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Download Mountains! Presentation by Ryan and Billy. Types of Mountains Folded mountains Fault-block mountains Volcanic mountains Dome mountains Erosion mountains

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  • Mountains!Presentation by Ryan and Billy

  • Types of Mountains Folded mountainsFault-block mountainsVolcanic mountainsDome mountainsErosion mountains

  • Mountain Vocabulary Fold mountain: created where continental plates collide, thus forcing the crust to crumple and fold.Fault-block mountain: is a mountain that forms from a block of crust that is pushed upward or downward along a fault.Volcano: mountains created by magma that escaped from Earths interior, then it cools.

  • Mountain Vocabulary (Cont.)Hot spots: an area of the crust above a rising plume of magma, where volcanic material can erupt through a plate creating volcanic mountains. Dome mountains: a dome-shaped mound that forms in Earths crust.

  • Tall FactsMountains are the tallest land form on Earth.Mountains are not permanent. Most form at or near plate boundaries mainly where two plates collide.Mountains folds are common where tectonic plates collide.Erosion softens and wears down folds.

  • Tall Facts (Cont.)Some of the oldest fold mountains have rounded peaks such as Arkansas Ouachita.Fault-block mountains occur where ever a faulting occurs.Fault-block form when pressure splits the crust.

  • Mt. ShastaLocated in California.Elevation is 14,180ft.

    Ryans cat Shasta

  • Tall Facts (Cont.) Not all volcanoes erupt.At divergent boundaries, magma rises up in the gap between the two plates that are pulling apart.Hot spots are formed by magma plumes rising.

  • Erosion Mountains Mountains are always being shaped erosion.Catskills in New York was formed by erosion.There is only a few amount of erosion formed mountains in the world.Erosion formed mountains which can result in irregular peaks and valleys.

  • Mt. Fuji Height is 12,388 ft.Located on Honshu Island, Japan, which is the tallest mountain in Japan.

  • Mountains of CaliforniaTallest mountain in California is Mount. Whitney.Mt. Diablo is 3,848 ft.Mount. Muir is the sixth tallest mountain in California at 14,019 ft.

  • Mountain Quiz 1What are mountains famous for?A: Being the widest formation on Earth.B: Being the tallest landforms.C: Being the smallest landform.

  • Mountain Quiz 2 (cont.)How tall is Mt. Fuji?A: 13,620 ft.B: 14, 736 ft.C:12,388 ft.

  • Mountain Quiz 3 (cont.)Are mountains permanent?A:Yes B: No

  • Mountain Quiz 4 (cont.)Where is Mt. Shasta A: CaliforniaB: Iran C: England

  • Quiz Answers1) A2) C3) B4) A

  • Bibliography"Ch.4 Mountain Building." Houghton Mifflin California Science. Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, 2007. 134-39. Print.

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