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Morlando Technologies Brand Marketing Email Newsletter Marketing

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Morlando Technologies Brand Marketing Email Newsletter Marketing

Email Newsletter Marketing OverviewAs discussed in Morlando Technologies Brand Marketing Pt. 2, email newsletter marketing is a marketing technique that should be utilized for any company, organization or awareness protocol. There are advantages to fully integrate this tactic in our growth model and mold the newsletter to a successful means to maintain a relationship with our clients and more importantly future clients. Various business development analyses fully suggest that the advantages clearly overweigh the disadvantages. Twenty-Five Reasons to Integrate Email Marketing 1. E-newsletters establish a regular link between brand and customer. 2. Email provides instant contact for urgent announcements or releases. 3. Customers can receive messages wherever they are, either at home, at work or mobile. 4. Many customers spend a majority of their time at a computer where the message is delivered. 5. A well-crafted email campaign can provide value to, and educate customers. 6. E-newsletters can supplement any other marketing channel and add value to other campaigns. 7. Email marketing creates a direct link to your sales team. 8. Email marketing provides a customization that other marketing channels cannot provide. 9. E-newsletters enable customers to get the information they are interested in while giving your company insight into what they are and more importantly are not interested in. 10. E-newsletters coupled with promotions promote spending on your brand. 11. Newsletters can give customers pre-release information on products to enhance sales. 12. Regular newsletters provide a critical connection between customer and your brand. 13. E-newsletters keep customers and prospects abreast of any new organizational developments. 14. Email marketing is the most efficient form of mass communication. 15. Loyal customers will sign up for information and can be rewarded with custom benefits. 16. Regular communication drives measurable traffic back to your website. 17. Companies can launch global campaigns and keep their audience up to date. 18. Email marketing delivers news to your audience wherever they may be. 19. Customized offers and messaging lets your prospects and customers feel special. 20. Regular communications keeps your customers and prospects interested and loyal. 21. An audience can be reached immediately with any new product or release. 22. Targeted email marketing is measurably valuable and results are easily quantifiable.

23. Customized dynamic content can give customers exactly what they are interested in. 24. Customers actually welcome the emails with educational information and special offers. 25. Email marketing provides the highest ROI in the area of digital marketing. In order to fully integrate email marketing into Morlando Technologies, there are essential steps required to put it into action and ultimately positive feedback. While fairly new to this marketing tactic, researching and analyzing this technique requires fundamentals. The first step is to choose a reputable email service provider. This is a service that can be utilized with a partnership with an email service provider or can be done on our own. These email providers can easily manage the outflow as well as organizing the vast amount of feedback to an archive. Some other useful features are event management, template design and editing, survey creators, and foremost simplicity. According to various surveys, three companies are strongly recommended for this particular service: Aweber came highly recommended and charge a very reasonable fee. They have reputable features and customer service. Cons: They don't have as many features available as iContact or ConstantContact. The first month only costs $1. iContact (formerly Intellicontact) has various features, such as the autoresponder, ability to create surveys, newsletter archiving, and event management (no extra charge). The pricing is pretty competitive. Pricing starts off at 9.95 per month with a free trial with iContact! Constant Contact is an easy do-it-yourself solution for building your own email campaigns. They have a vast amount of templates to use and edit, and have pretty good tutorials to get started with. The biggest issue however, is that the new "wizard" is glitch on how it brings up some of the emails. You can also track and measure emails. Fees start off at $15 per month. You have to pay extra to use their survey and event management features.

Anatomy of a Successful Email Marketing CampaignHere are a few basic components of a successful email campaign From Line: Who's There Make sure you use a name that your subscribers will recognize, because your readers will DELETE your emails if they don't know who the sender is. . You can use your own name, company name or your brand name if it's more recognizable. Once you choose your sender name, stay consistent in using it each time you send out that email campaign.

Subject Line: Getting Your Email Open This is prime real estate here, so keep it SHORT and simple (35 characters or less). You only get 3 seconds max before your readers will decide to open or delete your email, so make your subject line "pop" by conveying the biggest benefit. ALSO, DO NOT USE ALL CAPS or exclamation marks!!! Content and Copy Considerations Most times email requires you to get to the point quickly, so be clear and concise, focus on emphasizing benefits, and create a sense of urgency. Content Don'ts -Avoid spam words like free, guarantee, spam, credit card etc, so that you don't upset spam filters. -Don't use red text, ALL CAPS, excessive use of punctuation!!!, ?? -Don't hotlink the words "click here." Don't be afraid to hotlink a whole sentence. -Make sure your headline matches the rest of the copy in your email. The Call-To-Action The call to action is basically what steps you'd like your customers to take. Many people still use the words "click here", but surely are more creative than that. Whatever you do, make it easy, make it clear, make it low or no obligation and perhaps offer a reward or incentive. Also remember to include your physical address, and an unsubscribe link in each campaign you send out. Types of Email Campaigns You Can Send Here is a quick sampling of what you can send out with email marketing. e-Newsletters Providing your customers with a newsletter will not only help your company stay fresh in their minds, but can also help to establish you as an expert in your field. You can send snippets on the latest news from your company, tips related to your field or even promotional coupons that your subscribers will find useful. e-Bulletins Perfect for announcing a new product/service, this is similar to a postcard. This kind of message will get to the point rather quickly. Press releases Electronically send out a press release to any media contacts you have on your subscriber lists. This is a great way to get media coverage if you have a solid list of subscribers.

Asking for Permission in Email Marketing

Create an In-house Permission-based Subscriber List Permission is absolutely vital to your email marketing efforts, because it ensures that your emails are wanted, expected and heartily welcomed by your subscribers. This means that you CAN'T send emails to addresses that you paid for on a rented list, snatched off of the web, or perhaps exported from your personal email account. You will need to find ways to get people to subscribe to your email campaigns. If you send emails without permission then your email is considered spam. What is spam?, and then what kind of permission you are going to need before you can "hit the send button". Spam is any email sent to someone who hasn't given their direct permission to contact on the topic of the email. You can only email subscribers if you obtained their permission in any of the following ways. -They signed up on your website by filling out a form to join your mailing list. -They completed an offline form and indicated they wanted to be emailed. -If someone gives you their business card and you have explained to them that you will be in touch by email. -They have done business with you during the past 2 years. By making a purchase from you they have provided their permission implicitly. We still recommend that you confirm permission before adding them to your subscriber lists. Samples that don't equate to permission -You obtained the email addresses from a third party. Regardless of whether you purchased a list, were provided one by a partner, or bought a bankrupt competitor's customer list, those people never gave YOU permission to email them and they will consider your email spam. -You "copy and pasted" email addresses from the Internet. Just because people publish their email address on the Internet doesn't mean they want to hear from you. -You haven't emailed that address for more than 2 years. Even if you initially got permission legitimately, they won't remember giving it to you. If you haven't sent something to that address in the last 2 years, you can't start now.

Content ManagementThe content of the email newsletter is the most important aspect of the emailmarketing tactic. It is literally hit or miss. There are various ways to intrigue a subscriber, traditionally email content generally embody promotionals, various informational, news and graphics. These are essential and will be inputted into the email newsletter but to truly grab the attention of the subscriber, we must think outside the box and bring interactivity to the newsletter. This will grab the attention of the subscriber and participate/acknowledge Morlando Technologies. Some brainstorming gave me various ideas to include in the newsletter. Promotionals New innovation news Input a technology video of the week General technology news (company news included) Graphic samples Have a client of the week (as well as client testimonials) Input a poll for users to use Gadget of the week Mobile App of the week Quote of the week Comics (Dexter, Calvin and Hobbes, political satires) Links to our social media outlets Links to favorite charities as well as encouraging donations Contact Information Holiday Greetings Promotionals Promotionals are easily one of the most important variables to lasting and successful email newsletter marketing. Having promotionals inputs interest and opportunity for the various interested clients and potentially interested clients. Some examples for promotionals may include a 30% off a graphics and/or letterhead design, or buy one graphic design and have a redeemable graphic voucher for a friend, two free months of hosting with every year commitment, free hour of tech consulting with every ten sessions recorded. It may vary depending on the overall finances and which department to build up.

New Innovation News As an information technology firm, it is our responsibility to keep updated with the new trends of technology available. Once we have gathered the necessary information and the implementation means, we can forward the information as

supplementary content to the email newsletter. These trends can include mobile innovations, cloud advancements and other technological trends. Some very good articles I have found can be incorporated into the newsletter is as follows: Technology Industry Seen Growing Fastest in New York Dubbing New York City as the Second Silicone Valley A Phone Good to 2027 on One Charge(source: New York Times; (source: New York Times;

A future innovative emergency communications device, with one AA lithium battery, can be on standby mode for 15 years. It is build around the GSM network. Q&A: The Difference Between 4G and 4G LTE(source: New York Times;

An easy to read informational about the differences between 4G and 4G LTE. Theft Recovery Microchips Let You Digitally Mark All Items You Own (source: Cool Things; $99.99, you can have 5 micro gps trackers on any item you hold valuable)

Morlando Technologies Negotiated Successfully with Company xyz to.(source: Morlando Technologies;

Technology Video of the Week What is a better way to have subscribers stay and be continuously intrigued with our email newsletter? Having a technology relevant video that gives technological insight with visually appealing content will more than likely give the subscriber a desire to watch the content and subsequently become interested with other offerings in the email newsletter. Some very good videos regarding technology: Behind the Great Firewalls of China A Journey into a Black Hole New Way to See Data

The Power of Networks The Curiosity Rover Landing Korean Grocery Store Uses Clever Marketing Campaign General Technology News Having general technology news is another way to attract subscribers to the newsletter. It keeps them informed of the advancement of technology as well as having an understanding that Morlando Technologies is always going to be aware of the on-goings of the tech world. This can be a potential news archive for those not familiar with technology and continuously be updated through our archiving. The news should not be general such as the new Iphone 5 launch, which the general populations already are informed about. The news should pertain to relatively unknown and not understood by the general subscriber. This also should not stop us from creating our own archiving of news in the future as well. Here are some fairly interesting news that I have found recently. Congress Report Warns: Drones will Track Faces from the Sky The First Tidal Turbine in North America has Gone Online off the Coast of Maine Supercomputer Built from Raspberry Pi and Lego Gadget of the Week Another impression for content enhancement is a gadget of the week, having the information for the latest, development or concept gadget information listed with every newsletter. These are some of the gadgets that I found very interesting for the newsletter. Iphone 5 Compared with Competitors Google Glass and the Future of Technology

Honda Chopper Concept Apple Black Hole, the Holographic Phone for the year 2020 Mp3 Player Creative, Listen to Music from the Wrist Mobile App of the Week Having a mobile apps section is not only good publicity for us but as well as the company we are promoting. We can state the graphics of the app, the price of it, if theres a lite version, and our review for it. This can be a mutual relationship and can be beneficial in the future. 3-D Ipad Head-Tracking App Pulse (News Outlet) Dj%26q%3D%26esrc%3Ds%26source%3Dweb%26cd%3D1%26ved%3D0CDAQFj wC4K29gSLp4DoAQ%26usg%3DAFQjCNE7ILKiU7n3YVYvmtD6g6QcA4XIw%26sig2%3DOwPdE7wCzNKPrY7vaVfpig Ski Safari (Game) Pages (word processor app) iThoughts HD (brainstorming app) Poll Questions Poll questions are a good way to give an interactive aspect of the email newsletter, and can give a perspective of our subscribers. We should have polls regarding new technology, latest Morlando inquiries or any other polling questions. The following is a list of potential polling questions we may ask to our subscribers.

1. What is new technology to you? 2. What % of your personal tasks do you complete with the aid of new technologies? 3. What % of your business tasks do you complete with the aid of new technologies? 4. What specific new technology is the most useful to you personally? 5. Scale of 1 - 10 ~ How often do you select or seek the aid of a new technology when completing personal or business tasks? 6. How important are telecommunications technologies in your life? 7. Do you have a landline? 8. Do you own or wear a wristwatch? 9. Finish this sentence "I would like to be able to _____ with my cellular phone." 10. Touch screen? Or keypad?

Comic of the Week This is also an interactive implementation to the newsletter. This can evoke comical interpretation as well as a degree of professionalism. These are the sample of comical graphics:

Quote of the Week This is also another aspect of interactive email marketing. These quotes should be general and insightful. It can bring a certain perspective to their business and ultimately give a different business ethic. The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency. Bill Gates Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke Men have become the tools of their tools. Henry David Thoreau The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty, and all forms of human life. John F. Kennedy

Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant. Mitchell Kapor Miscellaneous Information There should also be miscellaneous information that should be integral to the business. Some aspects should be links to our contact information as well as the various social media platforms. There can also be other information such as greeting for specific events or holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. It can also be the start of a sporting event (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Olympics, FIFA World Cup, etc.) This gives a humanistic aspect of the email newsletter and ultimately the company. Conclusion These are the aspects of a complex email market. There should be supplement information and trial runs before we set up an email template. There cannot be any bugs if so, it will be unprofessional and ultimately should be editing and debugged. It gives the company a negative perspective of the company.