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Here is our MOPS newsletter for September.


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2 • Southcrest MOPS • september 2010

Southcrest MOPS

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Recent Birthdays

Make sure we have your updated e-mail address so you can be informed of all our MOPS happenings. If

you didn’t get an e-vite sent to you, then please let Christi

know by shooting her an e-mail at [email protected].

Contact Info, Please!

september 2010

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Welcome to MOPS! We are so excited you are here today!

Our theme for this year is “Momology: The Art and Science of Mothering.”

Mothering is both art and science. It combines all of who we are to shape healthy, resilient kids. Mothering is so complex it requires both sides of our brain – not to mention our hands and feet, eyes and ears, arms and lest we not forget the eyes in the back of our heads and all of our other senses!

There's the scientific side of mothering where we develop a hypothesis based on certain principles. Remember, for those of us that have turned our brains off, a hypothesis is an “educated guess.” We try and try again until we find something that works.

What may work for you and your family won’t necessarily work for another family, but sharing the information and ideas helps us as a community of mothers. We keep refining our “educated guesses” until we find a solution that is best!

As we all know, mothering is an art. We don’t realize the finesse required until we are lugging a diaper bag, a purse, a toddler on our hip and a baby bucket (with a screaming baby) while trying to walk gracefully and with dignity into a building.

Mothering extracts every bit of color and creativity in our personality and forces us to use our unique gifts.

Through Momology, as we explore together, we’ll be guided by an all-knowing, all-powerful, always-present God.

by Krista Fitzwater &Amber Jowers

Our theme verse for the year is:Even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast. (Psalm 139:10)

Anywhere we go, God sees, knows, and guides. So we can lead — and love — knowing God will get us through all the hard spots, all our decisions, all our roles, all our times we can’t hold open our eyelids and the times we’re bursting with joy. God’s hand guides us as we guide our children.

We are so excited about the speakers, crafts and FUN we are going to have this year! Hopefully, each month, we can take what we have learned from our “Expert Momologists” and apply it to the way we mother so that we may we can excel as “Momologists In-Training!”

We look forward to getting to know you and building relationships with you this year!

Page 4: MOPS September Newsletter

4 • Southcrest MOPS • september 2010

•Krista Fitzwater is due on November 28th with a little girl.

•Bobbie Kite is due on October 18th with a little girl.

Anticipated Arrivals

•Brody Jenson Jowers was born June 1st at 4:19 p.m. to Josh and Amber Jowers. He was 8 lbs. 6 oz. and 22 inches long. Big brothers are Bryson and Braydon.

•Michael James Willett Junior was born August 17th at 12:04 a.m. to Michael and Crystal Willett. He was 8 lbs. 8oz. and 21.5 inches long. Big sisters are Becca and Izzy.

•Benjamin Grant Dale was born August 18th at 11:21 p.m. to David and Janae Dale.


September 24 will be our first playdate of the year. We will meet at the West entrance of the South Plains Fair near the Coliseum at 11:00 a.m. Our kids will be able to pet the animals at the “Children’s Barnyard.” You can either bring a sack lunch or buy food from the available vendors.Admission is FREE before 1:00 p.m.

The fairgrounds are located on the northeast corner of Broadway and US-87.

Let’s Play!

He was 8 lbs. 6 oz. and 22 inches long. Big brother is Matt.

•Brynna Reimer was born September 2nd to John and Anna Reimer. She was 6 lbs,12 oz. and 20.5 inches long. Big brother and sister are Evan and MacKenna.

Page 5: MOPS September Newsletter

september 2010 • • 5

Each month you will be able to read a review of a mom-friendly book

that you might want to check out.

The first book for the year is called The Preschooler’s

Busy Book: 365 Creative Games and Activities to Occupy Your 2-6

Year Old by Trish Kuffner. This book has been a staple in our house since my daughter was little. We affectionately call it the “idea book” because when we need some ideas on what to do, we pull

it out and do an activity or two. It is divided up into easy to navigate sections such as arts and crafts, educational, cooking, and rainy day play. There is even a section on ideas for crafts you can make to celebrate different holidays. The instructions are easy and the activities are so varied that you will be able to find tons of things your child will enjoy no matter what their temperament.

This book has been the perfect antidote in our house to the “I’m Bored” lament. I hope you love it too!

by Christi BrooksBook Nook

Speaker InformationDue to the overwhelmingly positive response to Connie Burt’s presentation last year, we decided to have her back again. Last year she talked about relating to your child. This year she will be enlightening us about the Many Hats of Motherhood.

Connie is a homeschooling mother of 10 children. Yes, that is 10 children with one on the way! They live on a farm with a milk cow and lots of other animals that they use for food and eggs. They raise a large garden so they can have fresh vegetables. All of the school age children play musical instruments, are involved in 4-H, and are active at their church. And you thought you were busy!

If anyone knows the meaning of the Many Hats of Motherhood, I think it is Connie. Be sure to take notes so you can have access to her tips later when you need a little encouragement. You can check out her blog at

Page 6: MOPS September Newsletter

6 • Southcrest MOPS • september 2010

•Worship Services: 9:15 a.m., 10:50 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (Childcare is available during all services)

•Women’s Bible Study: Faithful, Abundant, True with Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, & Priscilla Shrier: 9:00 a.m. on Wednesdays in the Sanctu-ary. Contact [email protected] to arrange childcare.

•Women’s Holiday Celebration: Saturday, November 13. If you are interested in having a craft booth, please call Mary at 776-0516.

•AWANAs: Wednesdays from 5:45—7:15. Con-tact Tiffanie at [email protected] for more information!

Sponsor SpotlightHere are some upcoming happenings at Southcrest Baptist Church you won’t want to miss!

Does it Float or Sink?Materials you will need: Sink or bucket, water, various objects such as apple, rubber ball, raw egg, pencil, toy boat, paper clip, etc.Ask your child to predict which items will sink and which will float. Steps:1. Fill a sink or a bucket with water. Leave around 5cm (2 inches) empty. 2. Slowly lower an item into the water. 3. Remove the item from the water and test the next item. 4. Continue testing each item. 5. Record your results on a simple chart like this one.

Experiment of the Month

Item Float SinkPencilRaw EggRulerApple

Krista Fitzwater: [email protected]

Amber Jowers: [email protected]

Regina Penney: Creative [email protected]

Rachel Riddle: [email protected]

Jennifer [email protected]

Christi [email protected]

Amanda McCaslin: [email protected]

Rhonda [email protected]

More details on each of the steering team members to come in the following months!

Meet Your Steering Team

Page 7: MOPS September Newsletter

september 2010 • • 7

What your MOPPETS are learning this monthThis month your kiddos will be learning about Ephesians 4:32 “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” They will be singing a forgiving song, making and decorating bracelets, taking rides in the buggies, playing on the playground, and playing games to go along with the theme. Be sure to ask them what they learned!

Do you know a mom who is not coming to MOPS but might like to? Here are some things you can do…•Give her a copy of the news-

letter •Give her a business card •Send her to our website •Send her to our Facebook

page•Click on “invite a friend” on

your e-vite•Bring her with you to a meet-

ing (make sure to sign her children up beforehand)

No excuses! Go out and grab a friend today!

Grab A Friend!

Page 8: MOPS September Newsletter

8 • Southcrest MOPS • september 2010

Most of us had to memorize the steps of the scientific method in school. We had to learn how to conduct experiments and test hypotheses. I never would have

imagined that I would use the scientific method much more as a mother than I ever did in science class. Now I find myself using it to solve my most pressing preschool problems. Let’s start by refreshing our memories on what the scientific method entails…

1. Ask a question 2. Do background research 3. Construct a hypothesis 4. Test your hypothesis through experimentation 5. Analyze data and draw conclusions

Now let’s see how I used this to solve my toddler’s sleep problem.

1. Why won’t my toddler go to sleep at bedtime anymore?2. A few months ago he would fall asleep when I rocked him

and now he won’t. He wants to talk and play instead of sleep. He is singing the bedtime songs along with me.

3. Knowing the words to the songs keeps him alert and engaged.

4. If I sing songs he doesn’t know, then maybe he will fall asleep faster.

5. I sing him old hymns with lots of verses.6. He falls asleep 3 nights in a row before I finish the first


And you thought the scientific method was just for nerds in lab coats!

Scientific Method

Julia Gill will be discussing the ins and outs of decorating our homes. I am trusting that she can give some helpful tips to “decoratingly challenged” moms like me!

Peek at Next Month

Page 9: MOPS September Newsletter

september 2010 • • 9

MONEYTalkEach mom who wants to be a member of MOPS is asked to bring $25 for their MOPS International registration.

At the local level, all we ask is that each mom brings $5 to each meeting.

Your $25 will entitle you to all the benefits of being a member of MOPS International such as a weekly encouragement e-mail, a one year

subscription to Momsense Magazine, and a goodie bag filled with MOPS items.

Your $5 meeting fee will help defray the costs of paper goods for the breakfast, craft supplies,

printed materials, and the all-important childcare during our meetings.

What Does MOPS Cost?

What Do I Gain?

You can pay these fees as you go or pay up front in one lump sum. If you decide to pay up front, then you will get one month free!

Please note that your first MOPS meeting is FREE, so you can check it out with absolutely no obligation so you can decide if it is right for you or not. Also, there are scholarships available. No mom is turned away!

Check out these Mompreneur Businesses Erin West-Mary Kay Consultant facials and makeovers…

no obligation & no strings attached!Great gifts with FREE gift wrapping

and fun stuff for you too!


Information and resources for engaged and newly married couples

[email protected]

If you have a business, give lessons, or share information and you would like others to know about it, please send

Christi an e-mail to: [email protected]

and she will get it in the next newsletter!

Tiffanie RobertsonPersonalized pacifier clips

[email protected]

Regina PenneyProfessional Photography

[email protected]

Sara SimmonsMary Kay Cosmetics

[email protected]

Rachel RiddleCustom designs for mom and baby


Crystal WillettPersonalized bibs and nap mats


Page 10: MOPS September Newsletter

10 • Southcrest MOPS • september 2010

BEHOLD, I have engraved you on the palms

of my hands; your walls

are ever before me.-Isaiah 49:16

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Website: www.southcrestmops.comE-mail: [email protected]

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