music video and editing. editing is?... shot 1 + shot 2= emotion, meaning, advancement in story. a...

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Music Video and Editing Slide 2 Editing Is?... Shot 1 + Shot 2= Emotion, Meaning, Advancement in story. A language Two types: Continuity (Classic Hollywood Style) Complexity (to show intensity, analyze, etc.) Slide 3 Industry Director / Producer choose or contract Offline edit / rough cut Picture is locked: label, artist, director Edit Decision List (EDL) Online edit Slide 4 Vernallis Editing colors the audience's understanding MV editing= balance of story, performance, song Momentum Editing AS image or part of the image Continuity, a clear path in story MV as complexity editing Editing has equal visual role Slide 5 Janie's Got a Gun Aerosmith, 1989 Dir. David Fincher Narrative and Continuity Groundbreaking for use of dramatized violence, which would become popular in MV after Slide 6 Vernallis MV as disjunctive, discontinuous, gap Avoid match on action...on purpose Jump cutting and other visually powerful edits Disobey compositional rules and frame space Interpretative work on audience's behalf Slide 7 The Beautiful People Marilyn Manson, 1996 Dir. Floria Sigismondi Fragmented shots and fast cutting Force/allow the audience to do interpretive work through montage Manson reveals a process Slide 8 The Unforgiven Metallica, 1991 Dir. Matt Mahurin Connection between performance and narrative, musician and actor Uses shots and elements of continuity in disjunctive editing (spatiotemporality.) Slide 9 Graphic Match Graphic match or match cutting appears Shape or color, sometimes movement Visual Rhyme 2001 Slide 10 Come as You Are 1992, Dir. Kevin Kerslake Visual rhymes, what we know as graphic match Brings together disparate images to convey a deeper meaning through the match cut Slide 11 Montage Meaning from juxtaposition Song glues these images Audience's structure of meaning Eisensteinian montage Slide 12 Montage A + B=C (dialectical) Incomplete meanings, requires interpretation Graphic Editing: cutting to graphics elements Metric/Rhythmic: Cutting to beat, cutting shots the same length, etc. Maintain energy. Analytical: Sectional: freezes time and explores that moment from multiple perspectives; event progression comes through intensity Sequential: imply a series of events in process Slide 13 Idea Associative Montage Shot A + Shot B=New meaning C Comparison Montage: Emphasize similar qualities between images, imbue characteristics upon each image. Reinforce an idea Collision Montage Different images/different qualities= new way of thinking. Contrast/Opposites Cause and Effect Cause and Effect Slide 14 Space / Surroundings Disjunction in video resembles how we hear MV mimics sonic experience, not normal visual experience Song comes from props or objects Visual dancing Camera hears, follow, and gives a sense of consciousness Slide 15 Transitions Dissolve Cut in/Cut away shift from a distant framing to a closer view of some portion of the same space (FOV)Wipe Fast/Slow Cutting Wipe Iris Fade to/from black Superimposition Slide 16 Continuity Smooth flow of shots w/out interruptions to tell a story. No jumps in time or space Maintains continuity of from shot to shot: Place, space, time, subject Movement, vectors, story events Characters Maintains narrative logic Slide 17 Continuity Characteristics 180 Degree System/ZX axis Golden Section/Rule of 1/3s Establishing Shot/Breakdown/Reastablishing shot Converging, Diverging, Continuing Vectors Reaction shots Enter/Leave the Frame Slide 18 Types Shot/Reverse Shot conversations...look/looking back Eye-Line Match Connection between looker and looked Match Action Action spans from shot 1 to shot 2 Graphic Match Match Cut /Last scene of Requiem for a Dream Match Cut Slide 19 Cont'd Ellipsis omit parts of an event, causing an ellipses in plot and story duration Parallel Editing/Cross Cutting 2 different yet related actions linked through editing Stresses similarities Shaft Superfly Slide 20 Guinness Adaptation, 3:12 Complexity vs. Continuity Slide 21 Others... Literal editing: Cutting to image, sound, word that literally describes that word or image. Non-literal editing: Matching an image to word that creates a symbol, metaphor or intellectual response. Poetic, etc. Requiem: The Anatomy of a Scene Heavy Metal Parking Lot:

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