. Hall, formerly of Cedar Rapids, lowa, who will be assisted by Miss Beatrice Pickthall and other musicians of ability.

    Professor Wrm. J. Hall, Miss Calla Rich- ards and Mies Ruth Richards had an experi- nce the Fourth which they do not care to repeat often. In the morning, having decided on a few hours fishing, they rowed from their cottage at Moadville Park to the shelter of Big Island. After a few hours fishing the lake became unusually rough, and in trying to return they -were nearly swamped. The waves rolled over the frail boat, and the occupants were thoroughly drenched. Reach- Ing Gale's island they were unable to make further headway against the wind and were obliged to drift to Lake Park, where they were picked up and taken home by the Helena, arriving just as a searching party was being organized.

    Very elaborate firew