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Utah Arts and Crafts Society


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The Utah Arts and Crafts Society celebrates the Arts and Crafts Movement through

lectures, workshops and field trips.

• www.utahartsandcraftssociety.org

• Facebook- Utah Arts and Crafts Society

• Administer- Arts & Crafts Movement

• Meet September-May

• Memberships

• Mortise & Tenon

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Topics• Furniture making• Bungalows• Textiles• Metalcrafts• Blacksmithing with Lightning Forge• Ceramics with Red Kiln Pottery• Bonsai with Bonsai Society• Paper ephemera at U of U Rare Book

Dept.• Calligraphy with Utah Calligraphy Society

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Cross stitch motto

Tile house numbers

Rennie Mackintosh alphabet calligraphy

Brass doorbell plate


Mission bbq fork

Mission plantstand

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• Partnered with Utah Heritage Foundation for two historic home tours

• Toured EuroTreasures

• Book sale Gibbs Smith Publisher at The Kings English Bookshop

• Rare book display at Marriott Library

• Trolley Square

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Mission Revival Architecture

Mission Furniture

Simplicity of material & design. Rectilinear design & exposed carpentry

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“Revival?” What does it mean?

“Revivalism” in architecture is the use of visual styles that consciously echo the

style of a previous architectural era.

Other examples of “Revivalism” in architecture: Greek, Gothic, Romanesque, Jacobean, Renaissance, Moorish, Tudor,

Spanish Colonial, Pueblo, others.

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The Arts and Crafts Movement (roughly 1890-1925) boasted the bungalow as its

preeminent residential architectural form. Designs eventually drew inspiration from

specifically American antecedents, including the California Spanish Missions.

The Mission Revival movement enjoyed its greatest popularity between 1890 and 1915, through numerous residential,

commercial, and institutional structures. Schools and railroad depots, particularly in the Western and Southwestern U.S. used this easily recognizable architectural style.

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The California Mission System

The Spanish missions in California comprise a series of religious and military outposts

established by Spanish Catholics of the Franciscan Order between 1769 and 1823 to spread the Christian faith among the local Native Americans. The missions

represented the first major effort by Europeans to colonize the Pacific

Coast region, and gave Spain a valuable toehold in the frontier land.

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21 Missions were built in a style reminiscent of Spanish buildings that the priests were familiar with. In North America, however, the structures needed

to be built by unskilled laborers using limited materials like wood, rock, and mud bricks (stucco).

The Mission atSan Luis Rey

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San Juan Bautista San Juan Capistrano

San Xavier del Bac- Tucson, AZ. Mission San Antonio de Valero

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The Utah Connection

• The historical Escalante & Dominguez Expedition of 1776 was conducted to find an overland route from Santa Fe to the

Missions of California.

• The Expedition went north as far as Vernal then came down Spanish Fork Canyon to

Utah County and into the western Utah desert before returning to Santa Fe.

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Escalante/Dominguez Route

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Escalante party enter Utah County from Spanish Fork Canyon

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The only mission in Utah is St. Christopher’s Episcopal Mission in Bluff. Built 1946.

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Elements of Mission Revival• Curvilinear parapets with mission silhouette, towers, bell towers• Red tile roofs• Minimal decorative elements• Arched niches• Deep window openings without any framing but the sill• Quatrefoil windows (rose windows) and emblems• Wooden plank floors and iron rails• Arched doorways• Enclosed courtyard• Thick arches springing from piers. • Exterior walls coated with white plaster (stucco)• Wide side eaves, shielding the adobe brick walls from rain. • Long exterior arcades or arcaded entry porch• Square pillars or twisted columns

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Most Obvious Elements

• Curvilinear parapets with mission silhouette, towers, bell towers

• Arched doorways

• White plaster exterior walls (stucco) with broad unadorned plaster surfaces

• Courtyards

• Red clay roof tiles

• Thick arches springing from piers

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The Parapet

• A parapet is a low, protective wall. In Mission Revival examples, the parapet has curvilinear lines to imitate the silhouette of a Mission.

O.C. TannerBuilding-OriginallyCity Library

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• Southern California homes

• Scotty’s Castle-

• Death Valley

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Mission Revival in CaliforniaBeverly Hills Hotel

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Los Angeles Union Station

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Utah Mission RevivalMaeser School- Provo

Built in 1898; is oldest school building in Provo.

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Forest Park Golf Course

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Wasatch Springs Plunge (Beck Hot Springs)

on 300 West. Built in 1921 by Cannon and Fetzer.

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Wasatch Springs Plunge

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Garner Funeral Home

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Garner Funeral Home- 11th Avenue

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Bogue Building 1904

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Rockpick Legend Co.

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Trolley Square

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No Name Saloon in Park City

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Mission Bungalow Courts

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1995 UMFA Exhibit

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Schools- Original Bountiful Jr. High

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Utah State Fairpark- Promontory Building

Built in 1902 by Ware and Treganza

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Ogden Union Station

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Ely, Nevada Train Station

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Liliputian HO Models

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Los Angeles Union StationHO Model The Real Thing

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Sister styles to Mission Revival“Adobe Revival”

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Craftsman- Grand Canyon

Colter Lookout

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Mission Revival?

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Mission Revival?

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An ode to Mission Revival

Give me neither Romanesque nor Gothic;

much less Italian Renaissance, and least of all English Colonial —

this is California — give me Mission.• Anonymous, 1924

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