mountain pine beetles

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Quick Facts Mountain Pine Beetles Karen Trofka

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Mountain Pine Beetles. Quick Facts. Karen Trofka. The Pine Beetle. Scientific Name: Dendroctonus ponderosae Size: 1/8 -1/3 inch Native to forests in western North America Have one year life cycle s Woodpeckers are their natural predators. Photo taken by Joseph Trofka. Life Cycle. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Mountain Pine Beetles

Quick Facts

Mountain Pine Beetles

Karen Trofka

Page 2: Mountain Pine Beetles

Scientific Name: Dendroctonus ponderosaeSize: 1/8 -1/3 inchNative to forests in western North AmericaHave one year life cyclesWoodpeckers are theirnatural predators

The Pine Beetle

Photo taken by Joseph Trofka

Page 3: Mountain Pine Beetles

Female tunnels under bark of treeMateForm vertical tube, or egg gallery,

containing about 75 eggsEggs hatch and larva tunnel away from the

egg galleryRemain under the bark during the winterBecome pupae June-JulyMid-June to September leave trees as


Life Cycle

Page 4: Mountain Pine Beetles

Periodic out breaks can kill millions of trees

Current outbreak has killed 1.5 million acres of trees in Colorado

Pine beetles attack large and weak or stressed trees

Mainly affect ponderosa, lodgepole, scotch, and limber pinetreesAffect Bristlecone and

pinyon pines as well

Out Breaks

Photo taken by Joseph Trofka

Page 5: Mountain Pine Beetles

Range of Damage from Mountain Pine Beetles

Map from

Page 6: Mountain Pine Beetles

Tree become yellow or red 10 months After a successful attack

Pitch tubes are created from the beetles


Blue stain the on in inside of the wood is a fungus from adult beetles that help beetles kill the tree

What the Pine Beetles do to the Trees

All photos taken by Joseph Trofka

Page 7: Mountain Pine Beetles

Wood remains structurally sound until five years after attack and can be used for building

Used as fuel for pellet stovesBio-fuelFirewoodBiochar

What can be Done with the Beetle Kill

Photo taken by Karen Trofka

Page 8: Mountain Pine Beetles

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