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Megan Bennett Minute Maid Product Redesign

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Megan BennettMinute Maid Product Redesign

Product NameMinute Maid (Juice Boxes)

Target GroupKids and Young Adults (ages 3-30)

Brief history This company was created by Coca-Cola. Starting in 1945, Minute Maid’s name was chosen because of how easy and fast it was to prepare and drink their products. In 1960 Minute Maid and Coca-Cola teamed up, and buisness “boomed” ever since then. They created chilled drinks, frozen preparable drinks, and dozens of different flavors. As time went on, they added more nutrition to the drinks and changing their look. Their most recent changes have been in lighter drinks that have great flavor with fewer calories.

Big Idea Simplicity has a great way of grabbing attention. Kids want something tasty and something fun, while parents want something inexpensive and something healthy. My redesign will incorperate all of those ideas into one unique design. Instead of the stereotypical box shape of a juice box, the box will be the shape of a trapezoid. This is meant to make it look like an actual slice of fruit, with the color and the picture on the box being the flavor of the drink. I plan to advertise this design through my websites/blogs, through the book in this class, and through presentations. This design will sell more than the original design because it has a look that grabs attention on the outside, and a taste and health benefit that will grab attention on the inside. plan on advertising your new redesigned product. Also include how your redesign and advertising will increase sales.)1

Titles: Imprint MT Shadow Style: RegularSize: 30 ptColor: Black or white

Body Copy: Minion Pro Style: RegularSize: 12 ptColor: BlackLeading between title and body: 16 pt

GradientsLighter color towards center of fruit designDo not use gradient colors that aren’t the same color(no red with green, black with orange, etc)

Kiwi Green#94d670RGB: 148, 214, 112

Pantone: 7487 CCMYK: 44, 0, 74, 0

Leaf Green#498308RGB: 80, 124, 20

Pantone: 370 CCMYK: 75, 27, 100, 12

Inside an Apple#eff2baRGB: 239, 242, 186

Pantone: 7499 CCMYK: 7, 0, 34, 0

Black#000000RGB: 000

Pantone: 426 CCMYK: 75, 68, 67, 90

Inside an Orange#ffa239RGB: 249, 161, 61

Pantone: 715 CCMYK: 0, 24, 50, 0

Outside an Orange#ec6c00RGB: 255, 119, 43

Pantone: 1575 CCMYK: 3, 70, 100, 1

Watermelon#f60034RGB: 246, 0, 52

Pantone: 032 CCMYK: 0, 100, 82, 0

White#ffffffRGB: 255, 255, 255

Pantone: 7541 CCMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0


Color Color: Can change to color of fruit flavorGradient: Darker color on the right of gradient

Strip Design Keep strip proportionateMust be larger than the logo when used as a designPosition: Always pointing down to content

Positioning Logo No text directly tangent to the logoCan be placed on a black backgroundDo not crop logo in any way

Size for Juice BoxThe base of logo must be 1.4 inches wide

Words on the LogoWords only may be used on occasion if the complete logo is present somewhere else.

Colored Used for all products.

B&WOnly used for drafts,

black and white prints, when faxed, or if fruit

color is white.


Flat Package Design (Orange Juice example)

Thin black lines are just visual help to see where the folds will be. They won’t be printed onto the final product.

Light orange triangle shapes all around the design will fold underneath and be hidden for both durability and for shape.


Before and After and Photography



Magazine Ad This simplistic ad will be included in several different magazines.

What’s in it for Me?It’s as healthy as eating a slice of fruit. 100% natural fruit juices in a fun box at a price that is healthy for your wallet too.

Will it Increase Sales?These one-of-a-kind juice boxes have 30% more juice than the regular juice boxes, at the origi-nal price. With a hearty and healthy juice inside and a fun unique design outside, it’s sure to make all your friends jealous.


Table of Contents

1Target name, target group, product idea, and product history

2Color and font instructions

3Logo instructions

4Flat package design

5Before and after photography

6Final picture

7Magazine ad, what’s in it for me, and will it increase sales