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Clean the Floor Clean the EnvironmentHelp Unisan clean up with environmentally conscious mops.For years, Unisan has been committed to helping you tackle the toughest floor cleaning jobs. Not content to manufacture the most durable mops, we took the next step: Unisan now offers innovative mops that not only give you great cleaning results, but also help keep our environment clean. The EchoMop Looped End Wet Mop Head is the first mop made of fibers spun from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles. Were reducing landfill waste, energy consumption, and conserving valuable petroleum resourcesnot to mention producing a longlasting, low-lint and quick-drying mop head! Our new environmentally friendly Microfiber Damp Mop and Microfiber Dust Mop clean effectively without harsh solutions and with a minimal amount of water. Were eliminating the use and disposal of harmful chemicals, and conserving a precious resource. Best of all, microfiber picks up dust and dirt like a magnet!

UNS 1200M


The best mops are now better: for you and for the environment.


2009 UNISAN.

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5_1 OP 176 CM/PM Sect 05_Mops&Brooms

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Mops, Brooms & Brushes

Mops & Equipment

Microfiber Cleaning System Microfiber Mop Buckets


A. Pulse Floor Cleaning ToolInnovative tool dispenses cleaning solution right from the mop handle. Easy-to-squeeze ergonomic trigger and no-slip tip. Evenly dispenses liquid in three streams behind the mop frame. 21-oz. capacity cleans up to 850 sq. ft. before refilling. Full-length view window for monitoring fill level. Large opening for manual refilling, or use with the Pulse Caddy (sold separately) for hands-free refilling. Includes 58" long handle plus 18" mop frame. Requires 18" microfiber wet pad (sold separately). Also works with 11" and 24" mop frames and pads (sold separately). For use with quat or phenolic disinfectants, neutral floor cleaners and ceramic tile floor cleaners. RCP Q969 YEL Each 209.25

B. Pulse Caddy with Clean ConnectAConnects to the Pulse Floor Cleaning Tool with Clean Connect technology for hands-free refilling with no spills or overflowing. Easily disconnect with the push of a button. 2-gallon capacity refills the Pulse Tool more than 12 timesenough to clean 10,000 sq. ft. of flooring. Can be used with RCP 9T75 cart (sold separately) by replacing one of the caddies, allowing chemical to be locked away under hood and behind doors for safety. RCP Q966 Each 62.95

HYGEN MICROFIBER BUCKETSDesigned for use with microfiber mops. Ideal for healthcare environments. Smooth, nonporous surface prevents bacterial growth and cleans up easily. Durable, lightweight plastic construction. Accommodates mop pads up to 18". Fits onto Janitor Cart, RCP 6173, RCP 9T73 and 9T75 (sold separately). Yellow/Black.

C. Press Wring BucketBPress sieve permits no-touch removal of cleaning/waxing solution. Press wring plate has handle-stay to keep mop from falling over. Twist-valve lets you empty contents without lifting. Angled washboard scrubbing surface removes dirt and debris from mop pad before wringing. Nonmarking casters. 43-qt. capacity. 26.2w x 14.5d x 16.1h. Shpg. wt. 10.16 lbs. RCP Q900-88 Each 131.26

D. Charging BucketHolds 15-20 wet pads, enough for one housekeeper for one shift. Use just the right amount of solution by following the molded-in filling guide. Bottom grates prevent over-saturation of pads. Lid locks to prevent leakage. 6.8-gal. capacity. 25.1w x 8.8d x 12.2h. Shpg. wt. 5.2 lbs. RCP Q950-88 Each 68.39


Features molded-in drain ribs and liquid fill levels.

Choose new flooring and other construction and interior finishing products with zero or low emissions to improve air quality and the health of occupants. GREENBUILDING/Basics.htm



Dont Forget FLOOR CLEANERS pages 98-101

Cant Find It? Call Us!

Microfiber Pad Holders, Handles & Pads Microfiber Mop Kits

Mops & Equipment

HYGEN QUICK-CONNECT FRAMEEasy, one-step connecting mechanism for quick mop assembly and changeover. Thin, flat frame reaches easily under low objects for thorough cleaning. 180 articulation for full range of motion. Works with HYGEN microfiber pads (sold separately). Replaceable hook-and-loop fastener strips securely hold pads. Rounded plastic end caps prevent nicks and scrapes while mopping. Smooth surface for water runoff and easy cleaning. Lightweight aluminum construction, ergonomically designed with the end-user in mind. 24" frame includes pull-type squeegee for water and debris collection. No. A. RCP Q560 B. RCP Q570 C. RCP Q580 YEL RCP Q590 YEL Description 18" Wet/Dry Frame 24" Squeegee Frame 36" Hall Dusting Frame 48" Hall Dusting Frame Width 312" 412" 312" 312" Each 32.42 40.63 61.01 69.56




D. Standard Quick Connect Wet/Dry Plastic FrameCan only be used with Q950 Charging Bucket, Q408 Economy Dust Pad with Fringe and Q409 Economy Wet Pad (items sold separately). 18". Black. RCP Q559 BLA Each 25.43


HYGEN QUICK-CONNECT HANDLESQuick Connect mechanism speeds mop assembly and changeover. Strong, lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum construction. Powder coated yellow finish.



E. Quick Connect HandleNonslip tip prevents handle from sliding down walls, provides comfortable grip. No. Description RCP Q750 Aluminum Steel* RCP Q749 YEL * NOT for use in MRI rooms Size 58" 52" Each 15.74 14.12


F. Quick Connect Ergo Adjustable HandleShaped grip and ergo-bend handle eliminate awkward hand positions. Telescoping handle extends from 41.5" to 71" height; locks in place. RCP Q760 Each 25.75


G. Quick Connect Extension HandlesUser-friendly grip makes handle more comfortable to use. Telescoping handle adjusts height; locks in place. Yellow. No. RCP Q745 RCP Q755 RCP Q775 YEL Description Short Handle Straight Handle Straight Handle Extends 20" to 40" 48" to 72" 6-ft. to 18-ft. Each 18.29 27.90 204.60


H. Quick Connect AdapterAllows use of standard threaded tools with Quick connect handles & poles. RCP Q701 BLA Each 16.76

K EASY SCRUB EXPRESS MICROFIBER FLAT MOP SYSTEMSave cleaning time by up to 50%. Easily change chemicals and cleaning products with mop tool and interchangeable bottlesno need for a separate mop and bucket. Bottle attaches directly into the lightweight mop handle to ensure precise dispensing of solution, reducing chemical waste by up to 80% and the amount of contaminated cleaners being disposed of into the waste stream.

J. Easy Scrub Express Flat Mop ToolClean and scrub up to three times faster than other flat mops, with drag time up to 10 times less. Lightweight aluminum handle adjusts to varying heights for maximum comfort and control. Interchangeable bottles (sold separately) fit into handle to deliver accurate dispensing of cleaning solution to work area. Includes pad holder for 18" Easy Scrub Flat Mop (MCO 59250, sold separately). High-gloss green. MCO 59051 Each 92.38

I. Easy Scrub Express Starter KitEverything you need for fast, efficient cleaning. Includes mop tool (MCO 59051), 12-bottle plastic storage caddy, 12 squeezable bottles, ten 18" flat mops and one 12-gallon pour jug for easy, on-site refilling. Training DVD and three sheets of self-adhesive, chemical-resistant bottle labels with label CD are also included. MCO 59196 Kit 390.82See page 3 for symbol legend. Prices are subject to change.

K. 18" Easy Scrub Flat MopFor use with Easy Scrub Express Flat Mop Tool. Microfiber flat mop applies floor cleaner to hard surfaces and features scrubbing stripes for maximum cleaning ability. Reusable and can be washed over 500 times, helping postpone landfill disposal. White with green stripes. 10 flat mops per case. MCO 59250 Case 193.56

Dont Forget MICROFIBER CLEANING CLOTHS pages 127, 228


Mops & Equipment

Microfiber Pads

The sanitation solution for hospitals and cleanrooms

HYGEN MICROFIBER PADSHigh-quality, dense, ultra-fine microfiber removes bacteria, making cleaning quick and effective. 100% split microfiber picks up and holds dirt, dust and grime. Removes up to 80% more dust and dirt than traditional cotton dust mops. Double-bound edges for durability. Pads are stain resistant. Machine-washable pad withstands more than 500 washings, 200 with bleach. Dry on low heat. Improved hook-and-loop backing attaches securely to pad holders. Microfiber pad holders, handles and mop buckets are sold separately. Green cleaning with microfiber products provides superior cleaning efficacy, reducing chemical and water usage.


A. 18" Wet Mopping PadReleases cleaning solution evenly for effective sanitization. Bleach safe. Fits RCP Q560 Pad Holder (sold separately). Blue. 18.5 x 5.5. 12 pads per case. RCP Q410 BLU Case 174.48

24" Wet Mopping PadUnfold blue scrubber flap to remove difficult spots.


(Not shown.) Releases cleaning solution evenly for effective sanitization. Ideal for cleaning large areas, such as hallways. Bleach safe. Fits RCP Q570 Pad Holder (sold separately). Blue. 24.5 x 5.5. 12 pads per case. RCP Q411 BLU Case 309.00

B. 18" Wet Pad with ScrubberPoly-bound, nonwoven blue scrubber flap on wet pad for spot removal of sticky and/or dried matter. Flap rests on top of wet pad when not needed, easily folds out for use on hard-to-clean spots. With flap in active position, rub with foot on back of scrubber. Bleach safe. Fits RCP Q560 Pad Holder (sold separately). 20.7 x 5.7. RCP Q415 Each 22.32

C. 18" Scrubber PadYellow

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