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:o: Sprin-.^ and Summer MiWESfliU

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Montogomery Ward's mail order catalog from 1875, for Western RPG reference


  • :o:

    Sprin-.^ and Summer


  • ^^' PLEASE READ.V\7

    1'here has hocn t-oiix- nii-under^tiindins about shipmentDv P'rciiihr \vIh!7! th * (Jr!;i!;;o Seal is affixed to the order.We only Fhiji \)y FreiLjiit ivhcn requented, {^^cc page. two).

    ir HMr!]ili:ike8 of this nature.

    illovvs izoods sent by Mail to thepouj d.^, at one cent for every ounce.nlelUl^ of hhippinj? lij^lit goods, T)ut not

    extent of fuur'I'hir- is a Q'.iici

    alUM ;, ; " ^ !.

    Ill : ALiil, wf require money in adViin;,i; hiuk:.ijiii i j):iy lor >r(>od!< uv.d the postage on thesame. As we can ^et no receipt from the Pof^t Office Do-pan iiunil. we win not b^ responsible for jiny lose fromniiK

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  • CATAI-OaTJS Uo. 13Spring and Summer, 1875.


    MoDipiery ffaril & Co.,IThe Original Grange Supply Houae.]

    246, 248, 250 252 & 254 KIMZIE ST,

    0:BCX0.A.0rOy TTiTi,

    Please Read This Article Before Ordering.

    CIRCULARIn offering you this (our 13th) Catalogue, we feel

    called upon to thank our friends for their kind support.We have now, in consequence of liberal patronage,

    reduced our prices on every article where tlue wasany chance to do so (as you will 6nd by coK{>*nBe),and have added largely to our list. '

    You will find full instructions regarding the mani. .of making out your orders, etc., on the succeedingpages, which we desire you vnU folioto, and thus avoid,as qearly as ]


    The original plan of conducting our business, sug-gested by the growing combination of farmers to dealdirectly with a house near the base of supplies, was toship goods by Express, collect on delivery (t. e. C. O. D.)only

    ;but as time passed and strangers became friends,

    the necessity of reducing the expenses of transporta-tion became apparent, and we allowed goods to go byFreight to Grangete, when the Grange seal was affixedto the order. We now announce


    We lumish Catalogues to any one upon application. The Sec-retary of a Grange can order enough for the whole Grange. Sayhow many you want.We furnish samples of all piece goods upon application, but re-

    quire you to enclose ten cents to assist in defraying the expensesof this department, and as an earnest that you are desirous oftrading with us if we can offer sufficient inducements. Whensamples of other goods are sent for with orders, you need not en-close the ten cents.

    All samples have numbers attacbed to cor-respond with unmbers on Catalogue.Our regular way is to ship C. O. D. by Express, subject to ex-

    amination before any money is paid out. If the goods are right,you pay all charges and the amount of the bill to the ExpressAgent, who is responsible to us for the goods or the money,ly reguestedy we will ship by Freight when the Grange sealis affixed to the order and signed by the Master or Secretary ofthe Grange. Any one unable to procure the Grange Seal and de-siring goods shipped by Freight, can send money with the order

    sufflcieot to meet all the cost of goods and expenses of case and

    cartage, ^he two last items amount to from 25 cents to $1.50,ac%rdinclo size- of package and distance to haul. If you send

    too much, we will return the change ; if not enough, we shall

    leave out some article. In all other cases, the goods go C. O. D. by

    Express (we cannot ship C. O. D. by Freight). As we ship by

    Freight to make the expense of transporUtion come less to the

    consignee, we make it a part of the contract that payment shall

    b made to us just a* soon as the goods are at hand and examined.

  • CIRCULAJL 3This being an affair of honor, and a place wherein we put ourtrust in the honesty of the Patron, we hope we shall never becalled upon to refuse Shipment in this way because of the risk ofnon-payment. We take pleasure in saying here that all paymentso goods have been made up to this date, although we regretthat our friends are sometimes a little slow about it. Wc herenotify all Granges with whom we have dealings that we keep ablack lit, and unless remittances are made without unneces-sary delay, we shall be obliged to place them on this list as beingtoo slow, and refuse to ship them goods.

    The following Advice to Express AgentsIs sent with each Collection.

    You are hereby requested to allow the Consignee or Agent toexamineif they so desireall packages sent by our House forDelivery and Collection at your station. If they refuse to takethe goods, immediately notify ut, and we will order thedisposal of them.


    MONTGOMERY WARD Jt CO.By order of the Express Companies, we can allow only the indi-

    vidual to whom the goods are shipped to examine the goods at theExpress Office. This is a privilege that should not be abused.Consider that the Agent has no interest in the matter, and isresponsible to us for the goods or the money. Do not detain him'too long nor scatter the goods.

    We are continually receiving orders and letters with some im-portant item of the address left off. Sometimes no name issigned ; again, the post-office address is left out, or the State isnot mentioned. To avoid all such errors, we ask you^to com-mence your letters as per sample given on page 4, substituting yourown name, address, and how to be shippedby Frei^t or Ex-.-press always remembering, we do not ship by Freight unjess OiVorder is signed by the Master or Secretary, and has the Grangeseal affixed. If you have no eal, order one of S. D. Childs, Jr.,& Co. (See their advertisement on page 69 of this book). If yourorders have not the Grange seal affixed, we w^^l pocitivdy shipC O. D. by Express.

  • 4 CIRC7ULAR.


    MESSRS. MONTGOMERY WARD A* CO.,46 to 254 Kinzit St., Chicago.

    PUate send to(FirstJ Yourname. (Write it plain.)(SecondJ Town, County and State to which we are to ship

    your goods.

    ( Third,) Your Post Office address ; (/" same as Railroad orExcess office address, say so.

    (Fourth,) How to be shij>pedby Express or Freight. (Seecondition offreight shipments.)

    (Fifth,) If by Freight, say what Railroad the Town is on.The following Goods as per Catalogue No. 13:

    '*i^*Catakue" Quality

  • CIRCULAK. 6Wc give quotations or goods in our House ; hence all expenses

    of transportation and remittance must be paid by the purchaser.No Draft or Check on a Country Bank is par here. On Freightbills remit in Currency by Express charges prepaid. By PosCOffice Order, or buy a Draft of your banker on either'Chicago,New York, or Boston, and send us by mail.No AyentB Wanted! Ho Cotnmiasione Paid II We

    are continually besieged by our friends who get up clubs for us,for presents. This is wrongs. Wc sell our goods at the lowestpossible percent.Tge, and if we pay commissions, we must add itto the prices of the goods. We take it that clubs are gotten upfor your own mutual benefit, to leduce expense of transportation.We had as soon ship to separate individuals. We therefore declineto pay commissions or employ agentson the Grand Grange prin-ciple, "Do away with the middlemen as for as possible."Our old friends will not ask for testimonials, but for those to

    whom we are strangers, we beg to call attention to a limited num-ber, to be found in the back of this catalogue. As you will notice,none of the original letters of commendation were solicited ; allwere voluntary; and, as we were in honor bound not to publishthem without permission of the writer, we wrote for them andpublish both the original and their letters of permission.

    In consequence of recent failures we hereby no-tify our trade we endorse no one "but MontgomeryWard & Co. We continue a few cards in our Cata-logue of houses for whom we handle goods. Wehere invite your attention to

    GEO. A. CLARK,Sole Agent for " O. N. T." Thread Jn the United State*. ThereIn none better made. We quote It in this Catalogue, (ee page29, No. 1002). He is also Agent for the sale of Milwird'8 Helix^Needles. We sell them, (i^ee No. 1003). They^are the jjest madejv^Mr. Clark sells only to the wholesale trade. Do not f6rget tfl^ask for Clark's '' O. N. T." Thread, and Mllward'B Helix Need-les; take no other kind; every merchant keeps them, or shoulddo HO.

    S. D. CIIILDS, Jr. & CO.,manufacturers of Grange Seals, Ac. They

  • 6 CmCULAB.the Engraving line, at the very lowest price for the best workWe pronounce their Seals superior in workmanship and desipfnto any that have come under our notice. See their card (page69) in thi Catalogue.

    niBSSRS. BELL IIIANN Sc CO.,manufacturers of the Pullman Palace Car Perfumery. Wehave it in stock. See card on page 68 of this Catalogue.Perfumery helps to make home attractive, gives a finish to ihetoilet, and brings contentment to our lives.

    GROCSRIES.We do not send Price Lists of Groceries or keep a large

    stock on hand. We did intend to add a full line of this classof merchandise to our stock, but for reasons partly explainedherein we have concluded not to engage in the Grocery trade.With the view of going into the trade, we perfected ourarrangements for the purchase of Groceries and kindred goodson exceedingly favorable terms, and will, for the accommoda-tion of our customers, fill all orders sent us, at prices onlyBufi&cient to remunerate us for the expense in handling, sub-ject to the following conditions :We do not think it advisable to ship heavy groceries by ex-

    press, such as Sugar, Rice, Green Coffee, Soap, etc. ; they arestaple articles, sold by all dealers, for a mere nominal profit,and they add to the cost of transportation to an alarming de-gree. To illustrate : suppose you order dry goods, etc., to thevalue of $20, approximate weight fifteen pounds ; you thenorder fifteen pounds soap, sent with the dry goods, value $1.25,the cost of transportation will be almost as much on $1.36worth of soap as on $20 worth of dry goods. Hence you willsee that our legitimate business is damaged, as you will natu-rally average the cost on the total amount of the bill.When the requirements for shipment by freight are com-

    plied with, and goods are ordered shipped in that way, wehave no fuJ-ther objections to offer, but will ship groceriesheavy as lead if requested.Teaa and Spice* can be sent by Sxprest, with perfect

    satisfaction to all concerned, as with our system of prices youwill be able to make a large saving on this class of goods.We will purchase all kiiids of merchandise not quoted by at

    t a commission of 6 per cent, above cost.

  • CATAl-OaUS 2Jo. 13Spring and Summer, 1875.

    IN AMKTllCA.

    Montiomery ffari & Co.,[The Original Grange Supply House.]

    246, 248, 250, 252 & 254 KINZIE ST.,CHICAGO, ILL.

    Pinnae commence your order like the Sftmple Heading (weepage 4;, and be sure to read every word of our circular caro-rally, and thus avoid all errors and misunderetandiugs.

    Numbers. COTTON GOODS. Price per yard.I.. Standard Prints, good style 1%2--Best Prints, new work. 8j43.. Best Prints, in Pink, Purple, Blue and Green

    figures K^^ 9K4 - -Ginghams r. ..^. 'J.:5 . .Ginghams, best -lit U ^-*6..Chambrays in all colors, (give color) ._ 257. .Fine Brown Sheeting 88. .Fine Brown Sheeting 109.. Fine Brown Sheeting, i yard wide, extra I210.. Fine Brown Sheeting. 40 inches wide I3


    Numbers. Cotton Goods continued. Price per j^ard.

    1 1 ..' Granger " Brown Sheeting, i yard wide,standard lO

    12. .Brown Sheeting, I yard wide 913.. Best Brown Sheeting, extra fine and heavy,

    I yard wide ii^14. -Bleached Cotton, I yard wide 101 5.. Bleached Cotton, I yard wide 1216-. Bleached Cotton, i yard wide, long staple,

    and soft finish for the needle 12^^17. -Fruit of the Loom Bleached Cotton, i yard 1317^. -Gem of the Spindle, i yard wide 13i8--Wamsutta Bleached Cotton, i yard wide 1719..New York Mills Bleached Cotton, i yd. wide 1720.. Pillow Case Cotton, bleached, 45 to 54 in.

    wide 15 to 2021 --Sheetings, brown and bleached, 8-4, 9-4 and

    1 0-4 wide --"Nnmbere from ] to 21 are subject to the fluctuations of the

    market. Tliey will be filled at manufacturers' prices the dayyour order Ih received, but never higher than our quotations.We quote no Domestics but what are e;ood; if you desire any-thing cheaper, order, and will fill at the lowest market quota-tions.2 2 -.Blue and Brown Denims 10^23. -Blue and Brown Denims, good quality I2l^23^ -.Blue and Brown Denims, better quality 1624-. Blue and Brown Denims, tine and heavy 1825--Blue and Brown Denims, best 2326-. Cheviot Stripe Shirting, per yard I2j^27. -Check Shirting, brown and white, blue and'

    white 1428-. Check Shirting, brown and white, blue and

    white, good and strong 182g. -Large Plaid Shirting, superior goods 1830-. Hickory Stripe Shirting 123 1.. Hickory Stripe Shirting, best 17

    f 32--Cheviot Stripe Shirting 15-- 33.. Cheviot Stripe Shirting, good article 17

    34 .Brown Duck, colored 14


    Numbers. Cotlon Goods continued. Price per yard.

    35. .Brown Duck, colored, best 1836. .White Duck, 29 inches wide 17)^37. .White Duck, 40 inches wide 2938.. Corset Jeans, brown and slate ii39. -Corset Jeans, white, brown and slate 1340. . P'lat Cambric, (give color) 71^4 1.. Paper Cambric, (give color) ,.. S}442..Wigans, best, black and slate color 1243. -Good quality straw Bed Ticking I0>^44. .Extra quality Straw Ticking 1545 . - Feather Bed Ticking, Amoskeag 2246-. Feather Bed Ticking, best Amoskeag, ACA 2547.. Unbleached Drilling Ii48. -Percales, figured and striped 1649. -Plain Percales 2050. .English Percales, plain, figured and striped 225 1.. Pacific Lawns 151Z52.. Window Curtain Holland, i yard wide, green,

    buff or blue'

    j^t^53- -Mosquito Netting, white, per piece of alsout

    8 yards 1 cc54-. Mosquito Netting, blue or green, per piece

    of about 8 yards 655t;--Mosnuito Netting, pink, per piece of about

    yards.., ^c

    WOOL FLAIVNELS.80. .Red Twilled Flannel 27^8 1.. Red Twilled Flannel, good quality

    .*.. 3582. -Red Twilled Flannel, extra quality '.. 4583. -Plain Red Flannel 27^84. -Plain Red Flannel, medium 3085. .Plain Red Flannel, fine 3586-. Plain Red Flannel, extra 4587. -Plain White Flannel '.'..." 2588. -Plain White Flannel, good 30


    Numbers. Wool Flannels continued. Per yard.

    89. .Plain White Flannel, medium 3590.. Plain White Flannel, extra 409I-. Mixed Shaker Flannel 2592. .All Wool Shaker Flannel 5093.. Black and White Plaid Flannel, for shirting 4094..Wilson's Fancy Plaid Flannel 37^95. -Black and Red Plaid Flannel, manufactured

    by the Xenia, Clay Co. , 111., Woolen Mills 37>^96..Red and Black Plaid Flannel, i yard wide 3397_. Extra Heavy Plaid Flannel, Western made. 4098. .Gray Twilled Flannel 2799. -Gray Twilled Flannel, medium quality 32^100.. Gray Twilled Flannel, extra quality 40I0i_-Blue Twilled Flannel, medium quality 40102. -Blue Twilled Flannel, extra quality 1 47^I03--Printed Opera Flannel 32>^104.. Plain Opera Flannel, red, blue or buff 45105. -Plain Yellow Flannel _-. 25106- . Plain Yellow Flannel, good 30I07-. Plain Yellow Flannel, medium 35108- -Plain Yellow Flannel, extra 40109.. Assabet French Plaid Flannel, for children's

    wear, in blue, pink and scarlet plaids.- 55I lO- - Plaid Linsey, medium quality 15I II-. Plaid Linsey, good quality, new design 18II2- -Plain and Plaid Linsey, in green and crim-

    son colors 20

    COTTON FLANIVELS.1 50.. Unbleached Cotton Flannel I2>^1 5 1.. Unbleached Cotton Flannel, good article- 16,152-. Unbleached Cotton Flannel, extra quality 20153.. Bleached Cotton Flannel 14!,^154. .Bleached Cotton Flannel, heavy twilled.. 18155. .Bleached Cotton Flannel, double weight.. 22^)^156-. Slate Colored Cotton Flannel, full value.. 15157.. Brown Colored Cotton Flannel, full value 151 58 --Plaid Cotton Flannel.. 15


    DRESS GOODS.W dealre to call the attention of the public w) our

    BLACK DIAMOND BRAND OF ALPACASbelieTlng them to be iupeiior In fabric, luster and shade to

    any heretofore offered In this market. We are the sole ira-ponerg of the above named brand


    Nnmber Price per yard.168- -Black Alpaca, Black Diamond Brand, Xo, 25i69--Black Alpaca, Black Diamond Brand. Xi, 28170. -Black Alpaca, Black Diamond Brand, Xa, 32 J^171 --Black Alpaca, Black Diamond Brand, X4, 401 72 --Black Alpaca, Black Diamond Brand, X6, 501 73.. Black Alpaca, Black Diamond Brand, X8, 55174-. Black Alpaca, Black Diamond Brand, Xir, 60180- -Colored Alpaca, double-fold, in garnet,

    slate, green and brown 3^}4181 -.Japanese Striped Poplins, good style 17^182 --Fancy Poplin Dress Goods, bargains 15i83--Plaid Dress Goods, neat thing ,,,.-. 30

  • 13 lI0NT\5OMERY WARD A CO. S

    Numbers. Dress Goods continued. Pnce per yard.

    184. .Fancy Plaid Dress Goods, stylish 27^1 85.. Striped Poplins, desirable shades 21^^i86-_Gray Dress Goods, plain & striped, desiiable 20i87--Mohair Dress Goods, plain colors 37K1 88 __ Double-fold Poplins, Spring shades, rich and

    desirable 37189. .Empress Cloth, in all shades, suitable for

    old and young, very cheap at 42%190.. All Wool Double-fold -Plaid Dress Goods.

    good styles 45I Ql . . Colored Alpacas, all shades, single-fold 2 1 >^192, .Persian Cord Alpacas, all shades, single fold 25193-.Japanese Silk Stripes, good goods 33194. .Japanese Silk Patterns, plain colors, 6 yards

    long and i}^ wide Imported only inthe abore named lengths, per pattern. _ 6 00

    195. .Tycoon ReiJS,lor wrappers and dres'g gownsfrom 20 to 25 cts., acccording to quality

    196. .Pacific Merinos, brown, bl'k. green and slate 46197.. Cashmeres, new and desirable shades 42 ^-i195.. French Merinos, all wool, heavy and fine.. 70199.. Extra Fine French Merinos. 90200..Wool De Laines, in all shades 40201.. Plain Black Silks from 85 to i 00202.. Plain Black Gros Grain Silk, from I 50 to 2 25203.. Dress Linen, good anicle 30204. -Grass Cloth, different shades 18205.. Grass Cloth, different shades 15:o6. -Black Cashmere. 65207..Bbck Cashmere 7520S-. Black Cashmere, double-fold i 00209--Black Cashmere, double-fold 1 252io..Drap d'Ete, suitable for Sacquesand Polon-

    aise I 502 II. -Grenadine, plain black 402X2. -Grenadine, stripes ao; 13. -Grenadine, plain black, iron frame, double

    width ,.1 50 to 3 CQ


    WHITE GOODS.Numberf. Perymrd.350.. Victoria Lawn, good >251. .Victoria Lawn, medinm aS2^a. .Victoria Lawn, fine 30253.. Plain Jaconct,good 15354.. Plain Jaconet, medium. _ _ 32^25 5 -.Plain Jaconet, fine 2y%256. .Striped Jaconet, good ao257. .Striped Jaconet, mediom 25258. .Striped Jaconet, fine JO259. .Check Jaconet, good 30260.. Check Jaconet, medium 25261. .Check Jaconet, fine > yo262. .Bishop Lawn, plain, good .- 20263.. Bishop Lawn, plain, medium .... ..25264 -. Bishop Lawn, plain, fine 30265.. Swiss Mull, plain, good 18266.. Swiss Mull, plain, medium 3^^267. -Swiss Mull, plain, fine *7j$268.. Nainsook, striped, good 35269.. Nainsook, striped, medium 3527O-. Nainsook striped, fine 40All th above );oodB come in 10 Turdpleoea. Order M much

    ae joa desire.2'7i.-NMii'ie Marseilles or Piques, good article 20372-.^^'hite Marseilles or Piques, fine article 35273.. White Marseilles or Piques, choice article.. 35

    274-. Honey Comb Quilts, Star brand i 0027S- -Honey Comb Quilts, good size i 10276.. Bates' Crochet Quilts, 11-4 I 35277-. Colored Marseilles Quilts, good sire i 50278.. Colored Marseilles Quilts, large and heavy 3 00279- -Colored Marseilles Quilts, red and blue

    border, imported 3 002So..^^^lite Marseilles Quilts, good and sizeable i 5028i..'VN'hitc Marseilles Quilts. large and heary.. 3 002S2.-NN'hite Marseilles Quilts, fine, large & hetry

    imported ,, 2 50



    3ig..i2 Bleached Napkins 85320.. 1 2 Bleached Linen Napkins, good. i 00321.. 12 Bleached Linen Napkins, neat 1 50322.. 12 Bleached Linen Napkins, choice 2 00323., 12 Bleached Linen Napkins, elegant pat'rns 2 75324.. 12 Turkey Red Napkins, neat patterns 925^325. .12 Linen Doyles 60326. -12 Linen Dovles - 75

    Wc do nut Bcll less than one dozen napkins.


    335 --All Linen Brown Crash, for towels 9336. .All Linen Brown Crash, for towels I2i^337. -AH Linen Brown Crash, for towels, twilled

    heavy and wide 16338.. All Linen Bleached Crash, for towels i2j^339 -.AH Linen Bleached Crash, for towels 17340. .All Linen Dice Toweling > I53>^

    Per doz.34 1.. Towels, colored border i cx)342..Towels, col'd border, large & heavy i 50343..All Linen Towels, col'd border, full value i 65344.. All Linen Towels, col'd border, cheap for

    the money 2 00345.-IIuckabuck Towels with gay colored bor-

    der and of good size 2 25These towels are sold by retail dealers at forty cents each.

    346-_All Linen Damask Towels, extra fine 4 00347-. All Linen Towels, extra heavy and large 2 50348. .All Linen Honey Comb Towels 3 cx>34g--All Linen Damask Towels, heavy and fine 3 50350-.AII Linen Damask Towels;ex. fine & heavy 4 00

    DIAPER.359--Fine Dice Diaper, 10 yards each-. / T21J360. -Fine Dice Diaper, 10 yards each, wide i 25

  • CATALOOUK. 15Nombers. Diaper contlnaed. Per piece.361. .Linen Diaper, good, 10 jrards each i 35362.. Linen Diaper, medium quality, 10 yds. each i 55363.. Linen Diaper, fine, wide, 10 yards each... I ^S364.. Linen Diaper, extra fine, 10 yards each 2 00365.. Linen Diaper, extra fine and heavy, 10 yds. 2 40366.. Linen Diaper, extra fine, wide and heavy 2 75

    TABLJB L.1JVENS. Per yard.369. -Table Damask. 27)^370. -Heavy Table Linen, half bleached 37^^371 --Dice Table Damask, all linen, half bleached- . 40372- -Dice Table Damask, all linen, half bleached.. 50373--Bleached Table Linen, full value 55374. -Bleached Table Linen, neat design 65375--Bleached Table Linen, choice pattern 75376-.Two (2) Brown Linen Table Cloths, only

    in pairs per pair I 25377--TWO [2] Brown Linen Table Cloths, only

    in pairs, medium size, for l 65378 --Two [2] Brown Linen Table Cloths, only

    in pairs, large size_

    3 00379- -Real Turkey Red Table Damask, per yard 80380- -Imported Turkey Red Table Damask, fast


    400--Irish Linen, good quality 30401. -Irish Linen, fine quality 40402-. Irish Linen, extra quality 50403. .Irish Linen, superfine quality 60404-. Irish Linen, extra superfine 70

    LADIES' HANDKERCHIEFS.409-. Ladies' Hem-stitched Hdkfs 75410-. Ladies' Hem-stitched Hdkfs, good I 0041I-. Ladies' Hem-stitched Hdkfs, belter i 504I2--Ladies' Linen Hem-stitched Hdkfs 4.. S c4I3--Ladies' Linen Hem-stitched Hdkfs, good

    quality 2 504i4..Ladies| Linen Cambric Hdkfs, not hemmed 90415. -Ladies' Linen Cambric Hdkfs, not hemmed I 00416.. Ladies' Linen Cambric Hdkfs. not hemmed i 2541 7- -Ladies' Linen Cambric Hdkfs, not hemmed i 50

  • 16 MONTGOMERY WABD A CO.'SNumbers. Ladles' Hdkfs continued. Per doz


    418-. Ladies' Linen Cambric Hdkfs, not hemmed 2 00419.. Ladies' Linen Cambric Hdkfs, not hemmed 2 50, GENTS' HANDKERCHIEFS.

    424-. Gents' Hdkfs, hemmed- 85425 -.Gents' Hdkfs, hemmed i co426.. Gents' Hdkfs, hemmed, linen i 50427.. Gents' Hdkfs, hemmed, linen 2 00428. .Gents' Hdkfs, hemmed, linen 2 504 29. -Gents' Lawn Hdkfs, not hemmed 55430.. Gents' Turkey Red Hdkfs, not hemmed i 60431. -Gents' Turkey Red Hdkfs, not hemmed.-. 2 00

    Yelveteen, Farmeri' Satin, tc.Per yard.

    440. . Black Silk Finished Velveteen 7544i..Brk Silk Finished Cloaking Velvet'n, heavy i 00442-. Colored Velveteens, in garnet, blue, purple

    and brown 80443-. Farmers' Satin, black 35444. .Farmers' Satin, black - 50445. .Farmers' Satin, black 65446.-Silecias, all colors 15

    niEN'S AND BOYS' lYEAR.459. -Corded Cottonades, heavy and nice stripes 23460.. Farmers' and Mechanics' Double and Twist

    Cottonade 24461..York Double and Twist Cottonade 323^462-.Check Cottonade, for boys' wear 17463-. Nankeen, plain 16464. .Striped Nankeen 16465. .Check Nankeen - _ 16466. .Twilled Nankeen 18467..Thorndale Fancy Cassimere 30468 --Jones' Plain and Fancy Double and Twist

    Cassimere 35469-. Kentucky Jeans 12470. -Kentucky Jeans, all colors, excepting blue-. 18470^. -Kentucky Jeans, all colors except blue 25471.. Doeskin Kentucky Jeans, all colors except blue 35472.. Kentucky Jeans, extra ouality, all colors.. 37^473.. 10 ounce Jeans, Ohio Mills, extra heavy 45474. -Plain Satinets, good value 30

  • CATALOQUB. HNumbers. Men's and Boys' Wear continued. Per yard.

    475- -Plaid Satinets, good quality 40476.. Striped Satinets, good quality 40477..Cassimere 50478..Cassimere, all wool 60479-. All wool Tweeds, Western manufacture 6048o--Cassimere, all wool - 7548i..Cassimere, all wool 85482.. Cassimere, all wool i 00483-. Cassimere, all wool i 25484..('assimere, all wool, Western manufacture i 35485.. English Cassimere, all wool, extra heavy,

    good style _ i 50486- -Union Beaver Cloth, black, double width,

    a good article I 40487. -Union Beaver Cloth, black, double-widih,

    a good article i 75488.. Fine West-of-England Black Broadcloth,

    double-width 3 00489.. Fine West-of-England Blue Broadcloth,

    double-width 3 00490. -Washington Mills Beaver Cloth, for over-

    coats, double-width, all wool, heavy andfine, in blue and black only 2 87^

    491.. Linen Drill, for pants.. _ 22)^^492 --Striped Linen Drill, for pants 25493.. French Canvas, for pants and coat lining 22^494--Black Doeskin i 2549S--Black Doeskin I 63^^496--Black Doeskin, imported--- i 75497..West-of-England black Doeskin 2 50DoeokinR are ^ame width as Casaimeree and suitable fur

    pante and veel only.All of our cloths and casslmeres are selected with mnch

    care; bonght of flrnt hands, and are cheap for the money;strong and fine In texture, and desirable in ptyles.MEN'S WHITE SHIRTS AND SHIRT FRONTS.525 --Men's, White Shirts, made of fair bleached Each.

    muslin i 25526- -Men's White Shirts, better made, and better

    muslin i 50527- -Men's White Shirts, made of good white

    muslin 1 75

  • 18 MONTGOMERY WARD & CO.'SNambers. Shirts and Shirt Fronts continued. Perdo.528- -Men's "White Shirts, well made and sub-

    stantial 2 00529--Shirt Fronts per dor. i 50530_. Shirt Fronts * 2 00531-. Shirt Fronts- 2 50532. -Shirt Fronts -.- 3 00533-. Shirt Fronts 4 00In ordering Shirts give size of neclc. 527 and 528 are in two

    styles, open front or behind; t>25 and 526 only open in front.

    WOOL.E9I BLANKETS. Per pair.549.. Colored Blankets -*.- i 60550. -Colored Blankets i 80551. -Colored Blankets 2 30552--Colored Blankets 2 65553-. Tinted Blankets 3 00554- -Good White Blankets, large size 4 25555--Fine White Blankets, large size 5 00556.. Extra Fine White Blankets, large size 6 50557- -Horse Blankets, buckles & straps complete,

    each 1 55558--Horse Blankets, with buckles and straps,

    complete, an excellent article-: i 75


    565 -.Black Mixed Waterproof, double-fold 75566.. Black Mixed Waterproof, double-fold^ ser-

    viceable article 90567. -Gold Mixed Waterproof, double-fold, guar-

    anteed to please 90568--Green Mixed Waterpwroof, double-fold i 10569. -Plain Blue Waterproof, double-fold i 25570-- Ladies' Cloth, all wool, in brown, drabs

    and slates, double-fold i 10S1I4WLS.

    ^ Each579- -Children's Wool Shawls, 35x35 40580.. All Wool Shawls for children, or Shoulder

    Shawls, 35x35 - 60581..All Wool Shoulder Shawls, good style,40x40 i 00582--Heavy Double Shawls, in plaids, 63x126-, 3 50

    We have but one price.

  • CATALOQUB. Numbr*. ShawU cooUnued.


    583 Fall River Fancy Plaid Double Shawls,63x126 oV-;- ^


    c8i Fall River Brown Plaid Double Shawls,^

    63x126 - -- - 4 50

    c;85 Fall River Gray Plaid Double Shawls,63xi 26 4 5

    cS6 Brown, Drab and Mourning Double Shawls,63x126 4 00

    587 .Reversible Striped Shawls.i 75

    S88.. Reversible Striped Shawls .--..-------- 200

    c8q Reversible Striped or Plaid all wool Shawls 2 50

    590.. Reversible Striped or Plaid all wool Shawls,

    high and sombre colors 3 5

    591.. Fine Ottoman Striped Shawls, both sides

    alike, in beautiful shades 4 5

    C92 Fine Ottoman Striped Shawls, both sides

    alike, elegant design, in colors suitable

    for either old or young 5 00

    C93 Black Thibet Shawls, wool fringe 2 75

    CO I Fine Black Thibet Shawls, wool fringe..-- 3 ^5

    cq5'"Superfine Black Thibet Shawls, wool fringe 5 00

    .;q6 Black Thibet Shawls, with silk fringe ----- 300

    CQ7 Black Thibet Shawls, silk fringe, fine quality 4 >

    cq8 Bl'k Thibet Shawls, silk fringe, super, quality 5 00

    C99".Broche Shawls from 5 00 to 25 00

    600- -India Stripe Shawls, imt. Camels hair,good styles crV'"!" ^ ^

    601 --India Stripe Shawls, imt. Camel s hair, tineand neat styles .-- 5 5

    602- -India Stripe Shawls, imt. Camel's hair,

    extra fine ^ 5

    IIOJ^IERY.620 12 pairs Ladies' White Cotton Hose for-., i 00

    621 12 pairs Ladies' White Cotton Hose for--. 1 50622 12 pairs Ladies' White Cotton Hose for... 2 00

    623 12 pairs Ladies' White Cotton Hose for... 2 50624 .12 pairs Ladies' White Cotton Hose for... 3 00

    62S--I2 pairs Ladies' White Cotton Hose for... 4 00626-. 12 pairs Misses' White Cotton Hose, iizes

    from 4 to A'A. ior ^ ^

    We keep all the goods we quote on hand.

  • 20 MONTGOMERY WARD & CO.'SNumbers. Hosiery continued.

    627.. 12 pairs Misses' White Cotton Hose, sizesfrom 5 to 53^, for I 25

    628-. 12 pairs Misses' White Cotton Hose, %izesfrom 6 to 71^, for i 50

    629.. I2r pairs Misses' White Cotton Hose, size 4,for I 20

    630.. 1 2 pairs Misses' White Cotton Hose, size4K. for I 35

    631.. 12 pairs Misses' White Cotton Hose, size 5,for I 50

    632.. 12 pairs Misses'White Cotton Hose, size $3^,for. - I 60

    633.. 12 pairs Misses'White Cotton Hose, size 6,for I 75

    634. . 12 pairs Misses'White Cotton Hose, size 6}4,for -...-.- I 85

    635..i2pairsMisses'WhitefJottonHose,size7,for 2 00636 - . 1 2 pal rs M isses' White Cotton Hose, size "]}{>

    for 2 15

    637.. 12 pairs Children's Balmoral fancy stripedCotton Hose, sizes i to 4, for i 25

    638- -12 pairs Children's Balmoral fancy stripedCotton Hose, sizes i to 4, for i 50

    639.. 12 pairs Misses' Balmoral fancy striped Cot-ton Hose, size 5, for - 2 75

    640- -12 pairs Misses' Balmoral fancy triped Cot-ton Hose, size 53^, for - 3 00

    641. -12 pairs Misses' Balmoral fancy striped Cot-ton Hose^ size 6, for 3 25

    642- -12 pairs Misses' Balmoral fancy striped Cot-ton Hose, size 6^, for 3 50

    643- -12 pairs Misses' Balmoral fancy striped Cot-ton Hose, size 7. for - 3 75

    644- -12 pairs Misses' Balmoral fancy striped Cot-ton Hose, size 7 3^, for 4 CO

    645--I2 pairs Misses' Balmoral fancy striped Cot-ton Hose, size 8, for 4 5o

    646-. 1 2 pairs Misses' Balmoral fancy striped Cot-ton Hose, size 83.^, for 5 00

    Ooj goods are bougbt direct from tbe mapufacturerB. y

  • CATALOQUB. Numbers. Hosiery continued.

    647. -12 pairs Children's Balmoral fancy stripedWool Hose, sizes I to 4, for i 05

    648-. 12 pairs Children's Balmoral fancy stripedWool Hose, sizes i to 4, better, for i 25

    649. -12 pairs Children's Balmoral fancy stripedWool Hose, sizes 5 to 7, for i 50

    650--12 pairs Ladies' Colored Merino Hose for.. 2 00'65 1.. 12 pairs La,dies' White Merino Hose for... 2 CX)652- -12 pairs Ladies' White Ribbed Cotton Hose

    for I 50653- -12 pairs Ladies' All Wool White or Col-

    ored Hose for 4 00654--I2 pairs Ladies' All Wool White or Col-

    ored Hose for - 5 00655- -12 pairs Men's Brown Cotton half Hose for 60656- -12 pairs Men's Brown Cotton half Hose for i 00657. -12 pairs Men's Brown Cotton half Hose for I 25658--12 pairs Men's Brown Cotton half Hose,

    double heel, for i 5659-. 12 pairs Men's British half Hose 2 00660--12 pairs Men's Super-stout Brown Cotton

    half Hose, sizes 9, g}4, 10, io>g, and 11inches, for 3 00

    661--12 pairs Men's medium quality Brownmixed half Hose for i 25

    662- -12 pairs Men's medium quality Blue mixedhalfHosefor i 25

    663--I2 pairs Men's double heel Blue mixed halfHosefor i 50

    664--12 pairs Men's double heel Brown mixedhalfHosefor i 50

    665-. 12 pairs Men's Wool Socks for i 50666. -12 pairs Men's Wool Socks 2 00667. -12 pairs Men's Shaker Wool Socks 4 00663-. 12 pairs Men's extra heavy, regular made,

    double heels and toes, all wool socks, for 4 50669. -12 pairs Men's extra heavy, regular made,

    -brown and blue mixed cotton half hose,perdoz 2 00

    Dnr Ptock of hosiery Ib complete, and every Ptyle offeredwin be found well worth tbo money we ak. Trice*, of course,

  • M MONTGOMERY WARD & CO.'Sjfovern the quality. Order as many pairs of any or all kindsas you wish, and we will guarantee to please you.lABIES' OLOYES ANO MITTENS.

    Numbers. Per pair.700. - Ladies' good quality two button Kid Gloves,

    in all shades and colors, excepting blue,green and white, sizes from 5^ to 8 lOO

    7oi_. Ladies' two button Kid Gloves, in white,green and blue, sizes from 53^ to 7)^-- I 50

    702- -Ladies' Lisle Thread Gloves, assorted shades 20.703 --Ladies' Lisle Thread half Gauntlets, assort-

    ed shades - _ 25704- -Ladies' Lisle Thread Gauntlets, fine and

    desirable 45705 --Ladies' Berlin Fleece-lined Gloves, assorted

    colors _ 20706- -Ladies' Berlin half Gauntlets, Fleece-lined,

    assorted colors 25707-. Ladies' Berlin Fleece-lined Gauntlets.assort-

    ed colors, neat and durable 457o8. -Ladies' Kid Mitts i 00709- -Ladies' Kid Mitts, fur tops - i 25710- -Ladies' Buck Gauntlets % i cx)71 1 --Ladies' Fancy Mitts and Gloves, velvet or

    cloth back, very stylish and'durable i 507i2--Ladies' Kid Driving Gauntlets i 25Ladies ordering gloves, especially Kids, should always give

    the size and color desir^'d. To determine your size, measureclosely around the band just below the knuckles and underthe thumb. We have in stock Ladies' Kid Gloves at seventy-five cents per pair, good as usually retailed for one dollar.GENTS' OLOTES AND MITTENS.

    729. -I pair genuine Kokomo Buck Gloves for., i 00730-.2 pairs Gents' imt. Buck Gloves for,- i 2573 1 -.2 pairs Gents' cloth back, imt. Buck faced

    Glove, for ,-,>- i 35732. -I pair Gents' Fur tipped Dog Skin Gloves,

    lined, for 75733- -2 pairs Gents' Gauntlets, Patney faced

    hands, for I 50734--2 pairs Gents' Gauntlets, Imt. Buck i 50735.. I pair Wichita Buck Gloves, heavy, per pair i 25736- -I pair genuine Buck Gloves, good quality, for I 50

  • CATALOQUll. MNumbers. Gents' Gloves and MitCens continued.737-. I pair genuine Buck Gauntlets, the best, for i 65738.-2 pairs Boys' imt. Buck Gloves for i 00740. . 1 pair Gents' Buckskin Mitts I 15741--I pair Gents' genuine Buckskin Mitts I 50742- -I pair Gents' Kid Gloves, size 8 to 10, all

    colors, per pair I 25743- - 1 pair Men's Sheepskin Gauntlet Mitts.wool-

    lined, leather-faced hands, per pair 90744- -I pair Boys' Sheepskin Gauntlet Mitts,wool-

    lined, leather-faced hands, per pair 65WICKS, TWl]>fES, ETC.

    750.. 12 doz. Kerosene Wicks, small size, for 55751--12 doz. Kerosene Wicks, med. size, for-.. 65752--12 doz. Kerosene Wicks, large, for i 25753--Candle Wicks, 8 balls to the lb., per lb 35754-. Wool Twine, per lb 12755 --Bag Strings, per lb 4.S

    KMITTINO COTTON. Per pound.760- -White Knitting Cotton, Nos. 6, 8, 10, 12, 14

    and 16 65761 --Dark Blue Knitting Cotton, Nos. 8, 10,

    12, 14 and 16 75762- -Blue and White mixed Cotton, Nos. 8, lo,

    12, 14 and 16 75All the above are put up by the manufacturer in 2 pound boxen,and 8 balls to the pound. Order & much aa you wish.

    WOOL. YAKN. Per pound.764. -Common Blue Mixed Yarn 60765--Medium Blue mixed Yam 75766- -Good Blue mixed Yam 90767-. Choice Blue mix. Yam. lone; staple scoured ' '5768. -White Wool Yam, good article I 00769- -While Wool Yam, fine and long staple I 15770. -Scarlet Wool Yarn, medicated dye I 40771 -.Fancy Balmoral Yarn I 35Domestic wool yarn* are pat np In 6 pound bundles, from 4

    to 8 xkeius to the pound We sell them at mttnufacturers'weight, and as much a^ yon winh.

    LADIKS' SKIKTS AND UNDERWEAR.779-. Felt' Skirt... . 1 CX5780. .Ladies' Balmoral Skirts, serviceable, each., i 0078 1 . -Printed Felt Skirts, each I 25

  • 4 MONTGOMERY WAIID A CO. '8Numbers. Ladies' Underwear continued. Per yard.782- -Embossed Felt Skirts, good and stylish, each i 75783 --Ladies' Printed Grass Cloth Skirts, each.


    757S4-.2 Ladies' White Six Tuck Skirts for i 00785. .Ladies' White Fine Tuck Skirts, each i 25786- -Ladies' White Cotton Drawers, per pair..


    75787..Ladies' White Cotton Drawers, fine, per pair i 25788- -Ladies' Night Dresses, each 75789--Ladies' Night Dresses, fine and well finished,

    each I 25790- -Ladies' Chemises, each 75791 --Ladies' Chemises, fine and well made, each i 25792- -Ladies' White Merino Wrappers, each. ... 75793 --Ladies' White Merino Drawers, per pair.


    75794. -Ladies' White Merino. W^rappers, each. .


    i 00795-. Ladies' White Merino Drawers, per pair.


    i 00796. -Ladies' White Merino Wrappers, each. .


    i 20797-_Ladies' White Merino Drawers, per pair.


    i 20

    OU^VTS' SHIRTS AND DRAWERS.8o2--2 Gents' Orange Colored Undershirts for.


    90803- -2 pairs Gents' Orange Colored Drawers, for 90804- -2 Gents' Orange Colored Ribbed Shirts for i 25805 - - 2 pairs Gents' Orange Col'd Ribbed Drawers

    for I 25806- -2 Gents' White Undershirts, for i 25807 . . 2 pairs Gents' White Drawers for i 25808-.2 Gents' White Merino Undershirts for ... 2 00809.. 2 pairs Gents' White Merino Drawers for.


    2 00810--2 Gents' Gray mixed Undershirts for 9081 1 --2 pairs Gents' Gray mixed Drawers for 908 1 2- -2 Gents' Gray mixed Undershirts for i 50813-.2 pairs Gents' Gray mixed Drawers for. ... i 50814-. Gents' Fancy Union Overshirt, each i 008i5--Gents' Belknap Wool Overshirts, each... i 258 16- -Gents' All Wool Diagonal Overshirts, each i 75Sry.-Gents' Cotton Diagonal Overshirts, each.


    758i8--Gents' Plain Cassimere Overshirts, each... 2 008i9--Gents' Gray Flannel OveilShirts, each i 00820- -Gents' double knit Jackets, each i 2582i--Gents'All Wool knit Cardigan Jackets, each i 75822. .Men's Cotton Checked Shirts 65

  • CATALOGUE. S6Numbers. Gents' Bhirt8 and Drawers continaed.823-. Men's Cotton Checked Shirts 90824-. Men's Hickory Shirts 65825. -Men's Hickory Shirts 90826. .Men's Cheviot stripe Shirts 65827.. Men's Cheviot stripe Shirts 90828- -Men's Calico Shirts 40829- -Men's Calico Shirts 75

    NOTIO]VS AKD FANCY GOODS.837-. Cotton Inserting, Y^ in., per doz 30838. -Cotton Inserting, 3^' in., per doz 40839- -Cotton Inserting, I in., per doz 5084O- - Hamburg Edging, good, per yard 10841 -.Hamburg Edging, fine, per yard 15842. -Hamburg Edging, from i3^ to 2 in. wide,

    per yard 25843- -Hamburg Inserting, good, per yard 10844.. Hamburg Inserting, fine, per yard 15845 --Hamburg Inserting, from i}^ to 2 in. wide,

    per yard 25846. -12 Ruches for the neck for 1 00847- -Valenciennes Lace, good, per yard 15848- -Valenciennes Lace, better, per yard 20849- -12 Ladies' Linen Collars, assorted styles, for i 00850. -12 Ladies' Linen Collars, turn down, em-

    broidered edge, for I 7585 1 - . 12 Ladies' Lace Collnrs, nice, for 2 00852-. 12 Ladies' Lace Collars, pretty, for 3.0O853.. Ladies' Linen Cuffs, plain and good, per pair 25854.. Ladies' Linen Cuffs, new style, per pair..


    30855.-12 yards Cotton Edging, half inch wide, for 308s6--i2 yards Cotton Edging. }^ inch wide, for 373^857--I2 yards Cotton Edging,' I inch wide, for 50858- -12 yards Pillow Case Edging, Cotton, I inch

    wide, for 45859 ,12 yards Pillow Case Edging, Cotton, i}4

    inches wide, for 65860.. 12 yards Pillow Case Edging, Cotton, 2

    inches wide, for 85JJop.from 655 10 860 are put up In thnee to fonr dozen yard

    Piecee, We will cut in even dozen yiirdB only.

  • 96 MONTGOMERY WARD & CO.'SNumberg. Notione and Fancy Gooda continued,86 1 --German Lace Curtains, good styles and

    bargains, per pair i oo862- -German Lace Curtains, neat patterns,

    per pair 3 oo863. -German Lace Curtains, choice patterns,

    per pair 2 75These curtains are all put up in pairs by the manufacturers,

    are full lengths, and are well worth all we ask for them.866..Common Japanned Corset Clasps, 4 hooks,

    per pair 5867 -.Muslin covered Corset Clasps, 4 hooks, per

    pair 7868. -Kid covered Corset Clasps, 4 hooks, per pair 10869. .Ribbons, corded edge, all silk, in all shades,

    1 inch wide, psr piece 9087O- -Ribbons, corded edge, all silk, in all shades,

    2 inches wide, per piece , i 75Ribbons are put up 12 yards to the piece (high colors except-

    ed), manufacturers' measure. We sell ribbons by the pieceonly.

    871 - -Backgammon and Checker Board combined,book form, complete, each i 00

    872. -10 boxes Gents' Paper Collars, cloth linedbutton holes, for i 00

    873- -10 boxes Gents' Paper Collars, cloth cover,linen finish, for I 50

    874-. 10 boxes Gents' Granger Paper Collars,cloth faced, good, for i 75

    875. -Youths' Elastic Suspenders, per pair 20876. -Men's Elastic Suspenders, per pair 25877-.Men's heavy Elastic Web Suspenders,pr pair 333^8 78 --Men's Elastic Web Suspenders, good and

    strong, per pair 45879- -Alpaca Skirt Braid, in all colors or assorted,

    per dozen_ 75

    HOOKS AND EYES,882. -12 doz. Hooks and Eyes, small, for 8883- -12 doz. Hooks and Eyes, med., for, 10884. .12 doz. Hooks and Eyes, large, for 12885--i2doz. Hooks and Eiyes, best small, for.- 12886-. 13 doz. Hooks and Eyes, best med., for 18

  • CATALOQUB. TtNumbers. Hooks and Eyes continued.887.. 12 doz. Hooks and Eyes, best large, for


    888--12 doz. Hooksand Eyes, japanned, med., for 18PIXS.

    889- -I J papers of Pins, size 6, for 35890.. 12 papers of Pins, size 5, for 4089I--12 papers of Pins, size 4, for 45892-. 12 papers of Pins, size 3, for 50893.. 1 2 papers of Pins, size 2, for 55894--12 papers of Amer. Brass Pins, size 6, for 50895- -12 papers of Amer. Brass Pins, size 5, for 55896- -12 papers of Amer. Brass Pins^ size 4, for 65897- -12 papers of Amer. Brfiss Pius, size 3, for 72898- -12 papers of Amer. Brass Pins, size 2, for 82

    SHOE LACES.899--Glazed^ ^ yard long, per gross 35900-. Glazed, Ji yard long, per gross 4090i--Glazed, i yard long, per gross 45902. -Glazed, 1)4 yards long, per gross 50903--Gl&zed, 1}^ yards long, per gross 60

    ILK FRIIVGE.9 10-. Black Silk Fringe, i in. wide 15911. -Black Silk Fringe, i)4 in- wide 20912. -Black Silk Fringe, i^ in. wide 259I3--Black Silk Fringe, 2 in. wide 3091^-Black Silk Fringe, 2}^ in. wide 35915-. Black Silk Fringe, 3 in. wide 40918.. Silk Fringes, brown, slate, blue, green, 1}^

    to ^}^ in. wide, 20 cts. to 45 cts. peryard, according to width.

    UMBRELLAS AND PARASOLS.930--Gingham Parasols each 5093i--Gingham Parasols, large each 75932. -Silk Parasols each i 00933. -Silk Parasols, finished handles each i 50934- -Silk Pvasols, finished handles each 3 00935.-UmbreIia Parasols, black and brown, large 4 00936.. Umbrella Parasols, bl'k and br'n, ex. laige 5 00937.. Umbrellas, crook stick, 26 in each 65'938.-Umbrellaa, crook stick, 28 in each 75

  • 38 MONTGOMERY WARD & CO.'SNumbers. Umbrellas and Parasols continued.939-. Umbrellas^ crook stick, 30 in each 85940-- Umbrellas, crook stick, 32 in each 95941 --Umbrellas, Hercules frame, 28 in., each 1 10942- -Umbrellas, Hercules frame, 30 in., each i 25943 --Umbrellas, Hercules frame, 32 in., each i 40

    TABLE SPREAD!^.950. -Embossed Wool Table Spreads, neat design,

    each I Oo95 1..Embossed Wool Table Spreads, large and

    stylish, each i 65952- -Oil Cloth Table Covers, fancy patterns, each 50953--OilCloih Table Covers, 6 by 7 each 75954- - 5-4 Table Oil Cloth, marble pattern, per yd


    6u955 - .6-4 Table Oil Cloth, marble pattern, per yd. 70956-. 5-4 Table Oil Cloth, printed wood colors,

    per yard 50957- -6-4 Table Oil Cloth, printed wood colors,

    per yard .... 60958.. 5-4 Table Oil Cloth, plain black, per yard 35


    965--Lotta Hoop Skirts, white, 20 springs, 5 tape 50966..Lotta Hoop Skirts, white, 25 springs, 5 tape 75967--New Style Hoop Skirt, no hoop at the top 75968 --Belle Bustles, good style 25969. -Good Satin Jean Corset 45970- -Champion Corset, imported expressly for

    Moaitgomery Ward & Co 60971 . . Fine French Corsets, 48 bone & nicely nrim'd 125

    BUTTONS.980--72 dozen White Agate Shirt Buttons for...


    35981 -.72 dozen large White Agate Buttons for. .


    55982 - .^2 dozen extra large White Agate Buttons for 80983--12 dozen Pearl Shirt Buttons 75984-. 12 dozen clear Pearl Shirt Buttons. .^ i 00985- -12 dozen fine Pearl Shirt Buttons for i 25986.. 12 dozen black Horn Vest Buttons for 37^987-- 12 dozen black Horn Coat Buttons, medium

    size, for 75

  • CATALOGUB. 29Numbers. Buttons continued.

    988. -12 dozen black Horn Coat Buttons, large,for I 10

    989.. 12 dozen Horn Suspender Buttons for 15990-.12 dozen Horn Fly Buttons for 12^991.. 12 dozen l^rzss Suspender Buttons for 20992.. 12 dozen Brass Fly Buttons for 15We do not Bell less than the above quantity of battone. We

    also have In etock a full line of white and smoked pearl dreesbuttons, at bottom prices, in any quantity you desire. GiveBize of buttons wanted.

    THREAD, NEEDLES, AC.1000-- Black Linen Thread, in boxes, per box. . . 55looi.. Clark & Co.'s super. patent Linen Thread,

    420 skeins to the pound, warranted fullVeight, per lb ! i 50

    ioo2--Clark's"O.N.T."Spool Thread, in all colorsand nos., 200 yds. each (see advertisementon back cover), per doz 70

    loo3--Milward's Helix Needles, in patent wrap-pers, 40 papers to the 1,000, best in themarket (see advertisement on backcover), per I,COO I 80

    1004.. Spool Thread, 200 yards each, in all num-bers and colors, per dozen 40

    1005. -Balding Brothers'50 yard Spool Silk, assort-ed colors and numbers, per dozen 75

    Spoof black silk sized by letters, from finest, which is 000to the coarsest, F. All colored silks, letter A.ioo6_ -Clark's Pat. Linen Thread, 200 yards on

    each spool per doz. i

    BATTI>G, BAGS A>D COTTOX YAR.\.i0i5-_Medium Cotton Batts, per pound 15ioi6..Good Cotton Batts, per pound 20101 7.. Fine and clean Cotton Baits, per pound. . 22^^1018-

    -American A Seamless Bags, each 301019-. Stark A Seamless Bags, each 341020-. Carpet Warp, best white, per pound 28102 1 -.Carpet Warp, best colored, per pound 35I022-. White Cotton Yarn, best, Nos. 6, 7, 8, 9,

    10, II and 12, per pound 331023 . . Colored W^adding, per dozen 25

  • 80 MONTGOMERY WARD A CO. '8Numbers. Batting, Bags, &c., continued.1024 .

    .White Wadding, per dozen 32%

    Cotton Warp and Cotton Yarn come in 6 pound bundles.We do not sell less than a bundle. The above coJtn batts areput np in rolls of % pound and 1 pound each, manufacturer'sweight, and 50 pounds to the bale, in case jou should want toorder by thebaic. CARPETS. Per .yard.1025.. Striped Hemp Carpet, good as any other

    house in our line sell K)r 22c or 25c. ... 201026. . Best Stripe Hemp Carpet 251027. .Good Ingrain Carpet 501028. -All Wool Ingrain Carpet 751029. -All Wool Ingrain Carpet I (X1030.. Ail Wool Three-ply Carpet, new patterns,

    desirable styles i 25103 1 . -'Fluor Oil Cloths per sq. yard 501032. -Floor Oil Cloths medium. . . per sq. yard 601033 -.Floor Oil Cloths extra per sq. yard 70Mlneellaneous and Combination Lot* of No*

    tloas, Fancy Goods, dec.1040:.. I Gents' Toilet Set, containing a good

    Razor, Tooth Brush, Comb, Hair Brush,Lather Brush, Razor Strop, Shaving Boxand Soap, for i 00

    104 1.. 5 boxes Paper Collars, 3 Neck Ties andCollar Button for i 00

    1042-.3 Ladies' Scarfs, 2 Lace Collars, and I pairSleeve Buttons for .* i 00

    1043.. I Hoop Skirt, i Bustle, and i Hair Braid for i 001044. -I good Hair Brush, 2 good Rubber coarse

    Combs, and i good Rubber fine Comb for i 001045..6 fine Combs,6 coarse Combs, i Hair Brush,

    and 8 papers Hair Pins for i 001046.. 5 boxes Paper Cellars and i pair ex. Brace

    Suspenders for I 001047.. I Ostrich Plume and 3 bunches Flowers for i 001048-

    -3 Bunches fine French Flowers for i CX)1049--2 Ostrich Plumes for I 001050- . Italian Lace Veils, each. 35105 1.. Italian Lace Veils, good styles, each. 5P1 05 2.. Italian Lace Veils, stylish, each ^ 75

    Did you commence your order after sampler [See page 4.]

  • CATALOQUK. lUumUrt. Miscellaneous Goods conUnued.

    1053. -12 cakes Toilet Soap, i a papers Pins, and *10 papers Needles tor .- 100

    ""1054.- 1 Stereoscope, with walnut frame and six'

    views, all for i 25

    1055. -1 Silk Fan and 3 hemmed Hdkfs. for i 001056-.3 Linen Fans, i Leather Belt, i pair Lisle

    ' thread Gloves, for i 00i 1057. -I Ivory handle Silk Fan, with feathers, for 75'1058. -I Album with knobs and beveled edges,

    for I 00'1059.-1 Album and fancy Japan box for i 001060--I good Writing Desk, with lock, kcv, pen,

    ( paper and envelopes, complete, for i 00"1061--I Portfolio, with lock, key, pen, paper and^ envelopes, for - i 00

    ' 1062. -I Boys' Cap and 2 pairs of Suspenders for i 00 1063.. I Boys' Cap and I pair imt. Buck Gloves for i 001064- -I pair Men's imt. Buck Gloves and i pair

    Suspenders for - I 20106 5.. 2 Boys' Cloth Caps for I 00iob6--6 Ladies' Swiss Mull Ties, embroidered, for i 00

    ;1067.. 6 Ladies'Swiss Mull Bows,embroidcred, for i 501068-.3 Ladies' Fine Silk Scarfs for i 00

    TOIL.ET SOAf^S.; 1075. -4 doi. cakes good toilet Soap for i 00^1076.-3 dot. large cakes M.W,& Co/s Soap i 00107 7.. 2 doe. cakes good toilet Soap for i 001078- -I dor. large size cakes Honey Soap in paper

    boxei, per box 601079.. I tioz. large sire cakes Glycerine Soap in

    paper Iwxes, per box 60]lo8o-.i dor. large size cakes brown Winsor Soap

    in paper boxes, per box 60o 1081. -I dot. large size cakes Rose Soap in paper

    boxes, per box 60; I06a..3 doz. cakes, large size, Honey Soap inL wood boxes, per box I 50J..1083..3

  • 32 MONTGOMERY WARD CO.'BNumbere. Soaps continued.1064.

    -3 doz. cakes, large size, Rose Soap inwood boxes, per box i 50

    1085-, 3 doz. cakes, large size, assorted Soapia wood boxes, per box i 50

    ^^5}4--3 doz. cakes, large size, glycerine Soap,in wood boxts, per box i 50

    STAT1013RY.io86_ .120 sheets good Commercial Note Paper for 27%1087.. 120 sheets good Letter Paper for 601088- -120 sheets heavy Letter Paper for 851089.. 1 20 sheets Legal Cap Paper for 901090. .120 sheets Foolscap Paper for 901091.. 250 white Envelopes, 5 in., for- 551092. .250 white Envelopes, 5 in., extra quality.. 801093. .250 white Envelopes, 6 in., for , 751094.. 250 white Envelopes, 6 in., extra quality. _ i 001095.-250 canary colored Envelopes, sin., for.. 551096. -250 canary col'd Envelopes, 5 in., ex qual. 70:097-.250 canary colored EnveIoj>es, 6 in., for.. So1098- .250 canary col'd Envelopes, 6 in., ex. qual. 90

    HATS AND CAPS. Each1 150. -Regulation P. of H. Hat, all wool, nvanu-

    factured expressly for us (see cut) i 251 15 1.. Gents' Hats, assorted styles i 001 1 52-.Gents' Wool Hats i 001 1 53. -Gents' fine Hats i 25ii54-.Ge^nts' Hats, good style.--- .- - i 501 155. jGents' Hats, extra fine 2 501156. -Boys' Wool Hats - 50


    1 157.. Boys' fine Wool Hats - 751 1 58 --Boys' New Style Hats i 001159. -Boys' Caps 5ii6o--Boys' fine Cloth Caps 751 1 61 -.Boys' Winter Caps, with ear-laps I 00ii62--Gents' Clotii Caps 751163.. Gents' fine Cloth Caps i 251164-. Gents* Winter Caps - , I 25X165-. Men's Canada Straw Hats 25II66-. Men's Straw Hats, white and colored--.- 751 167.. Men's extra Straw Hats, white and colqred I 00ll68-.Men'8 Panama Hats _ - I >5

  • CATALOGUE. 88Hats and Caps continued.


    Manufactured and sold only by Montgomery Ward & Co.Price $1.^5 each.

    Numbers. FURS. Per set.1 1 75 -.Dark striped imt. Mink Muff and Cape.. 5 001176. -Dark striped Alaska Mink Muff and Cape 4 50I177.. Genuine striped Mink Muff and Boa 15 00Ii78--Gfnuine striped Mink Muff and Boa, fine 18 00li79..Genuinestriped Mink Muff andBoa, extra 22 00Ii8i..lrat. Ermine Muff and Boa, fpr children I 50ii82..Init. Ermine Muff and Boa, for children 2 50Ii83-.lnu. Ermine Muff and Boa, for misses. _ 6 00li84--Imt. Seal Muff and Boa, looks like genu-

    ine, takes a good judge to tell themfrom those that are worth $40.00 8 00

    II 85 -.Men's Fur Collars, from 1. 50 to 3 00li86-.Mei*s Fur Driving Gloves, from 2.50 to 5 00I187-. Men's imt. Seal Caps, from 3. 00 to 5 00Ii88.-Lad,es' Cooney Sets, Murt and Collar 5 00

    P. OF H. REGALIAS.;ISOO..I Ladies' Apron and Sash, made of good

    jbleached cotton, for 40

  • 34 MONTGOMERY WARD A CO. '8Numbers. P. of H. Regalias continued,

    I20I--I Gents' Pouch, stamped with plow, and iSash, made of XXXX York twilled nan-keen, for --*. 50

    The ladies' set? are well made aiidbonnd with crimson braid.Tha ?entb' pouches are double and well stitched; the sashesare full length, double and bound alike on both sides. Theyhave given perfect satisfaction to every Grange that has re-ceived them.


  • CATALOGUE, 86Numbers. Boots and Shoes continued. Per pair.1238. -Ladies' Serge lace high cut lipped Gaiters i 901239- -Ladies' Gaiters, cloth tops and leather foxed 2 001 240. -Children's B Calf Shoes, metal tip'd, 4 to 6 601241-. Children's B Calf Shoes, metal tip'd, 7 to 10 901242- -Children's B Calf Shoes, metal tip'd,! I to 13 I 001243- -Children's Goat Shoes, lace, from 4 to 5.. 751244- -Children's Goat Shoes, lace, from 6 to 8.. 901245. -Children's Goat Shoes, lace, from 9 to 13- - ^ ^S1 246.. Misses' B Calf Shoes, heavy, lace, 11 to 13 i 30I247-. Misses' B Calf Shoes, heavy, lace, i to 2.. i 501248 -.Misses' Oil Goat Shoes, lace, neat finish,

    II to 13 I 401 249-. Misses' Oil Goat Shoes, lace, neat finish,

    I to 2 1 651 250.. Misses' Serge lace Gaiters, 9 to 13 i 151251. -Misses' Serge lace Gaiters, i to 2 i 301252- -Misses' Serge button Gaiters, neat and well

    finished, sizes g to 13 I 651253- -Misses' Serge button Gaiters, stylish and

    vi'ell finished, I to 2 2 00I254--Babies' tipped Shoes 22I255--Babies' ankle tie Shoes, patent leather 601 256- -Children's ankle tie Shoes, patent leather,

    according to size 60 bo 901257- -Children's ankle tie Morocco Shoes, no

    heel, very cheap, 2 to 5 501258- -Ladies' Morocco Slippers, sizes 3 to 7 751 259-. Ladies* carpet Slippers, sizes 3 to 7 60i26o--Ladies' Serge Slippers, sizes 3 to 7 i OO1 261 -.Ladies' fine Morocco and Goat Slippers,

    sizes 2 to 6 I 501262.. Ladies' Fancy Slippers, imt. Embroidery,

    leather foxed, per pair i 151263-. Ladies' fine Kid and Goat Slippers, very

    pretty, sizes 2 to 6 i 751 264.. Ladies' fine Kid and Goat Slippers, stylish,

    sizes 2to 6 2 251265. -Men's plow Moccasins or Shoe Packs, lace,

    without heels I 20ia66..Men's plow Moccasins or Shoe Packs, lace,

    with heels i 30

  • 36 MONTGOMERY WARD & CO 'SNumbers. Boots and Shoes contiuaed. Per pair.i267..Men's plow Moc'sins or Shoe Packs.buckles i 40I268--Men's Boot Packs, with heels 2 25i26g-_Ladies' Morocco or Cloth Buskins. i 00The following are Chicago custom made work, each and

    every pair warranted.1300-- Men's Chicago custom made, hand sided,

    Kip Boots, sizes 6 to 11 4 001 301. -Men's Chicago custom made, pegged. Calf

    Boots, sizes from 5 to 10 _. 5 501302.. Men's Chicago custom made plow Shoes,

    good and strong, 6 to 11 2 251303-. Men's Chicago custom made Calf Congress

    Gaiters, sizes 6 to II 3 501 304- -Women's Chicago custom made Calf lace

    Shoes, high cut, strong and durable, 3 to 7 2 ^25I305_-Misses' Chicago custom made Calf lace

    Shoes, always reliable, 13 to 2 1.. i 901 306- ."Women's Chicago custom made Glove Kid

    lace Shoes, sizes 2 to 6 2 50

    RUBBER CLOTHING, BOOTS AND SHOES.1 350.. Men's Rubber Sack Coats, on heavy sheet-

    ing, good article, each 2 001 35 1 --Men's Rubber Sack Coats, on heavy sheet-

    ting, extra quality, each 2 501 352-. Men's Rubber Sack Coats, on drilling, su-

    perior quality, each _ . 3 001353..Men's white Sack Rubber Coats, on heavy

    sheeting, each 2 251 354-. Officers' white Rubber Coats, on heavy

    sheeting, each 3 001 355 -.Officers' Rubber Coats, on heavy sheeting,

    good quality, each 2 751 356- -Officers' Rubber Coats, on heavy sheeting,

    extra quality, each-v 3 251357- -Officers' Rubber Coats, on drilling, fine

    finish, each 3 751358. -Officers' Rubber Coats, blue mixed, light

    brown, and cadet gray, each 4 751 359- -Officers' Rubber Coats, with cape attached,

    blue mixed, light brown, and cadet gray,eaoh - 7 50

  • CATALOGUE. 87Numbers. Rubber Clothing, Etc. continued,i36o-.Men's lorijj Rubber Leggings, on heavy

    sheeting, good quality, per pair 901 361.. Men's long Rubber Leggings, on heavy

    sheeting, extra quality, per pair I 251362. -Men's long Rubber Leggings, on drilling,

    superior quality, per pair I 381363-. Men's Rubber Overshoes, imt. sandals,

    heavy, per pair 851364. .Women's Rubber Overshoes, imt. sandals,

    substantial, per pair 60136^ -Misses' Rubber Overshoes, imt. sandals,

    10 to 2, per pair 47I366--Children's Rubber Overshoes, imt. sandals,

    6 to 9, per pair 451367.. Men's wool lined Rubber Alaska Over-

    shoes, per pair I 251368- -Women's wool lined Rubber Alaska Over-

    shoes, per pair I 151 369- -Misses' wool lined Rubber Alaska Over-

    shoes, per pair I 001370- -Men's Arctic Rubber Gaiters, with buck-

    les, per pair I 701371..Women's Arctic Rubber Gaiters, with

    buckles, per pair I 351372. -Misses' Arctic Rubber Gaiters, with buck-

    les, 10 to 2, per pair I 121^^373- 'Children's Arctic Rubber Gaiters, with

    buckles, 6 to g, per pair _. 751 374 -.Men's Rubber Boots, 16 inch leg, good as

    made, per pair 3 751375-. Men's Rubber Boots, wool lined, hip or

    long leg, per pair 4 75I.OTlII]VG.

    139O-.2 pairs D and T Cassimere Pants, for 3 001391-. I pair Union Cassimere Pants [no blue] for 3 501392.. I pair Black Satinet Pants, heavy 4 001393-.1 pair Union Cassimere Pants, good 5 OO1394.. I pair Black Doeskin Pants, good 5 501395.. I pair Black Doeskin Pants, tine 7 001396.. I pair Black Doeskin Pants, extra 8 00

  • 38 MONTGOMERY WARD & CO.'SNumbers. Clothing continued.

    1 397-. Pants and Vest of fine Union Cassimere. 6 oo1 398 --Pants and Vest of fancy Cassimere, checks

    and stripes - _ 8 001399-. Striped Velvet Vests, each- 2 50i40o.-Dbl-breasted. black, all wool Vests, each 2 501401 --Double-breasted all wool Vests, each 3 25l402..Dbl-breasted all wool Vests, very fine.ea. 4 001403- -Fancy Silk Vests

    purple, green, silver,small dot, check, black and white, blackand green, and black, each 4 25

    1404. .D & T Cassimere Suit, Sack Coat, per suit 6 501405. -Union Gold mixed or Black mixed Cassi-

    mere Suit, Frock coat, per suit 10 751406- -Black Union Cassimere Suit, single-

    breasted Sack Coat, per suit - I2CX>1407- -Union Fancy Cassimere Suit, Frock Coat,

    per suit - 12 501408- -Dark Scotch Cheviot Suit, with Frock

    Coat, per suit 13 001409. -Steel Mixed Cassimere Suit, with Frock

    Coat, per suit 13 50i4iO-_Blue Union Cassimere Suit, with single-

    breasted Frock Coat, per suit 14 501411. -Brown Doeskin Suit, Sack Coat, per suit 15 001412.. Blue Doeskin Suit, Frock Coat, per suit 15 501413. .Blue Diagonal Suit, Frock Coat, per suit 15 501414. .Gray Mixed Cassimere Suit, Frock Coat,

    per suit _ 17 501415.. Black Cloth Suit, Frock Coat, per suit 18 00i4i6..Blue Tricot all-wool Suit, with Frock

    Coat, per suit - 20 001417.. Blue Beaver Suit, Frock Coat, per suit 20 001418. .Worsted single-breasted Coat and Vest- 10 0014 19. .D and T Cassimere Coats, each 3 501420.. Union Cassimere single-breasted Sack

    Coats, each 6 50142 1.. Brown Union Cloth Frock Coats, each-, 7 501422.. Black Union Cloth Frock Coats, each._ 8 001423. .Bl'k Broadcloth Frock Coats,very fine, ea. 15 001424. .Blue Broadcloth Frock Coats,very fine,ea. 15 50

  • CATALOGUE. Numbers. Clothing contiaued.

    1 440.. Black Satt. double-breasted Sack Over-coats, each -- 6 50

    1441.. Gray Satt. double-breasted Overcoats,each 7 25

    1 442.. Gray Satt. double-breasted Frock Over-coats, each 7 75

    1443.. Blue Chinchilla double-breasted SackOvercoats, each - 8 50

    1 444.. Drab Chinchilla double-breasted SackOvercoats, each -- 9 5

    1445.. Dark Blue Washington Mills Beaverdouble-breasted Sack Overcoats, each 14 50

    1446. .Black Washington Mills Beaver double-breasted S.ick Overcoats, each. 14 50

    1448. .Fur Beaver " King William " Sack Over-coats, in dark brown and dark steelcolors, each. 17 OO

    1449. . Black, fine Beaver cloth double-breastedFrock Overcoats, each - 17 5

    1450.. Blue, fine Beaver cloth double-breastedFrock Overcoats, each 17 5

    1453. .Infantry Dress Coats, each 3 CX)

    1454. .Lined Blouses, made of Blue Army Flan-nel, each -- 1 75

    1455. .Unlined Blouses, made of blue ArmyFlannel, each 125

    1456. .2 pairs Blue Denim Overalls for 1 251457-.2 pairs Brown Denim Overalls, extra qual-

    ity, for I 501458. .2 pairs unbleached Duck Overalls for.. - 1 501459. .2 pairs Brown Duck Overalls for i 501460. .2 Blue Denim Jumpers for i 501461 . .2 Brown Denim Jumpers for i 501462. .2 Brown colored Duck Jumpers for i 501463. .2 unbleached Duck Jumpers for i 50

    In ordorinz Clothinc. be particular to fend yonr nijte.Meapure for oat aronnd the cht-Kt, just under the arms; forpantg. size around wnlct and leutrth of leg. irmitie neara. Giveyour a^e and desiribe your ceneral build, and we will, ninecase* out of ten. give you a fit. Our Cloihintt Id all offered atthe same prices that a Jobber would give to a retailer la larg9^otB. iiDd Qo man can uoderiell oii Aod make dlipa.



    1500. .Tea Spoons, silver plated per 4pz. 2 oo1501. .Table Spoons, silver plated per doz. 3 50i502,.T^hle Forks, silver plated per doz. 3 501503.. Silver Plated Drinking Cups, lined with

    gold plate, each ._:^ i 251504. .Silver platedGoblets, lined with gold plave,

    each I 251505. .Silvered Napkin Rings, per doz g. 3 1506.. Silver Plated Napkin Rings, on genuine

    white metal, per doz 7 501 507.. Coin Silver Napkin Rings, each. 2 001 9p8.. Coin Silver Fruit Knives, each. I 251509. .Plated Butter Dishes, each I 501510..1 Silk-lined Case, containing knife, fork,

    spoon and napkin ring, ail for I 00151 1.. I Silk-lined Case, containing knife, fork^

    spoon and napkin ring, better article, for 3 25

    Rogers dr Bros.'' Celebrated Extra Plated Table Goods.

    i5i2..Tea Spoons, tipped pattern, Rtfgers &Bro., per doz 3 25

    i5i3..Tea Spoons, threaded pattern, Rogers &Bro., per do/ ..:. 3 50

    i5i4-.Tea Spoons, olive pattern, Rogers & Bro.,per doz h 3 50

    I5i5.-Tea Spoons, Persian pattern, Rogers &Bro., per ^oz 3 75

    1 5 16- -Tea Spoons, lily pattern, Rogers & Bro.,per doz 3 75

    15 17. -Table Spoons, tipped pattern, Rogers &Bro., per doz.. 6 50

    1 518- -Table Spoons, threaded pattern, Rogers& Bro., per doz 7 00

    1 519- -Table Spoons, olive pattern, Rogers &Bro., per doz 7 25

    By Bending your ordere to ub you save from 40 to 100 porent., ^hlch are th profits of tbe mlddlomen.


    Numbers. Silver and Silver-plated Ware continued.

    I520--Table Spoons, Persian pattern, Rogers &Brc, per doz 7 50

    1522. -Table ^orks, tipped pattern, medium size,Rogers & Bro., per doz. 6 50

    1523. -Table Forks, threaded Pattern, mediumsize, Rogers & Bro., per doz 7 00

    1 524-. Table Forks, olive pattern, medium size,Rogers li: Bro., per doz 7*25

    1 525 -.Table Forks, Persian pattern, mediumsize, Rogers & Bro., per doz 7 50

    1 530. ^Butter Knives^ tipped pattern, bent handle,Rogers & Bro., each. 50

    1 53 1. -Butter Knives, olive pattern, flat handle,Rogers & Bro., each 65

    1532. -Butter Knives, princess pattern, flat handle,Rogers & Bro., each 65

    1 533-. Butter Knives, Persian pattern, reversedhandle, Rogers & Bro each 70

    1 534.. Soup Ladles, old style bowl, Rogers &Bro., each 2 50

    1535. .Soup Ladles, new style bowl, Rogers ABro., each. 2 75

    1 536.. Gravy Ladles, Rogers & Bro., each 75

    W(; now add to our stock, a line of RoKcrs & Broe.' celebra-ted silver plati'd Koodj*. Thc-ee jroodn are in every particularreliabli', and will stand constant use for years. We warranteach and every article of th'.ir make to be the best in themarket, and offer them at manufacturers' prices aonu'thin^jnever done before. All Spoons and Forks quoted in dozenswill not be sold in lots less than half dozens.

    Be Bnr and call on us when you are In the city. We arethoroHRhly posted as to the location of any buslnesB house inthe city, and will cheerfully jjive all information In our power.


    TABLE AlVD POCKET*CUTL.ERY.1 560. -I set white handle Knives and Forks for. i 001561..1 set black handle Knives and Forks for. i 001 562. _ I set cocoa handle Knives and Forks for. i 251563.-1 set nice, plain white handle Knives and

    Forks for 2 00A set of knives and forks consists of six knives and six


    1564.. 6 solid bone handle Dessert Knives, noForks, for 2 25

    1565-.6 solid bone handle Table Knives, no forks,for 2 50

    1 566. -6 ivory handle Knives, steel blades, noforks, for 4 50

    1 567- -6 plated handle Knives, plated blades, noforks, for 5 50

    All of ttiese knives are made of good material and neatdesign.1 568- -Two-bladed Farmers' Knives, each 401 569- -Two-bladed Farmers' Knives, each i 001 570. -Three-bladed Pocket Knives, each. 50i57i--Four-bladed, pearl handle Pocket Knives,

    each 65i572__Six-bladed, pearl handle Pocket Knives,

    each 751 573-. Ladies' neat Pocket Knives, each c,o1 574.. Ladies' fine pearl handle Pocket Knives,

    each I 001 575. -Carving Knife, Fork and Steel for 751576. -Carving Knife, Fork & Steel, good quality,

    for I 25

    WATCHES AIVI> JEWELRY.1 590-- English Verg, open face Watches, cheap,

    each 3 001 591.- Gents' Oreide hunting case Watches, each 6 00

    All errors must be reported within Ten Days after you getvonr (roods, and number of Invoice given.


    Numbers. Watches and Jewelry continued.

    1592.. Gents' Silvered hunting case Watches,each - 6 00

    1 593.. Ladies' Oreide hunting case LepineWatches, each 8 00

    1594. -Gents' Silvered imitation American Le-ver Watches, each 10 00

    1595.. Gents' Coin silver hunting case leverWatches, each 12 00

    1596.. Gents' 2 oz. Waltham Watch Co.'s silverhunting case Watches, imitation Ameri-can movement 15 ^^

    1 597-. Gents' 2 oz. Waltham Watch Co.'s silverhunting case Watch, genuine AmericanmO\'ement '. 17 00

    I598--Gents' 2 oz. silver hunting case Watch,genuine Elgin movement, fine watch fortime 19 00

    1 599-. Ladies' size solid Gold Watch, retails forI35, price 30 00

    1600.. Gents' 14 k. gold filled case Watch, imi-tation American movements 25 00

    1610.. Plain Jet Bracelets, per pair 50161 1

    --Jet Bracelets, with chased gold centre, perpair I 25

    16 1 2- -Gold plated^ flat chased Bracelets, perpair 3 5

    i6i3-.Gold plated, oval chased Bracelets^ perpair 3 75

    i6i4--Ladies' plain gold Lockets, each 1 501615-. Ladies' chased gold Lockets, each 2 501616. .Ladies' enameled gold Lockets, each 3 50161 7. -Ladies' coral and Etruscan jet Pin and

    Earrings, per set 3 ^oi6i8--L8dies' carbuncle and Etruscan gold Set

    Pin and Earrings, per set 3 001619. -Ladies' gold set Pin and Earrings, with

    oval jet centre, per set 3 25

    We are Kitting letters every day with tignatore or addretaleft off.


    Numbers. Watches and Jewelry continued.

    1620. -Ladies' fine Etruscan gold set Pin andEarrings, per set.. 4 50

    1621.. Ladies' garnet and pearl setting Pin andEarrings, very fine, per set. 5 00

    i622_ -Ladies' medallion and coral setting Pinand Earrings, very fine, per set ._ 5 00

    1623.. Ladies' plain gold set Pin and Earrings,serviceable article, per set - 6 00

    1624.. Ladies' solid gold Ear Drops, per set.. 3 001625. .Ladies' solid gold Pins* each... 3 001626- -Plain gold 14k. Ring (give size), each 2 001627. -Plain gold 14k. Ring, medium heavy (give

    size), each 3 001628- -Plain gold 14k. Ring, heavy (give size)

    each 5 001629-. Enameled Rings, good style (give size),

    each 3 501 630- -Ladies* Seal Rings, assorted styles (give

    size), each 3 5^1631-. Ladies' Seal Rings, garnet and pearl set-

    ting (give size), each 4 001632. -Ladies' and Gents' Alaska diamond clus-

    ters, ruby, moss agate, onyx, and bloodstone Rings, warranted gold, each 5 00

    i633_-Gents' silvered vest Chains, each ^ i 001634- -Gents' solid coin silver Vest Chains, each 3 001635- -Gents* solid coin silver Vest Chains,

    fancy pattern, heavy 5 001036- -Gents' Oreide, fancy pat'n, Watch Chains,

    each I 001637- -Gents* Gold plated Watch Chains, each- 2 001638. -Ladies' gold plated opera Guard Chain,

    with tassels, a very genteel affair, each 5 001639- -Gold Masonic Pins, assorted styles, each i 00

    W have a large aesortment of Trunks, Valieefl, etc., atlowest wholesale prices. We will pack your goods in them ifao instmcted.

  • OATALOGTIB. ^Numbri. Watches and Jewelry continued.

    1640..Odd Fellows' flat Pins, 3 link, each i 001641 --Odd Fellows' full enameled 3 link Pins,

    each I 251642. -P. of H. Pins from $1 25 to i 751643-. Ladies' ^^^'^ g^^^ ''o^g Chains, per penny-

    weight - - I 251644- -Ladies' go^d Opera Chains, new styles,

    per pennyweight, 14 k i 51645- -Gents' curb, cable, and many Other pat-

    terns lok. gold Chains, k per penny-weight I 15

    1646- -Gents' curb, cable, and many other pat-terns r4k. Gold Chains, per penny-weight I 25

    1647- -Gold Neck Chains, from |4 00 to 7 00

    The above Chains weigh from 20 to 40 penny-weights.

    HARNESS.1674. -Single sets Buggy Harness, machine

    made, Russia Leather Lines, blacktrimmed, per set 14 5

    i675_. Single sets Buggy Harness, good style,machine made, black trimmed, for 16 00

    1676-. Heavy Cotton web Halter, with Leather ^^trimmings, Iron Rings and Rope tie ;a good, strong, durable article, and verycheap at each 60

    SPRING BEDS.1699. -The Union Spring Bed, all sizes, complete

    order, guaranteed to suit or no sale ; besure an




    Leather Color(Patent Print).

    170.. .38 inch $1 as30 inch I So33 inch ... I 7S34 inch a 0036 inch a as


    Imitation LeatherIron bound, brass

    spring lock, rollers,tray inside, slats tippedwith brass, straps, etc.

    1701..38 inch a 1030 inch 3 3S33 inch a 6034 inch a 8s36 inch 3 10

    Be aare and call on us when you are In the city. We arethoroughly posted as to the location of every business housein the city, and will cheerfully give all information in oar_power.


    Imitation Leather.

    Iron bound, brass spn-ing lock, rollers, tray and fall intido,laUtipped with brass, Iodk straps.

    1703.. a6 inch a 00aS inch * ^5.lo inch '. a 50_M jich "; v.'. a 7534 inch ji 00

    No. 1 8QUABE TRUNKS.Cowhide Cover.

    Iron bound, brass lock, slats the whole length of trunk, rollen,straps, bottom tray, etc.


    UNION" PACIFIC, No. 2.Zinc cover, corners double iron bound, long slats, set up tray,

    rollers, etc.

    1704.. 30 inch $4 5032 inch 4 7?;34 i nch 5 00

    * GKANGER. Zinc Cover.Corners double bound with wide iron ; an extra large and very

    strong Trunk, ten wide hard wood slats the whole length of trunk,with patent corner clamps, iron bottom, corner rollers, straphinges, fine brass lock with protectors on each side of lock, slid-ing handles with iron caps, roomy, set up tray with three pocketsin front, finished in superb style, pocket Oook. Patent Iron Stay.

    7o5..3o inch fio 003a inch 10 So34 inch II 00

    .We cheerfully correct all errors.

  • CATALOQUB.EUGENIE. Imitation Leather.


    Round top, iron bound, brass lock, slats brass tipped, rollers,straps, tray and fall and large bonnet box.'7o6...^o inch 3 3$

    ii inch '. .1 5034 inch 3 7S36 inch 4 00

    OCTAGON. Imitation Leather.Corners double iron bound, slats whole length of trunk, hasp

    lock, straf>s, rollers, large covered tray, handsomely finished,bonnet box.


    Barrel stave top, corners double iron bound, hasp lock, fivestrips the whole length of trunk, sliding handles, two extra ironcentre bands, iron bottom, large tray with bonnet box. '^-


    iron stay, etc.Patent

    170S . . ,^0 inch , 6 503^ inch 7 0034 inch ,'. 7 go36 inch "8 00

    EUGENIE.Cowhide Cover.Barrel Stave top, comers double iron bound, strips the whole

    length of trunk, two extra iron centre bands, fall and tray, bonnetbox and parasol case, iron bottom, brass hasp lock and stitchedleather handles, patent iron sUy, fine finish. With heavy ironclamps. ^

  • CATALOQUB. BlEugenie.Cowhide cover, continued.

    1709. .30 inch 8 00,^2 inch 8 i,o34 inch Q 0036 inch 9 so

    EMPHE88. Leather Cover.A beautiful, thoroughly well made trunk, barrel-stave top, with

    five hard wood slats protected by heavy corners, corners doublebound with wide iron, iron bottom, fine tumbler lock with patentlock protectors, corner rollers, sliding handles with iron caps, falland tray, bonnet box, parasol and jewelry case, pocket book; allelegantly finished; patent iron stay.

    17 10.. 30 inch II $0.^3 inch 13 5034 inch 13 So36 inch 14 SO

    LEATHKB TBUNKS.(With Canvas Cover.)1715.. a6 inch 19 00i7i6..38inch ao 0017 17.. 30 inch ai 0017 18.. 33 inch aa s'79.34 inch a4 00

    We keep ezpeniee down, and give our trade the benefit ofconomy.


    VALISES.Imitation Leather.

    1720. .ao inch 1751721 .. 32 inch 2 00

    SAME STYLE AS ABOVE.-Leather Cover.1732.. ao inch 3 251723 . . 22 inch 3 50

    LEATHER PELLISSIER.-Plain, no OutsidePockets.



    Ladies' Large Basketsi qq


    Ladies' Extra Large Traveling Baskets 135

    ENAMELED CLOTH TRAVELING BAGS.'749-. IS inch, plain old style, each 651750.

    . 17 inch, plain old style, each^o

    1751.. 19 inch, plain old style, each So

    RAILROAD TRAVELING BAGhS.-Black.Enameled Cloth, Patent Frame.

    1 753.. 17 inch, each, jj

    '75.^- '9 inch, each i ,c'754- " inch, each

    , ^^

    1 755.. Shawl Straps for 40c, 60c, and 80c eachAs we have only numbered the style of the Trunks, be particu-

    lar to give number of style, number of inches long, and price,when you order. This will avoid all mistakes.

    In addition to our regular stock, we have the follow-ing leading sf)ecialties. These goods are all guaranteedas represented, and quoted at prices far below the regu-lar rates


    POCKET BOOKS) ETC.Our a.ssortinent is complete. Our limited space per-

    mits us to mention only the following ;Each.

    1 7 75 -.Leather, 4 pockets and bill holder 251 776.. Leather, 4 pockets, looking glass 401777- -Leather, 4 pockets, fancy, for ladies 50

    We keep all the good we quote on hand.

  • 54 MONTGOMERY WARD A CO.'SNumbers. Pocket Books, Etc., continued. Each.

    1778. -Leather, 4 pockets, brass mountings, forladies 75

    1 779__ Leather, 4 pockets, bill holder, stamps, R.R. tickets 75

    1 780-. Leather, fancy colors, brass fastenings andchain, for ladies i 00

    1781 --Leather, tuck, small size, good finish 801782-. Morocco, fine quality (ladies') i 001783- -Morocco, fine quality (gents') i i.^1 784-. Russia Leather, fine quality (ladies') i 15178S- -Russia Leather, fine quality (gents') i 251 786- -Calfskin Wallets, with bill holder, (extra). 851787- -Calfskin Wallets, without bill holder 651 788 --Sheepskin Wallets, with bill holder. 501 789- -Sheepskin Wallets, without bill holder 351 790-- Children's Pocket Books 15

    BILL BOOKS.Each.

    1791- -Morocco, with 3 pockets, tuck 801 792 - - Morocco, with 5 pockets, tuck 90i793-.Morocco, with 3 pockets and memorandum i 001 794- -Morocco, with dollar columns i 001 795- -Morocco, with dollar columns and currency

    pockets I 25

    nfEmoRAXDums.1 796 --Cloth bound, with pencil 251 797 - - Cloth bound, with pencil, large size 501798- -Cloth bound, brass edges, with pencil 751 799- -Leather bound tuck i 001 800- - Leather bound, long, for bills i 25

    BOOKS.All kinds of School Books. All kinds of Blank

    Books, and all other kinds of books.In ordering Blank Books, give size and number of

    quires wanted.

    We cheerfuJly answer all inquiries.


    THE UNIVERSAL.1801.. Extra family size, cogs on one end )1 802 _.XX family size, cogs on both ends f

    THE NOVELTY.1803- -Family size, curved clamps, cogs on both


    ends - 11804-. Family size, straight clamps, cogs on



    both ends JBRASS KETTLES.^ gallon size I 501814-- 4 gallon size 3 001S1S-- 6 gallon size... 5 001816.. 8 callon size -- 5 75


    1 817- -A diamond pointed gold pen, gold holderand ebony telescopic handle, the wholein a neat silver case i 00

    i8i8--The Desk Gold Pen and Holder, ebonyhandle I 00

    i8i9-.Gold plated Pencils 50

    Initial Paper and Envelopes.1820-.1 box, containing i quire paper and i bun-

    dle envelopes [white] 30i8?i--i box containing i quire paper and i bundle

    envelopes [tinted] 31I 822. .Box tinted paper and Envelopes, no initial 20Name the initial wanted,


    1823..Good quality, per doz 181 824.. Rubber Tipped, per doz 45 ^" ^5

    BOXWOOD RILES.1826.. I foot boxwood rules, each 'S1827--I foot boxwood rules, brass bound, each Ckj1828-.2 foot boxwood rules, each -o1 829.-2 foot boxwood rules, brass bound, each (*o1 830.. 2 foot boxwood rules, extra brass bound, 75

  • 66 M0NTGOMERY WARD & CO.Standard Sewing Machine Attachments and*

    Needles. All warranted the bestin the market.

    Give name of Machine; also Style,whether new or old.

    1850-.1 doz. asst. Nos. of either Singer, l^oweor Blees Needles _ for 40

    1 85 1.. I doz. asst. Nos. of either Weed, Reming-ton, Domestic, Grover & Baker, ^tna,Home, Wilson, Victor, American, HomeShuttle, Common Sense, or DavisNeedles for 50

    1852.. I doz. asst. Nos. of either New Davis,Wheeler & Wilson, or Florence Needlesfor -* - 60

    1853.. I doz. asst. Nos. Willcox & Gibbs Needlesfor------ - - - 75

    1 854. -I " New Star" Tucker, Genuine, the bestin use, for any machine -for i 00

    '855- -I Johnston Foot or Plate Ruffler, for anyMachine _ for i 75

    1856- -I Oil Can for 151857- -I set 5 widths of Hemmers and Binder for

    any Machine -for 501 858- -I Coming's Binder and French Trimmer

    (does 17 different kinds of work) for anyMachine for 75

    i8S9--i Corder, superior article, for any Machinefor- 75

    1860--I Nickel-silver Thread Cutter, for anyMachine for 20

    r86i.-i Crescent Button-hole Cutter for 15

    Needles, and Attachments for machines not namedabove, at wholesale rates.

    We can furnish most kinds of Sewing Machines ata liberal discount from retail price.

    We tiave a large stock of Boots and ShoeB. Try our custommade work. Every pair warranted.

  • te8tim:oiviai.s.

    BccretaiT's Office, Michigan State Grange,


    Schoolcraft, Mich., July 20, 1874. fEditors Grancer and Advocate, Lansing, Mich.: iHavine a little spare time in Chicatro, I called on Mont-

    gomery Ward ifc Co., at their place of bnsiness uri KiuziePtreet, for the purpose of learning more of their extent andmat-ner of doing ousinese with our order. I found the firmoccupying commodious but not expensive quarters, with ampleroom for doing an extensive business, and with a very com-filete assortment of such goods as come within the rangeofarmere' wants. A careful examination of their books andbusiness enables me to say that (njs(*7n pervades every depart-ment of the business of this, the pioneer firm in supplyingfarmers with goods at wholesale prices. 1 was shown numerousletters from Patrons indicating a flattering business confidencein the firm, and general satisfaction. Having known thegentlemen of this firm for some years, I am satisfii;d of theirreliability, and believe thev will spare no pains to satisfy theircustomers and make honorable amende for any mistakes thatmav occur in the course of business.with me. the "good of the order" is the object of first and

    vital importance ; and while 1 believe that we should eujlporthme merchants and home int'rests in every locality in pre-ference to any other, I at the earae time b

  • Office of Sec^y of the County CouncI] of Patrons )of HuBoandry, VaiiBuren Co., Iowa. V

    Winchester, June 4, 1874. )Messrs. Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, His.


    Dear Sirs:You will find enclosed post office money order for $44.64,

    being the amonnt dne your firm for dry goods phipped to meMay 27. as per invoice No. 2685. Good? quite satisfactory, andyorf will no donbt receive another order from me soon. Acceptthanks for past favors.

    Yours trnly,Roes Caxhoun,

    Sec'y VanBuren County Council P. of HWinchester, Iowa, July 7, 1874.

    Messrs. Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago. Gents.:You ean make upe of the above If you see proper. I also

    take pleasure in saying the members of Franklin Grange, No.T26. obtained gods or your firm amounting in the aggregateto 119 73-100 dollars, and that they were as represented; andwe were highly gratified at the prompt and business-like man-ner In which our orders were filled. Please send us some cir-culars soon as issnt^d.

    Very respectfully,Ross Calhoun,

    Sec'y VanBuren County Council P, of H,

    New Charabersburg, Columbiana Co., Ohio, April 18, 1874.Messrs. Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago. Gents.:The goods you sent me arrived at Bayard in good condition,

    and gave first rate satisfaction. "Well done, good and faith-ful servants I"

    With respect, yours,JOSBPH ASPBT.

    New Chambereburg, Ohio. July 6, l874.Messrs. Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago. Gents.


    You are at perfect liberty to publish my letter of April 18,1874. When you get your new Catalogues ready, do not for-get to send some to this neighborhood.

    With respect, yours,Joseph Aspet.

    Flowerfield, Mich., June 7, 1874.Messrs. Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago.

    Gentlemen:Goods as per Invoice No. 2.n. . received; parties well satisfied.

    These goods having given such perfect satisfaction, you mayexpect heavier orders from us soon.

    Yours tndy,O. jr. Garkison.

    Sec. Flowerfield Grange, No. 195.Flowerfield, Mich, July T, 1874.

    Meserfl. Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicaiio.Gentlemen


    My lotto? to you of June 7th ie at your dlsposftl; use it pa

  • you please. I would say, part of the goods, after paying allcharges, cost us about one-half the retail price hre.

    Yours truly,O. W . Gabribon,

    Sec. Flowerfleld Grange, No. 196.

    Onawa City, Monona Co., Iowa, May 28, 1874.Montgomery Ward & Co., Cnicago. Sirs:The package of .carpeting came to hand in good order. Was

    well pleased with the quality, colors and figures. The carpethas been very much admired.

    Yours respectfully,Mbs. W. L. Rme.

    Onawa City, Monona Co., Iowa, July B, 1874.Mespre. Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago.

    Gentlemen:Yours of July 3d at hand, and In answer would say I have no

    objections to your publishing my letter dated May 28th, 1874.Yours respectfully.

    Mrs. W. L. Rins.

    Russell, Lucas Co., Iowa, May 2

  • which please render receipt. I have another bill under way,Boon aa sufficiently large, I will send forward. Hoping thesame busineBS relation may long continue between us,

    I remain, yours fraternally,Aaron F. Page,

    Agent for PoweBheik Grange, No. 633.

    Searsboro, Iowa, July 4, 1874.Meser^ Montgomery Ward & Co. Dear Sire:You are welcome to uee my letter to you of May 15th in your

    new Catalogue of goods, and will add that we are well pleasedwith ihe business relations existing between ue.

    Yours truly,Aaron F. Page,

    Agent for Powesheik Grange, No. 633.

    Red Oak, Iowa, :^^y 13, 1874.Messrs. Montgomery Ward fc Co., Chicago. Gentlemen:Our bill of goode came to hand in due tune and in good order.

    Please find enclosed post office orders for fifty -five dollars andforty-five cents, m payment for same.

    Yours tnily,J. P. Benedict,

    Sec'y Farmers' Grange, No. 995.

    Red Oak, Iowa, July 7, 1874.Messrs. Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago. Gents.:

    If you think it would be any advantage to publish my letterof May 13th, you are welcome to do so.

    Yours truly,J. P. Benedict.

    Sec'y Fanners' Grange, No. 995,

    Akron, Harrison Co., Missouri, May 18, 1874.Messrs. Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago.

    Gentlemen:I received the Regalias on Saturday; am very well pleased

    with them, and will try to get you a l^g^r bill to fill next time.Enclosed please find post oflice order'for amount due you.

    Very respectfully yours,A. M. Morgan,

    ** Sec'y Akron Grange, No. 688.

    Akron, Harrison Co., Mo., July 8, 1874.Messrs. Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago.

    Gentlemen:You are hereby authorized to publish any testimonial from

    me in your favor. W\5 were agreeably surprised with ourregalias.

    Very respectfully, yours,' A. M. Morgan,

    Sec'y Akron Grange, No. 568.

    Greenville, Clay Co., Iowa, May 6, 1874.Messrs. Montgomery. Ward & Co., Chicago. Gents.:We receiveayour case of goods yesteraay, and find them all

  • right. All were well pleased with them. Enclosed you willfind thirty-four dollars and seventy cents, amount your due.

    Yours respectfully,A. W. Grkkn,

    Sec'v of Liberty Grange, No. 97.Greenville, Iowa, July 8, 1874.

    Mes.ors. Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicaf^o, Gents.:You are at perfect liberty to use nr.y letter of May 6th. I

    would like you to send nie a good supply of yonr price lists.I am Secretary of our County Council, and am doing all I canto concentrate the whole patronage of our county to yourhouse, believiuf; we save from .3.J to 50 per cent, on an average.

    Yours respectfully,A. W. Grekn,

    Sec'y Liberty Grange, No. 97.

    Preston, Fillmore Co., Minn., May 11, 1874.Messrs. Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago.

    Gentlemen:Enclosed plea.seflnd poet office orders for eighty-three dollars

    and five cents, in full of invoice No. l.%(i received from you.which came to hand in good order. We find all correct andperfectly satisfactory.

    Yours respectfully.E. T. Nblson,

    Master Preston Grange, No. 91.

    Preston, Minn., July 8, 1874.Messrs. Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago.

    Gentlemen:You are at liberty to use my letter to you of May 11th, if

    deemed advisable.Respectfully yours,

    E. T. Nblson,Master Preston Grange, No. 91.

    Ames, Story Co., Iowa, May 4, 1874.Messrs. Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicat'o.