mussels with leeks and cider

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Mussels with leeks and cider

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a recipe/pictorial walk through of making mussels with leeks and pear cider


  • Mussels with leeks and cider
  • THREE GOOD THINGS Mussels Leeks Pear Cider
  • Other things you will need: Ingredients: Olive oil, thyme, salt, pepper, apple cider/rice vinegar, bagueHe Accoutrement: Bowls Strainer SloHed spoon Whisk
  • Rinse well under cool, running water. Clean the Mussels Remove any open or cracked shells, as well as the beards(liHle threads that anchor the mussel to rocks); yank them o.
  • Clean and cut up the leek Cut o any tough green bits(this one came preHy well trimmed), and cut in half length- wise. Rinse thoroughly, leeks can be muddy. Slice. NICE!
  • IN A HOT POT combine leeks, a handful of salt , a handful of pepper, and the pear cider.
  • Cook the leeks in the cider unVl tender (6-8 minutes).
  • Remove the leeks using a sloHed spoon. Place leeks in a bowl to the side. ADD THE MUSSELS!
  • Steam mussels in boiling cider for about 2 minutes
  • Drain the mussels, collecVng liquor in a bowl. Place mussels elsewhere Back in the pot? Put them back in the pot.
  • Add a liHle olive oil, thyme, and vinegar to the liquor Now, whisk.
  • Grab a bowl. Pour sauce over mussels, top with the leeks Rip o a piece of bagueHe; you are an incredible cook. Gloat inwardly.