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Page 1: Moviemaker Online Class

By: Nisa Peek

Movie Maker Online Class

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Movie Maker Overview

Competitor to iMovieFREE with WinXP and VistaCreate CD’s, DVD’s need 3rd party

software for XP, Vista has DVD-third partyCreativity Fun Pack for XP onlyMovie Maker Resources

BookNewsgroupSystem Requirements

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Stages of a Multimedia Project

Storyboarding: Gliffy (free month trial)

Begins with an idea or needWhat materials should be included (i.e.

graphics, design, music, video, etc.)

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Stages of a Multimedia Project

Designing and ProducingPerforming each of the planned tasks.Be creative!

TestingMake sure it works.On both platforms.

DeliveringPackage and deliver.Auto play CD or DVD.Instructions on any special software


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Digital Video

Uncompressed, a single minute of video total about 1 GB.Uncompressed, a three minute song

uses 27 MB.Digital Video is already compressed.Codec - built in.Sharpest picture possible.Capturing without


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Enter Firewire Cable and Card

IEEE – 1394- Card and CableFirewire – Applei-Link – Sony

Page 7: Moviemaker Online Class

Flip Video Camera

Flip Video

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What do you need for video editing?

Intel Pentium 4 or higher

At least 2 hard drives – one for data, one for the operating system or dual CPU system

OR25 Gigabyte Hard Drive

Need .2 GB for every minute of video captured. One hour of source tape equals 12 – 13 GB. Capture process is real time, 60 minute movie, it will take 60 minutes to transfer. Video editing software requires

another 12 GB of temporary storage for each hour rendered.

At least 1 Gigabyte of RAM

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Your Topic Goes HereYour subtopic goes here

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