msche 2012 annual conference- protecting academic integrity in online exam environments

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  1. 1. Protecting Academic Integrity in Online Exam Environments Secure Testing. Anytime. Anywhere.1
  2. 2. About Software SecureSoftware SecureFounded 1999HQ in Newton, Massachusetts( for secure, convenient and scalable exam integrity wherever orwhenever exams are administered - with different robust security models forvariable kinds of computer-based exam.Solutions for Higher Education, K-12 and Certification Organizations- Classroom and Distance Learning Environments- Assures integrity of test conditions with patented technology- Authenticates student ID with biometrics and proprietary monitoring system- End-to-end exam administration services 2
  3. 3. Software Secure Timeline Introduced featuresDeveloped Integrated withto facilitate Solutions for Amazon Cloud for interaction withClassroom Usescalability students2000 2006 2010 2011 2012 Built first RemoteBuilt Record & Review Proctoring Solution Solution to utilize the utilizing Softwarestudents webcam Secure hardware
  4. 4. 4
  5. 5. Secure Test SolutionsSoftware Secure provides a spectrum of solutions that protect the integrityof test conditions and the authenticity of the student, while providing end-to-end exam administration services.Remote and Classroom TestingProducts & Services Remote Proctor PRO & NOW Video Review Services Securexam Browser Securexam Student Planet SSI
  6. 6. Online Challenges Authentication - how do you make surea student is who they say they are? Security - how do you make surestudents are taking exams honestly? Convenience - how do you offerflexible and secure options? Cost - how do you make all of theabove fit your institutions (or thestudents) bottom line?6
  7. 7. Students Are Cheating Online A study last year by two psychology professors from the University of Ohio at Zanesville found that 72 % of students taking online courses admitted cheating on their tests. Miami Herald, October 2012Faking the Grade:A for (someone elses) Effort?
  8. 8. Online Exam Proctoring SolutionsDigital solutions that assure true exam integrity for all distance learning exams.Gold-standard proprietary hardware andOn-demand solution for distance learningsoftware solution that delivers total exams - proctored by computer and security for self-service examinations webcam, authenticating the ID of onlineand prevents cheating. students.
  9. 9. Remote Proctor PRO Total Exam SecurityAddresses every area of exam security byauthenticating his/her identity and controllinga students computer while watching andlistening to the exam environment.Integrated Hardware & Software Components: Remote Proctor Pro : Hardware device thatuses biometrics to authenticate the identity ofthe test-taker, records all sound, and videos a360-degree view of the exam environment. Securexam : Patented software whichprovides access to computer-based examswhile simultaneously locking down the desktopby preventing access to all other non-examination materials or applications9
  10. 10. Remote Proctor NOW Anytime. On-Demand. Utilizes existing webcam and microphonethat test-taker already owns- they can betaking a test in less than three minutes! Records webcam view, audio and desktop toensure compliant exam conditions No need to schedule time or rely on aproctors schedule to take a test Cost effective method to provide remote testproctoring all for about $15 per exam Each test is reviewed by multiple certifiedreview specialists to catalog exam policyviolations Can work with any test delivery system10
  11. 11. Webcam-Based Proctor: How it Works1. Access software2. Select your exam3. Verify identity4. Take your exam
  12. 12. Exam Monitoring: Remote Proctor Methodology Records webcam view, audio and desktop to memorialize each exam session Reputable Reviewers - Certified Review Specialists Multiples: Three sets of eyes review each exam session Catalogs exam policy violations to assure compliance with exam policiesReviewers: 3 sets of eyes review each exam sessionStudent monitored Desktop recorded Exam Session recorded12
  13. 13. We work with almost any LMS:Remote Proctor Solutions can be easily integrated with your LearningManagement System, creating a natural extension of the applications yourinstitution already has in place. 13
  14. 14. Case UWA Leverages Remote Proctor PRO to Offer StudyCampus-wide Online ProctoringChallenge:UWA implemented Remote Proctor PRO to offerstudents a more convenient way to take tests,assuring a level playing field and protecting theacademic integrity of its online programs. Startedwith a small pilot, then rolled out program acrossall online programs.Results: Convenience - enable students to pursue secondary education. Faculty and students satisfied that cheating isnt occurring Positive feedback from faculty, students and IT Competitive advantage with new markets opened up to UWA. Increased customer/student satisfaction 14
  15. 15. Case UNA Offers Remote Proctor NOW to Students Studyfor Secure and Flexible Online ProctoringChallenge: UNA wanted to offer its faculty and students a moreconvenient and secure way to administer and takeonline exams with integrity. In the past, onlinelearners had two options for taking tests findingproctors or going to a test centers. These methodswere time-consuming, costly and inconvenient forstudents. They also exposed the potential for cheatingas remote proctors could not always be adequatelyverified by the school.Results: Caught several incidences of cheating Increased student satisfaction saving them money Faculty members confident that assessment instrument issecure/protected UNA is investigating the possibility of using RP NOW campus-wide.15
  16. 16. CaseOhio University Turns to Remote Proctor toStudy Provide a Level Playing Field & Protect Exam IntegrityChallenge:A new online program was being launched in theEngineering Management Department. DepartmentDirector wanted to ensure that integrity practiceswere integrated into the programs rollout from thebeginning. Ohio University had experienced somechallenges in the past with academic dishonesty andthe engineering department wanted to ensure it wasdiligent about implementing technology that wouldsecure online assessmentsResults:After about a year of usage, the technology has beensuccessful in providing a level playing field in the onlineprogram has been deemed to bring instances of cheatingdown to near zero. The Department Director feels thelegitimacy of the credentials earned by students is nowsafeguarded.16
  17. 17. Student FeedbackStudents who demand flexibility are grateful for theRemote Proctor option . . . Time Savings: Ease of Use: This has saved me an hours drive to take my The proctor software seems to work well and son to a testing center. is very convenient for taking tests online. This opportunity allowed me to stay home Can log in to my test in under 5 minutes - with my sick mother rather than hiring a nurseanyone with basic knowledge of computer to care for her while I drove to campus to take systems can easily access the program with the exam.instructions and practice. Privacy:Cost: Remote Proctor is not intrusiveIve saved on babysitting fees and parking by Convenience of remote proctoring outweighs being able to take the test from my house. my concern about being monitored. I have had to pay up to $50 to take tests at a test center, and leave work early. With this system, Ive simplified my test taking, and saved money.
  18. 18. Customers using Remote Proctor today 18
  19. 19. The Pathway to Online Integrity Step 1: Explicitly stateexpectations Step 2: Reinforce ethical climatewith prevention. Step 3: Be consistent and followthrough with consequences. Step 4: Utilize assessment design. Step 5: Create a learningenvironment that minimizescheating opportunities.McNabb and Olmstead (2009) Journal of Online Learning and Teaching Vol. 5, No. 2Hulsart and McCarthy (2011) The Journal of Continuing Higher Education, 59:9296 .
  20. 20. Balancing PrioritiesCost Low Remote ProctorLogin/ID,Remote Proctor PROPassword,NOW, Anytime,Anytime, anytime,anywhere anywhereanywhereConvenience Login/ID Remote Proctor Remote Proctorpassword,NOW PRO, scheduledscheduled Scheduledlocation locationlocation High Security
  21. 21. Why Software Secure? More convenient No need for students to schedule a proctor - On demand testing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week More affordable On average 40% cheaper than other proctoring technologies More secure Exams are reviewed on a 1:1 basis and we have complete video and audio records of exam experience
  22. 22. Secure Testing. Anytime. Anywhere.For more information, please contact: Software Secure Sales [email protected] | (617) 340-6381 Follow us: @Software_Secure

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