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AACRAO SEM XIX presentation about recruiting, engaging, and retaining students using modern technology. Presented by Chris Ferguson and Samuel Sudhakar.


  • 1. Chris Ferguson Samuel Sudhakar Director of Admissions & Vice President of Assistant ProfessorAdministrative Services & CIO Wilmington UniversityCarl Sandburg College

2. About Wilmington University Private, Non-Profit, Non-Sectarian University Undergraduate, Graduate, and Doctorate Programs 12,500 students 11 Locations in Delaware and New Jersey Commuter 41 Years OldAbout Chris Ferguson 10-years in College Admissions Director of Admissions: Oversees Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions Assistant Professor of Social & Behavioral Sciences Doctoral Candidate at University of Pennsylvania Specialized in College-Created SNS & Mass Notification for Yield Management Specialized in Developing Robust Communication Plans 3. Engagement is the Fundamental Recruitment Principle Primary Goal of Admission LifecycleProspect Inquiry Applicant StudentTo develop and strengthen student-centered relationships while moving future students through the Admission Lifecycle. This invites future students into Wilmington Universitys community while exploring it as their institution of choice. After moving through the lifecycle, a personalized relationship has been established enabling the potential for maximum student success. 4. Use Multi-Channel Methods Inquiry Applicant Website (Student-Driven Navigation, Virtual Tour, IM [LiveCommunicator], Online Application, Online Event Scheduling) Email Campaigns Online Information Sessions Postal Letters & Publications (Viewbooks, Postcards, ApplicationMaterials) Person-to-Person Telephone Calls Face-to-Face Appointments Campus Visits (Tours, Info Sessions) On-Campus School Counselor Dinners and Trainings 5. Five-Year Application Growth 8000110% 7000 6000 5000160% Undergraduate 4000Applicants 3000 59%Graduate Applicants 2000Total1000 02004/05 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 6. Use Multi-Channel MethodsApplicant Student Website Blackboard Connect Mass Notification Campaigns Private Social Network (wilmYOU) Integrates Applicant/Student Profiles, Blogs, Groups, Videos, Events, RSS Feeds, IM, and Direct Website Links Campus Visits (Tours, Info Sessions, etc.) Email Campaigns Postal Letters & Publications (Postcards, Brochures) Face-to-Face Appointments 7. Five-Year New Enrolled Student Growth 4500 4000 44% 3500 3000 2500 63%Undergraduate 2000Graduate 1500 18% Total 100050002004/05 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 8. Email is used for REINFORCING postal communications SPECIALIZING .edu website content INCREASING touch points QUANTIFYING communication plan EVALUATING messages 9. College-Created Social Networking Siteis used for ENGAGING admitted applicants INTEGRATING social media strategies CONNECTING peer applicants TAILORING one-click navigation ENABLING self-service PREDICTING yield rates 10. Mass Notification is used for DELIVERING specific messages TRACKING audience receipt REPORTING outcomes INCREASING tuition revenue/yield rates SURVEYING enrollment decisions 11. DELIVERING a message (Spring 2009) 12. TRACKING audience receipt 13. REPORTING outcomes 89.2% 14. INCREASING tuition revenue$483,000 15. Test Campaign(Spring 2007 Test)262 non-registered undergraduate and graduate applicants received an email three working days prior to the first day of courses for Spring 2007. At 7:00 p.m. two days prior to the first day of courses, more than half were also sent a pre-recorded Blackboard Connect telephone call from the Director of Admissions encouraging them to register for courses. 16. Spring 2007 Test Results 35.4% (93) registered for one or more courses Tuition revenue totaled more than $198,000 This was compared to a test group of 168 non-registeredundergraduate and graduate applicants who were onlysent a postal letter. This group was not communicated viaBlackboard Connect telephone contact and email. 19.6% (33) registered for one or more courses Tuition revenue approximately totaled $40,000 17. One Question Survey 18. 42.3% Responded 19. Remember 20. Student Retention ThroughEngagement 21. Opportunity to Succeed To provide accessible, quality education in acaring environment by keeping the learners needsat the center of decision making and by working in partnership with communities of the Collegedistrict. 22. People Actively Collaborate To UnderstandMore About The Student Experience and WorkTogether to Design Better Approaches andPrograms Faculty Seek Out Student Perspectives OnTheir Own Learning and See them as CriticalVoices in the Ongoing Conversation AboutQuality NSSE, 2008 23. Institution Student Student Student Faculty Student 24. Communications Management Datatel eAdvising Datatel iTunes University Initiative U.Select Retention Alert Datatel Blackboard Connect Blackboard Blackboard Learning System Blackboard iClickers Insight - Faronics 25. Noel Levitz Engagement Online CSI mySandburg Portal Online Student Self Service Vertical and Horizontal Alliances (K-12, WIU, Franklin U,SECC, Internships etc) Campus Refresh Digital Signage Monitors Climate Control Projects Orientations Social Networking COMPASS Testing Web Based eScript Initiative 26. Part of the Overall Communications Strategy Emergency and InformationalCommunications Granular Targets Built into the Culture Standardized Formats Hosted Foray into the Cloud 27. Scripts Run to Select Audience fromDatabase Student Services Financial Aid Business Office Academic Services Faculty Dispatch Office 28. mySandburg Skydrive Interface Operating Analytics Business Intelligence Faculty Engagement Strategies Student Relationship Management Move Apps to the Cloud