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Windows Movie Maker

(formerly known as Windows Live Movie Maker, codenamed Sundance) is a freeware video editing software by Microsoft. It is a part of Windows Essential software suite and offers the ability to create and edit videos as well as to publish them on OneDrive, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr.

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The first release of Windows Movie Maker was included with Windows ME in 2000, but it was not available in the Windows 2000, which was released months before Windows ME.

Version 1.1 was included in Windows XP, a year later.

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Version 1.1 was included in Windows XP, a year later. Version 2.0 was released as a free update in November 2002, and added a number of new features.

Version 2.1, a minor update, is included in Windows XP Service Pack 2. It has more transitions and support for DVD burning.

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HISTORY The next version of Movie Maker was

released as part of Windows Vista. It included new effects and transitions, and support for DVR-MS file format that Windows Media Center records televesion in. It has an added support for capturing from HDV camcorders. However, the Windows Vista version of Windows Movie Maker removed support for importing video from analog video source such as an analog camcorder, VCR, or from a webcam.

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As some older systems might not be able to run the new version of Windows Movie Maker, Microsoft also released an updated older version 2.6 for Windows Vista on Microsoft Download Center. This version included the old effects and transitions, and is basically the same as Windows Movie Maker 2.1, but without the ability to capture video.

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A new version of the software, renamed Windows Live Movie Maker 2009, was officially released as a stand alone product through Windows Live Essential suite on August 19, 2009.

Movie Maker's Interface was redesigned to use a ribbon toolbar and has an added features such as “auto movie” and the ability to export videos directly to DVD's and YouTube.

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LAYOUT The layout consists of a storyboard

view and a timeline view, collections for organizing imported video, and a preview pane. When in a storyboard view, the video project appears as a film strip showing each scene in clips.

Images can also be imported into the timeline and “stretched” to any desired number of frames.

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The video and music/audio bars can be “cut” to any number of short segments, which will play together seamlessly, but the individual segments are isolated editing-wise, so that for example, the music volume can be lowered for just a few seconds while someone is speaking .

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Windows Movie Maker supports a large variety of titles, effects and transitions.

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* Titles are animated text screens, normally placed at the beginning or end of the movie, but can also be placed over video clips. Titles and credits can be added as stand alone titles or overlaying them on the clip by adding them onto the selected clip. Titles range from static (non-animated) titles to fly in, fading, news banner, or spinning newspaper animations. They can also be placed on video clips to create sub-titles.

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* Transitions affect how one video clip flows into another. Example include fade and dissolve, but many more spectacular transitions are available.

* Effects alter how a video clip appears. Example include allowing control of brightness, contrast or hue, but other dramatic effects are available, such as giving an 'old time' flickering black and white feel.

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