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  • 2017-2018 A N N U A L R E P O R T


  • 2014

    2, 15



    2, 6 52

    2016 2017 2018

    4, 49


    6 ,3 46

    10 ,1 23

    Something incredible is happening. Moms who started a relationship with Jesus through their MOPS experience:

  • Dear Faithful Supporters,

    More than 10,000 moms – 10,123 to be exact. That’s how many women started a relationship with Jesus during our 2017-18 MOPS Ministry year! This kind of impact is not possible without the support of donors like you. Our focus on outreach to new moms is working, and we are ecstatic to see a 60 percent increase in moms meeting Jesus through MOPS! This result is what drives our vision to reach 1 million moms each year. It is a plan that has little to do with a number and everything to do with the fact that moms who know Jesus change their families and their world.

    MOPS is expanding its reach in a way we have never been able to before, and, with your continued partnership, we can achieve our million-mom vision. During our 2017-18 fiscal year, MOPS added 1,096 new groups around the world and launched inaugural groups in 16 new countries including Cuba, Vietnam and Mozambique. We also equipped more than 30,000 leaders to reach women in their communities and encouraged 2,526 moms at our annual MOMcon conference which was held in Kansas City.

    Together, we’re working hard so that no mom, in any part of the world, goes another day feeling isolated and abandoned when we have the tools that can change the course of her life. Thank you for being a vital part of this Ministry.


    Mandy Arioto President and CEO of MOPS International

  • 2017-18 THEME VERSE

    The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor, he has sent me to proclaim release to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free those who are

    oppressed, to proclaim the favorable year of the Lord.

    - Luke 4:18-19

    Each year, MOPS comes up with a rallying cry – a concept that guides our entire tribe of women throughout the MOPS year. In 2017-18, our theme was “Free Indeed,” and our MOPS moms were led by three tenets of freedom:

    LET LOVE BE THE LOUDEST VOICE – This is about putting in the work to live fully loved and fully free. God tells us, Take my yoke upon you and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light. - Matthew 11:29-30

    BE GUTSY – We proclaim release from the unwritten expectations that tell us we are supposed to live in ways that are incongruent with who God created us to be. Let us move with freedom and passion just like Paul tells us to, Live freely, animated and motivated by God’s Spirit. - Galatians 5:16

    GO F IRST – Going first means stepping out in faith in order to set people free. It is encouraging women to get honest about their failures, fears and secrets. Because what we know is, The truth will set you free. - John 8:31-32

  • MOPS International encourages and equips moms of young children to realize their potential as mothers, women and leaders, in relationship with Jesus, and in partnership with the local church.

    92,028 MEMBERS


    4,686 MOPS GROUPS

    10,123 WOMEN WHO BEGAN


    2,526 MOMCON 2017


    31,682 VOLUNTEERS

    Mission and Impact

  • 2017-18 Highlights M COLLECTIVES

    MOPS’s newest program, M Collectives, was introduced in fall 2017. Collectives are short, topic-based gatherings that typically meet once a week for six to eight weeks. These small groups work through a short workbook that focuses on growth and discovery within a single topic. The first workbook created, The Fierce Love Collective: What To Do With the Big Emotions of Motherhood, addresses the issues of postpartum depression and anxiety. These studies are catalysts and easy entry points for MOPS International to meet moms outside of the church setting and invite them into community, conversation and their own faith journey toward Jesus.


    In early 2018, MOPS began offering a Digital group option to women who have limited funds to purchase a classic “hard- copy” MOPS group or who meet in non-traditional locations. They have digital access to all the same great resources as our mailed resources groups including videos, online theme resources, Membership welcome package, personal Coach access and Collectives.


    MOPS expanded our global reach in 2018 with the official release of our Digital Spanish MOPS curriculum. It is now available to our Spanish-speaking groups nationally and internationally with similar digital access that our Digital groups receive. Also, MOPS recently had great success introducing a Spanish-language app for use throughout Latin America, taking us from word-of-mouth to having access to women in nearly 20 countries.

    MOMCON 2017 Over one weekend in September, 2,526 moms met in Kansas City to connect with each other and Jesus. Designed to encourage and help women grow as both moms and leaders, our annual MOMcon featured nationally-renowned speakers including Bob Goff, Ann Voskamp and Mike Foster, and offered 26 different workshops focusing on relevant topics such as “Leading Like Jesus” and “Fostering Empathy in a Comparison Culture.” Learn more about our upcoming MOMcon at

  • “Our Collective is made up of moms from two different English speaking schools in Zurich. We are a small group, but we wanted a good study and when MOPS published the Collective, we jumped at the opportunity! These moms are from different Protestant faiths and several do not go to church regularly. I feel the Collectives are very easy to lead and the leader book was laid out in a way that allowed me to engage our group but have minimal preparation time.”

    – DAWN BEAVERS Zurich, Switzerland.

    “[Our Collective] quickly gained momentum and brought new faces! There were moms showing up who had never engaged in any type of ministry at the church. Moms who had fallen off the radar were returning. Some moms who never attended our MOPS group and only engaged through our social media, showed up for the Collective.”

    – T IFFANY DANLEY Overland Park, KS

    What moms are saying about The Fierce Love Collective

  • “Today was a bittersweet day! It was the end of our MOPS 2018 season, and the laughter, smiles and happiness (along with a few tears) were overflowing! Most of these women were strangers back in September when we started our Free Indeed year, but now we are a tribe. We are there for each other, and we share our journeys in motherhood without fear: the good, the bad, the perfect, the not-so-perfect, the silly, the messy and the everything-in-between parts of being a mom.

    This is a group of women I know I can count on if I need a 3 a.m. friend. When we spend time lifting one another up, listening and sharing, we inspire, grow and learn. MOPS is the best thing I do for my sanity and for my soul.”

    - J ESS LYNN BLACK Virginia Beach, VA

    Better Moms

  • “When I received this year’s MOPS packet, I was so encouraged by the care that MOPS puts into loving moms. At the same time, I felt burdened for the women that we work with at Oasis International, a refugee center in St. Louis that my parents run. I wanted them to feel this encouragement, purpose and drive, with a deep knowledge of the love of Jesus. At the front of the journal that MOPS provides, there was a map of MOPS groups around the world. I felt like there needed to be a MOPS for refugees, for the moms who no longer have a home country and are ‘in between’. Many have lost family and friends to war and the very people who would be walking through motherhood with them have passed away or now live thousands of miles away. It grieved my heart.

    I emailed MOPS International and just a few months later, we started the first MOPS group for refugee women at Oasis. It’s a group for women to come and be loved on by God and learn how to be better moms and wives, with the hope that this love leads them to a relationship with Jesus. My desire is for these women to meet Jesus, and then be the leaders who share Jesus wherever they land.”

    - JESS ICA ANDREWS St. Louis Refugee MOPS Leader

    Better Communities

  • “MOPS has grown immensely in Africa in the past seven years, and now we host 44 groups in 11 countries. In January, 16 MOPS Leaders from three countries (Kenya, Zambia and Uganda) met in Nairobi for a training conference, and they received the brand new Global MOPS curriculum to use in their groups this year. There are so many difficulties mothering in a developing country; teaching these women leadership, mothering skills, and support for each other, all based on a relationship with Jesus, will have a positive effect on entire communities, and I hope will change families (and the next generation) for the better!

    I have felt a calling to work for Africa for many years, and this work has given me the path to do that. I am so passionate about bringing the simple news of Jesus into mother’s lives, so getting to do that regularly brings me such joy. I have been in awe so many times by the work that God is doing. I really am just along for the ride many days!”