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Complete Fire Protection Systems from a Single Source


Safe for certain.

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Minimax Chronicle 4

Minimax Overview 4

Water extinguishing systems 6

Sprinkler extinguishing systems 6

Sprinkler components 8

Minifog Water mist sprinkler systems 9

Water spray systems 11

Gas extinguishing systems 12

MX 1230 Compact extinguishing systems 12

Inert gas fire extinguishing systems 13

Chemical fire extinguishing systems 15

Permanent inerting 16

Powder extinguishing systems 17

Foam extinguishing systems 18

Special solutions 19

Fire detection systems 20

Fire detection and extinguishing control panels 20

Fire detectors 20

Structural fire protection 22

Fire extinguishers 23

Fire extinguishing units and accessories 26

Extinguishing water technology 27

Special extinguishing equipment 28

Special fire extinguishing systems 29


Complete fire protection management 30


Branch offices/Consulting engineers in Germany 32

Fire protection center in Germany 33

Worldwide 34



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Fire is one of the most underestimated of allrisks. A fire can break out anywhere – the im -por tant thing is how fast it can be detected andextinguished. Although fires in Germany alonecause millions of euros in damage every yearand the number of fire victims is increasing, thisthreat is ignored by many people.

There are many good reasons for fire protec-tion: for more than 100 years, Minimax has pro-vided technology to prevent, detect and fightfires in order to protect people, property andthe environment at a minimum expense andwith maximum effectiveness.

The total service provider

Decades of experience and intensive develop-ment have earned Minimax a reputation as theproblem-solver of the fire protection industry.Minimax develops individual protective con-cepts for every risk. From fire extinguishers tocomplex automatic extinguishing systems – theproduct portfolio covers all areas of fire preven-tion, fire detection and firefighting – a Europe’sonly complete provider of all these services.

Minimax has two separate production locations:in Bad Oldesloe, in Schleswig-Holstein, whereproducts and components for stationary fireprotection systems are manufactured; and inBad Urach, in Baden-Württemberg, whichmanufactures products and components formobile systems.

Competence that convinces

Minimax quality is among the best worldwide.Analysis, consulting and planning, technologyand implementation, service and training, andmalfunction signal management – Minimax isabsolutely reliable in every field.

The VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH awardedMinimax GmbH & Co. KG the highest qualityassurance certificate in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 for all relevant processes, products and services within the enterprise.


Over 100 years experience


1902 The company is founded in Berlin byWilhelm Graaff and develops the le -gend ary Minimax conical extinguisher.Employ ees create the trademark:

minimum effort, maximum efficiency = Minimax

1905 Minimax acquires the production center in Neuruppin.

1909 Minimax is the number 1 worldwide - with foreigncompanies in Europe and the USA. Minimax conquersthe world with its products – more than 300,000 de -vices have allready been exported to 28 countries.

1926 The first Minimax foam generators are introduced onthe market.

1945 Minimax is built up again in West Germany after thedestruction of the administration buildings in Berlinand after expropriation of the factory in Neuruppin.

1953 In Bad Urach near Stuttgart the most up-to-dateGerman factory for fire extinguishers, fire extinguish -ing devices and extinguishing systems for fire fightingvehicles is established.

1958 Minimax extends the factory in Bad Urach.

1959 The first universal ABC fire extinguishing powderobtains its official approval.

1966 The SFH (Selbsttätige Feuerlöschanlagen GmbH) relo-cates its factory to Bad Oldesloe in Northern Germany.

1967 The fire protection research centre is inauguratedwith its own “fire house“ in Bad Oldesloe.

1969 Minimax is taken over by Preussag AG and mergedwith SFH.

1991 The Minimax GmbH with its head office in Bad Oldesloe and a branch office in Bad Urach isfounded. Minimax GmbH is the leading company ofall fire protection activities of the Preussag AG.

1998 Minimax extends the fire protection research centerin Bad Oldesloe.

2001 Preussag concentrates on their basic business: tourism. Minimax gains a new shareholder withBarclays Private Equity Deutschland.

2002 Minimax celebrates its hundredth anniversary!

2003 Investcorp acquires Minimax. Minimax GmbH and Minimax Holding GmbH merge into the Minimax GmbH & Co. KG.

2005 The Minimax GmbH & Co. KG bundle their activitiesin the range of the mobile fire protection in a dis -crete association – the Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KG.

2006 Industri Kapital acquires Minimax from Investcorp.

Minimax Chronicle

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The future counts

“Always a step ahead” is the motto at Minimax.In keeping with this spirit, the employees con -tinuously receive training and the technology is continuously being optimized. Impulses pro -vided by daily practice, customers and our ownresearch center are taken seriously.

With its fire protection research center, Minimaxis at the top of the European fire protectionindustry. Fires and extinguishing processes are tested in practice in the “fire house” in Bad Oldesloe. Emergency situations are simu -lated under the severest of conditions – also asa prerequisite for the development of new pro-cesses for protecting innovative technologiesand materials.

Through close cooperation with all majortesting and standardization committees on boththe national and international level, Minimaxfrequently contributes to the creation of newguidelines worldwide.

Economically valuable

The broad object-specific diversity makesMinimax fire protection a winning factor also interms of economy. Since Minimax has the rightsolution for every problem, there is also an op -timum solution for your specific requirements.This reduces your required planning and yourcosts.

The best components are useless if they are notproperly integrated in an overall concept thatmeets the individual requirements of the pro-perty to be protected. Minimax complete solu -tions relieve you of all responsibilities connectedwith fire protection, so that you can concentratefully on your core competences.

Often required by law, fire protection is alwaysa smart decision. The installation and mainte -nance of fire protection facilities protects youfrom the unforeseeable consequences of a fireand is remunerated by insurance companieswith high premium rebates. So the investmentalways pays off.

Global presence

Minimax with its headquarter in Bad Oldes loe,employs about 3,200 men and women world -wide. Minimax is present at 40 locations inGermany and has branch offices and agencies inEurope, Eastern Europe, Asia, North America, theNear East and Middle East.

Consultation and planning

Minimax specialists inspect the local conditions,identify special fire protection requirementsand create a customized safety concept. We support you through the completion of all tasks – and beyond!


A Single Source


Minimax Fire Protection Center: emergency situations

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Wet pipe system

The wet pipe system is the most common typeof sprinkler system. In this type of system, thesprinkler pipe network is completely filled withpressurized water.

Dry pipe system

The dry pipe system is designed especially for areas subject to the danger of frost. The sprinkler pipe network is not filled withwater in the critical areas, but rather with compressed air, past the dry alarm valve.

Pre-Action dry pipe system

The pilot operated dry system is a combinationof a fire detection system and a sprinkler system.

It is used in areas where accidental leakage ofwater – e.g. resulting from mechanical damageto a sprinkler – must be avoided at all costs, asin areas with expensive electronic equipment.

Systems with foam additives

Sprinkler systems in special risk areas, such as large quantities of synthetic materials, re quire that foam compounds be added to the extinguishing water. The addition of foamis possible with both wet and dry systems.

Areas of application Warehouses, industrial firms, production halls,storage rooms, high-bay warehouses, hotels,fair pavilions, shopping centers, home improve -ment stores, supermarkets, office buildings, etc.

Types of systems


Sprinkler extinguishing systems


Sprinkler system are automatic fire extinguish -ing system. They detect, report and extinguish a fire that is starting, before it grows into alarge and uncontrollable blaze.

The functional principle of Minimax sprinklers is very straightforward and safe. They aremount ed corresponding to the applicable regul ations into a network of pipes whichcovers the areas to be protected in height ofthe ceiling. Normally each sprinkler is sealedand will only open when it reaches a certaintemperature. An important component of the sealing is a glass bulb which is filled with a liquid which will expand when heat from a fire occurs. This robust glass bulb will onlyburst when the surrounding temperatureincreases approximately 30 °C above the nor -mal maximum room temperature due to theeffects of a developing fire. In this way thepressurized extinguishing water which is free to flow out of the piping network onto thesprinkler’s spray deflector to be distributedevenly on the fire.

At the same time the flow of water created inthe pipes triggers the connected alarm systems.

When the fire has been put out, the openedsprinklers are exchanged for new ones, and thesystem is once again ready for operation.

A sprinkler in use

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Sprinklers are available at a range of releasetemperatures and response sensitivities. Thearea protected by a sprinkler ranges from 9 to21 m2. The sprinkler type - which can be recog -nised by the deflector - is selected according to where it is to be fitted. Consistenty highqual ity is guaranteed during manufacture on adedicated, computer controlled production line.

Special versions

Varying risks and unique features of construc-tion call for specially adapted solutions. For thisreason, a wide range of sprinklers are available,differing in their release temperature, their res-ponse sensitivity, the discharge of water andthe spray pattern, and even in the material andfinish. For example:

Minimax Extended Coverage Wall Sprinkler

The Minimax extended cov er -age wall sprinkler, approvedby VdS, was specially devel -oped for the protection ofareas where the constructionof the building prevents the

sprinkler pipework from being placed under theceiling or hidden by a suspended ceiling.

These sprinklers are suitable for all areas of fire risk class OH 1 according to VdS CEA 4001sprinkler directive.

Areas of application hotels, hospitals, office buildings, etc.

Minimax Stainless steel sprinklers and nozzles

These VdS approved Minimax sprinklers andnozzles are made entirely of stainless steel and are especially suitable for areas with hightemperatures and an aggressive atmosphere.

Areas of application film, photo, paint and food industries, laundrydetergent and plastics industries, paper andwood-processing industries, galvanizing plants,refuse bins, etc.

Preaction sprinklers

The VdS approved Minimaxpreaction sprinklers furtherreduce the already low possibility of spurious re -lease – for example as aresult of accidental damageto a sprinkler. Because bothsprinklers of this model mustopen before extinguishing

water is released. This makes the system idealfor small areas with individual sensitive devicesrequiring protection.

Areas of application Computer rooms, test stands, cash rooms, etc.



Sprinkler extinguishing systems


Sprinkler 21 – the new generation

Page 8: MX Product katalogue MX eng.pdf

Special accessories

Minimax TX tapping sleeves were developedand introduced for making modifications andsupplements to the pipe network of existingsprinkler systems. A sprinkler sleeve in variousnominal sizes is available for retrofitting ofsprinklers.

Exhauster valve

Since the effectiveness of a dry system can beseriously jeopardized by the delayed release of water, the installation of a exhauster valve is highly recommended. In addition to the im -proved design, the SEVMX exhauster valve isalso considerably smaller in size.

The direct connection of a sprinkler system tothe drinking water network lowers investmentcosts, minimizes installation costs and savesspace. The separating station eliminates theneed for not only water supply tanks, but alsofor a pump system with additional power re -quirements via a network or diesel generator.

Town water connection

The Minimax DiMX town water connectionmakes it possible to connect sprinkler systemsand fog extinguishing sprinkler systems directlyto the drinking water network as an “inexhaus -tible water source“.

Direct connections


Sprinkler components


The Minimax powder-coating process, whicheliminates the need for final on-site treatment,considerably reduces the time required forinstallation. All RAL colors (also metallic) areavailable; UV-proof on request.

Environmental protection and corrosion protection

Powder coating of pipes

Town water connection

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Minifog Water mist sprinkler systems


Minifog is suitable for various applications,whether for protection of rooms or of objects.Minifog extinguishing technology featuresextremely efficient exploitation of the physicalproperties of water. The extinguishing water isapplied through special nozzles or sprinklers asa water mist system so that the total surfacearea of the extinguishing water is multipliedmany times by fine droplet formation. The wa -ter entrains the heat from the fire particularlyefficiently and so the base of the fire and itssurroundings are immediately cooled effective-ly. Also evaporation of the extinguishing waterin the fire captures a great deal of additional

latent heat and at the same time the steamproduced impedes the supply of oxygen to thebase of the fire: The reduction of the oxygenconcentration in the immediate vicinity of theflame zone results in an additional smotheringeffect. The arrangement of the nozzles and theoptimal droplet formation mean that the baseof the fire is still reached even if there are in -hibiting factors such as thermal currents or airmovement.

Minifog EconAqua

Minifog EconAqua water mist sprinkler systemsuse innovative low-pressure water mist tech -nologyto offer a particulary efficient buildingprotection for risks as defined in accordancewith VdS CEA 4001. Minifog EconAqua uses up to 85 percent lesswater in comparison with a conventional sprink-ler system!

Areas of applicationOffices and administration buildings, hotels,hospitals and nursing homes, restaurants, un -derground car parks and parking houses, etc.

Minifog ApplicationMinifog

Page 10: MX Product katalogue MX eng.pdf

Minifog ObjectProtect

If objects are to be protected whereby rapidspreading of the fire can be expected, MinifogObjectProtect is available. Electronic alarms aremostly provided for quick and reliable detec-tion of the fire.

Areas of applicationGas and steam turbines, large/industrial fryers,hydraulic machinery, cable ducts, paint sprayfacilities, engine test rigs, machine tools, etc.

Special customer requirements also need specialsolutions. Minimax has therefore developed aseries of Minifog protection concepts that areespecially suited to various specific applications.

Minifog PressProtect

When manufacturing wood-fibreboard usingcontinuous presses or stage presses, productionconditions entail increased fire hazards. Byusing Minifog PressProtect Minimax offers aconcept based on modern low-pressure watermist system technology, this type of protectionhaving already been installed for more than100 presses worldwide.

Minifog marine

Ships and other offshore facilities, such as drilling platforms, require an uncommonly high degree of protection due to the condi tionsthey are exposed to at sea. Minifog marine

Minifog Solutions


Minifog Water mist sprinkler systems


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Minifog Water mist sprinkler systemsWater spray systems


Water spray systems function the same assprink ler systems; however, they are equippedwith open extinguishing nozzles and distributelarge amounts of water over the entire pro -tected area in case of fire. They are used forprotecting buildings and for cooling especiallyheat-sensitive, highly flammable objects wher -ever fires can be expected to spread extremelyfast. If there is a danger of fire, the FSX spraystation, which is activated electrically, pneu -matically or hydraulically, controls the extin -guishing system and signals the necessaryalarms.

Areas of application Refuse bins, waste incineration systems, chip silos, conveyor systems, airplane hangars, theater stages, power plants, transformers,cable ducts, turbines, automobile decks of

ferries, mineral oil and gas tanks, filling stationsfor flammable liquids, etc.

provides this in the form of protection conceptswhich have been developed and approved inaccordance with the safety directives of natio-nal and international classification societies aswell as the IMO and SOLAS codes.

Minifog Special Solutions

Besides the solutions mentioned for special cus -tomer requirements, Minimax can offer furtherprotection concepts “Minifog Special Solutions“– developed on the basis of Minifog water mistsystem technology and tailored to the specificfield of application.

Examples of such are Minifog installations forautomatic parking systems, wind energy sys -tems and railway vehicles.

Water spray systems

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Thanks to its rapid and even distribution of ex -tinguishing agent the Minimax fire extin guishingsystem MX 1230 with the extinguishing agentNovec™ 1230 from 3M™ provides a solutionwhich offers many advantages for the protec-tion of electrical and electronic risks.

It is space-saving, is environmentally-friendly andguarantees a high level of safety for persons.

The unique feature ofthe Novec™ 1230 extin-guishing agent: it can bestored at room tempera-ture as compactly aswater yet extinguishes as a gas with a homo -genous distributionthrough out the wholeextinguishing area anddoes not leave any resi-

due. Every MX 1230 fire extinguishing system is individually designed. Each system’s nozzlebores and container filling volumes are theresults of an object-specific design calculationand hallmark a system which is optimised downto the smallest detail.

Areas of applicationElectrical and electronicrisks, e.g. computerareas, telecommunica -tions in stallations, com-puter and server rooms,control rooms and con-trol cen tres, medical andlaboratory installationsand similar applications.

Install, connect – and it’s ready to extinguish

The MX 1230 compact fire extinguishing systemis the compact version for smaller and medium-size rooms.

The special advantage of the MX 1230 compactfire extinguishing system: the control centre,supply of extinguishing agent and if desired ex -tinguishing nozzle, alarm horn and flashing lightall combined in a single unit in one cabinet. Thismeans that the system can be set up in your pro-tected room in a way which saves space and witha minimum assembly and installation effort.

The Minimax MX 1230 compact fire extinguish -ing system with the Novec™ 1230 extinguishingagent from 3M™ protects data processing andelectronic control systems round the clock –reliably and automatically. The compact fireextinguishing system automatically identifies afire risk at an early stage, automatically inter-rupts the power supply and extinguishes thefire, rapidly and without leaving any residue.

MX 1230 compact fire extinguishing systemMX 1230 fire extinguishing system

MX 1230 fire extinguishing systems

The Novec™ 1230 extinguishing agent from3M™ is environmentally-friendly and guaran-tees the safety of persons. Compared with thechem ical extinguishing agents used up till nowNovec™ 1230 has the lowest global warmingpotential, the shortest atmospheric lifetime andhas absolutely no effect on the ozone layer.

Novec™ 1230 is neither corrosive nor electric -ally conductive and causes no damage to sen -sitive components or leaves residues on them. It is colourless and almost odourless and is aliquid at room temperatures. The moleculesare composed of carbon, fluorine and oxygen.

The extinguishing effect is based on bindingthe heat energy in the flames, interrupting thecombustion reaction.

Novec extinguishing agent

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Argotec fire extinguishing systems are gasextinguishhing systems that use natural inertgases. These systems are used especially whenincipient fires need to be extinguished quicklyand without subsequent damage from extin-guishing agents or residue.

With Argotec fire extinguishing systems, theextinguishing process is initiated automaticallyby fire detection and control systems, but canalso be activated manually. After expiration ofthe pre-warning time, the extinguishing processbegins.

At the same time, any ventilators and air con -ditioning systems can be switched off and theventilation flaps and doors can be closed inorder to prevent the penetration of oxygen andthe escape of extinguishing gas.

The inert gases used for extinguishing are takenfrom the ambient air.

The extinguishing effect is based on suffocation,which is caused by displacement of the oxygenin the air below the threshold value requiredfor combustion.

Argotec fire extinguishing systems are ideal for areas with flammable liquids and other substances with similar burning properties, inaddition to areas with high-quality systems andfacilities or objects of value, which could bedamaged by the use of other extinguishingagents.


Equipped with the inert gas argon (Ar) or nitro -gen (N2) as an extinguishing agent, Argotec fireextinguishing systems are recommended – dueto their non-residual and human-com patiblenon-toxicity – for areas with high-quality electricor electronic components where human presenceis required.

With carbon dioxide (CO2), Argotec fire extin-guishing systems are used for the protection ofrooms and free-standing, non-enclosed objects(e.g. machines). The pressurized liquid carbondioxide in the discharge area forms a thickextinguishing cloud, which can be directed precisely by means of corresponding nozzles.

Areas of applicationPaint and lacquer production and processing,hazardous substances warehouses, painting and powder-coating booths, hydraulic systems, filters, printing presses, foamed material, com-puter facilities, archives, cable floors, switch ingand control systems, turbines, transformers, me t al processing, machine tools, textile ma -chines, warehouses for art objects, etc.

Argotec system


Inert gas fire extinguishing systems


CO2 extinguishing nozzle in operation

Minimax novelty: new Argotec Liquid Argon (LAR) technology

Page 14: MX Product katalogue MX eng.pdf



Engineering and design

The systems are classified based on the typeextinguishant storage, i.e. liquid (Ar, CO2) orgaseous (Ar, N2) storage in high-pressure steelbottles or low-pressure containers.

Extinguishant storage in high-pressure steel cylinders

Extinguishant is stored in high-pressure steelcylinders in the vicinity of the protected area. Inspecial frames with individual hanging devices,the bottles are combined into an individually

dimensionedextinguishantunit. This ena-bles surprisinglylarge extin -guish ant sup-plies in a verysmall area, easyadaptation tochanging extin-guishing sec-tions and fastreplacement ofthe extinguish -ing tanks aftera fire.

Extinguishant storage in low-pressure vessels

For storing large quantities (CO2 – 3,000 kg ormore, Argon – 5,000 kg or more) it is recom -mended – for reasons of economy – to use chilled extinguishant (CO2 approx. –20 °C, Arapprox. –143 °C) in low-pressure vessels withcombined re-condensers.

Nozzles and pipe network

The size of the pipenetwork and thearrangement of theextinguishing noz -zles depends on thetype of fire risk. Forroom protectionsystems, the extin-guishing nozzles aredistributed evenly

throughout the entire extinguishing area onthe ceiling, in high building areas in severallevels, if necessary.

For facility protection systems, the nozzles areaimed directly at individual objects or high-riskinstallations.

Personal protection systems

Employer’s liability insurance associations andthe VdS require special measures for risks in -volving danger to persons. The extinguishinggas does not flow into the extinguishing areauntil an acoustic alarm has sounded and anappropriate pre-warning time, which can beindividually configured, has elapsed.

In Minimax compact extinguishing systems, alloperating components are protected in a cabi-net from dust, moisture and mechanical damageas a compact functional unit, consisting of extin-guishant supply, activation and distribution de -vices and the fire detection and control panel.

The Minimax compact ex tin -guishing system can be placedin the immediate vicinity ofthe object to be protectedand can quickly be connectedwith the cable and pipe net-work via standard connec-tions. If requirements change,the unit can easily be movedto another location. The highdegree of pre-fabrication andthe simple and fast installa -tion make the Minimax com-pact extinguishing system an interesting alternative to conventional systems, also in terms of economy.

Compact extinguishing systems for the protection of equipment

Inert gas fire extinguishing systems

Extinguishing nozzle for local application

Extinguishant storage

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The fire detection and control panel integratedin the compact extinguishing system is fully pro-grammable. This enables time-saving, on-siteconfiguration for specific projects.

If required, several decentrally located com -pact extinguishing systems can be networkedwith a master system, so that the operability of all systems can be monitored from a centrallocation.

The MX-200 chemical fire extinguishing systemis effective and environmentally friendly. TheMX-200 system with FM-200 build on powerfulextinguishing concepts for protecting valuableand critical materials. They combine high extin-guishing effectiveness with short dischargetimes, no-residue extinguishing, personal safetyand low storage volume.

As soon as fire detectors detect a fire, an alarmis signaled via the central fire detection andextinguishing control panel. Afterwards, theextinguishing agent tank is opened electricallyand the extinguishing agent, which is still liquidat this point, flows through the extinguishingnozzles, where it vaporizes and spreads throughthe room in gaseous form. If necessary, furthertanks are opened pneumatically by the mastertank.

Engineering and design

The MX-200 fire extinguishing system consist ofthe extinguishant supply in steel bottles thatare connected with a pipe network, on whichspecial nozzles are mounted that do not allowthe extinguishant to vaporize until it reachesthe nozzles.

Due to the low pressure of 25 or 42 bar theextinguishant supply of the chemical fire extinguishing systems must be located in the immediate vicinity of the object under protection.

The extinguishant

FM-200 has an ODP value of 0, which meansthat it does not break down stratosphericozone.

The extinguishing effect of FM-200 is based onheat absorption in the flame and is thereforebased on physical cooling and, to a small de gree,chemical intervention in the flame reac tion.

Areas of applicationComputer rooms, telecommunications facilities,archives, control rooms, switch rooms, libraries,museums, art galleries, medical facilities, ships,etc.

Chemical fire extinguishing systems

Chemical fire extinguishing systems

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Active fire preventionwith the Permatec system

The principle of permanent inerting is to per-manently lower the oxygen concentration ofthe air so that fire cannot break out in the firstplace.

The Permatec fire prevention system offers optimum fire protection when the areas to beprotected are not frequented by people andhave a relatively high density for reasons ofenergy, climate or safety technology.

In such areas the best possible fire protection isthe Permatec system: active fire prevention

Due to the controlled supply of nitrogen, thePermatec fire prevention system keeps the oxygen content of the air in the protected air at a reduced level. The nitrogen displaces thecalculated proportion of oxygen, resulting in afire-proof atmosphere.

The nitrogen for reducing the oxygen is pro -duced economically by a nitrogen generatordirectly in the Permatec fire prevention sys -tem. The monitoring and control unit of thePermatec fire prevention system constantly con-trols the oxygen content of the air.

Engineering and design

The Permatec system consists of a nitrogengenerator and a monitoring and control unit. In the nitrogen generator air is sucked in, com-pressed and separated via a diaphragm into thecomponents of oxygen, argon and nitrogen.While the nitrogen is used for inerting the protected room, the other components arereleased into the atmosphere.

Areas of applicationCold storage depots, hazardous substance andhigh-bay warehouses with automatic loading,vaults, server and computer rooms, telecom -munication systems, distributing centers, show-cases, ship’s storage rooms, silos, mixing plants,etc.

Permatec system


Permanent inerting


Permatec system

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Powder extinguishing systems are permanentlyinstalled fire extinguishing systems for protect -ing rooms and objects. The extinguishing pow-ders are used for fires involving solid, liquid andgaseous materials and for metal fires, i.e. forfire classes A, B, C and D.


Extinguishing powders are highly efficient andfast-acting extinguishing agents. The suddenthree-dimension extinguishing effect of thepowder clouds is due to the smothering effectand the anti-catalytic effect, a chemical inter-vention in the combustion process.

Extinguishing powders consist essentially ofnon-toxic inorganic salts, which are mixed withimpregnation and pouring agents.

Areas of applicationChemical plants, tank farms, compressor andpump stations, transfer stations for oil and gas,gas burner stations in boiler systems, oil tanksin basements, rolling mills, test stands, hydrau -lic systems, airplane hangars, LNG, LPG and chemical tankers, lab rooms and facilities, special waste plants, etc.

Powder extinguishing systems

Control panel and storage vessel of a powder extinguishing system

A powder extinguishing system in action

Large-scale powder extinguishing systems

If several rooms and objects are to be pro -tected by powder extinguishing systems, onecentral powder supply in pressure-proof steeltanks is recommended for all areas to be pro-tected. Up to 4,000 kg of powder can be stored in one such tank.

Small-scale powder extinguishing systems

Small-scale extinguishing systems are recom-mended for objects requiring limited protec-tion. Such powder extinguishing systems havebeen standardized in design and size for anumber of similar objects, which minimizes the cost. Preferred areas of application areexhauster hoods, exhaust air ducts, lab experi-ment facilities, etc.

Types of systems

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Foam extinguishing systems, like sprinkler sys -tems, are permanently installed fire extinguish -ing systems. They are used for fires involvingsolid and liquid materials of fire classes A and Band to a limited degree for fires involvinggaseous materials of fire class C. To create thefoam, a constant percentage quantity of foamcompound is added to the water by means ofadmixing devices. The resulting water/foammixture is then foamed with air in downstreamfoam generators.


Extinguishing foam is a highly effective extinguishing agent consisting of water, fireextinguishing foam (concentrate) and air. Theamount of air defines the type of foam and itsproperties. Extinguishing foam takes advantageof different extinguishing effects and modifiestheir properties: cooling, smothering, separating, covering, damming and displacing. Singly or togetherthey ensure fast extinguishing.

Low expansion foam nozzles

Foam/water nozzles and sprinklers were devel -oped especially for room and object protectionsystems for fighting fires involving solid orliquid or liquefying materials of fire classes Aand B. They can be used not only in foam extin-guishing systems, but also in sprinkler, spray andsemi-stationary extinguishing systems, in whichfoam concentrations are added.

Low expansion foam pipe/foam pot or manifold

Low expansion foam pipes are used for pro -tecting storage tanks with flammable liquidsand for foaming of collecting tanks. The foammanifolds provide for gentle application of thefoam. With fixed roof tanks, the foam pot witha rupture disk guarantees the exclusion of gasbetween the tank and the open extinguishingsystem.

Foam/water monitors

Foam/water monitors are used primarily forfighting fires from a safe distance and for preventive cooling of objects. The MX 2000foam/water monitor, depending on the model,can be directed at its target either manually orelectrically, or hydraulically by means of remotecontrol. It can optionally be equipped with awater spout for use only with water or with afoam/water spout and multi-purpose nozzlesfor alternating use with foam and water.

Water pollution control with foam extinguishing systems

Foam extinguishing agents are substances thatare harmful to water and can pollute streamsand lakes if used incorrectly. Handling such sub-stances requires special professional competence.

Minimax is an acknowledged expert in this fieldin accordance with §19I of the water resourceslaw (WHG).

Areas of application Production and repair operations, tank farms,refineries, airport facilities, laboratories, chemicalindustry, large parking houses, waste incinerationplants, helicopter landing decks, etc.


Foam extinguishing systems



Transfer station protected withfoam/water nozzle

Foam/water sprinkler Foam/water nozzle

Refinery protected with a foamextinguishing system

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Minimax develops individual protective conceptsfor every risk. Exemplary fire protection concepts:

In high-tech kitchens,where deep fat fryers,special baking appliances,tilting-type frying pans,broilers and grills are inuse, spontaneous firesmust be expected. Theuse of an automatic kit-chen object protectionsystem is recommendedhere. Such a system guarantees that the fire

will be extinguished immediately, keeping sub-sequent damages to a minimum and withalmost no effect on the kitchen operations.

Areas of application Large-scale kitchens and industrial kitchens etc.

Spark extinguishing systems detect and extin-guish fires or ember pockets directly in pneu -matic suction and conveyance facilities for dust,chips or other flammable fragments. For exam-

ple, filters and bunkers are protected fromsmoldering fires or dust explosions by registeredsources of ignition.

Areas of application Wood and chipboard processing, textile pro -cessing, clothing industry, fodder/food/luxuryfood industry, chemical and plastics processingindustry, etc.

Modern painting processes use high voltagepainting pistols with an operating voltage of upto 80,000 volts.

This results in new types of fire risks, which canbe dealt with only by means of more efficientextinguishing systems. Therefore, special extin-guishing systems were developed to use flamedetectors that detect and extinguish sudden flames from high voltage arcing.

The extinguishing agent – argon, nitrogen orCO2 – is directed immediately at the source ofthe fire directly through the paint/air ducts of

the spray pistols. Customized detection andextinguishing systems are available for all areasof modern surface engineering.

Areas of application Electrostatic powder and wet painting systems,including drying and recovery systems, etc.

Fire protection for painting plants

Spark extinguishing systems

Small extinguishing systems for protecting kitchens

Special fire protection systems

Spark extinguishing system in the wood industry

Painting plant booth with fire protection

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Fire detection systems are essential componentsof a responsible safety management concept.Each object and each area of use holds specialrisks and requirements. Minimax provides forthe optimum detection of fires and the perfectinterplay with all other components of thesafety concept.

Minimax fire detection systems detect fire dangers and incipient fires around the clock.They warn persons who may be in danger,alarm the fire department and provide relevantinformation to the responsible parties.

Minimax fire detec-tion technologyencompasses bothconventional micro-processor-controlledcentral control panelswith linear technologyand also central con-trol panels with ringbus technology fornetworked systems.From the compact

small control panel to the extensive large-scalecentral control panel, all expansion stages areavailable. Minimax also provides diverse stan-dard and special sensors.

In addition to the use of conventional push- button alarms for manual alarm signals, induc-tive automatic detectors are available as stan-dard, smoke and heat detectors. If required,highly sensitive self-suction smoke detectors canbe used, in addition to linear smoke and heatdetectors. We also offer a wide range of special

infrared detectors with intelligent alarm analysisfunctions – the measuring sensitivity increaseswith the intensity of the fire. For the moni -toring and control of extinguishing systems,special SUX modules can detect incorrect oper -ating conditions of system elements. But thisdoes not exhaust the range of Minimax systemcomponents. Other solutions are also available.

Standard fire detectors

Minimax offers various models of automatic fire detectors for the detection of differentmagnitudes of fire and with different responsecharacteristics. In certain cases, combined mon -itoring is the most effective protection.

Optical smoke detectors

These detectors react to the diffused light caused by smoke aerosols and react especiallywell to visible smoke. They are the ideal solutionif primarily cold smoke is to be expected whena fire breaks out, as in smoldering fires.

Maximum/Rate-of-Rise/Heat Detectors

These heat detectors react to a maximum temperature or a defined temperature or adefined increase in temperature within a certaintime period. They are installed where smokedetectors cannot be used due to outwardcircum stances, such as in hotel kitchens andworkshops.

Fire detectors and special detectorsFire detection control panels

Fire detection systems

Minimax fire detection systems consist of

fire detectors

fire detection control panel

Alarm signals

control units

ComponentsThe FMZ 5000 offers many flexibility

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Ionization smoke detectors

These detectors detect miniscule smoke parti cles,both visible and invisible. They are used whensmoldering or open flames are to be expectedrelatively soon after a fire breaks out.

Spark and flame detectors

These detectors react to the optical radiationand select only narrow bands of the analyzablelight spectrum for detection. They are installedwhen open flames are expected to spread veryquickly.

Special detectors

Multi-function detectors

In halls and rooms with high ceilings in whichmaterials are stored that in case of a smolde-ring fire have a low thermal development, thesmoke would reach the smoke detectors veryslowly, since they are very high up. Another difficult area for detecting fires is in hard-to-access cable ducts or in switch cabinets andcomputer cabinets. For such cases, multi-func-tion detectors are available, which react to different fire magnitudes due to combined

measuring chamber systems and are equippedwith active suction devices. Such active detec-tors suck in air samples via a number of suctionpoints and send these samples via pipes to themulti-function measuring chamber for analysis,which enables early detection of a fire.

Bypass detectors

Exhaust air and air conditioning ducts withincreased air speeds can be monitored withbypass detectors. Air samples from the ducts to be controlled are continuously sent via abypass pipe to the smoke detector in the bypass chamber.

HELIOS suction smoke detector

The multisensor HELIOS suction smoke detectorenables the extremely early detection of volatilefire aerosols at a central location, for examplein the air ducts of the air conditioning system.The measuring chamber system consists of aspecial optical configuration, which analyzesthe continuous air samples for miniscule smokeparticles by means of high-power laser light.

Alarm Signals

Choosing the right alarm can be decisive for a successful rescue and for timely firefighting.Acoustic alarms emit an unmistakable sound(DIN tone) and visual blinking or flashing signals, or a warning panel.

Fire detectors

Different detectors for different fire risks

In this field Minimax has a competent partner –MSA Auer GmbH – the professional when itcomes to safety and gas detection technology.By bundling competences, Minimax offers fireprotection and gas warning technology fromone source.

Gas detection technology

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Fire seeks out hidden shortcuts.Cables, pipes, supply shafts and ducts, coveringsand joints are ideal areas for fire to spreadquickly. Every duct – even through fire-proofwalls, ceilings and floors – can easily become asafety breach. Structural fire protection is there-fore an essential part of fire prevention. It helpsto prevent and limit fires and to secure escapeand rescue paths in the event of a fire. Minimaxprovides for the compliance with structural fireprevention regulations. All Minimax systems are tested and approved in accordance with DIN 4102 and conform to the state of the art.

Preventive fire protection must be designed to keep damages to a minimum in the event ofa fire. As with all technical facilities, the oper -ability of structural fire protection installationsof all types must be ensured and they must bemaintained in proper working order. In the eventof modifications or retrofitting of pipe or cablelines, the structural fire protection separatingelements must be serviced accordingly.

Cable fire stops

If cable ducts are not fire proof and flue gasproof, fires can spread quickly. The fire-retard -ing sealing of cable ducts limits a fire to theimmediate area of origin, so that it cannotspread to adjoining areas. These seals can beretrofitted.

Cable coatings

Electric cableways present an especially highrisk in the event of a fire. Burning cable in -sulations enable fast spreading of fires alongthe cables and also release toxic and corrosive

gases. Special protective coatings pro-tect the cable strands to prevent firesfrom both inter nal influences, such as ashort circuit, and the external impactfrom a fire. These coatings are appliedafter instal lation of the cables.

Fire protection coating

Wood and steel are widely used and highly versatile construction materials.For the protection of these materials we provide coatings that do not restrictthe design possibilities of wood andsteel constructions.

KBS Steelcoat is an intumescent coating,which gives steel constructions addedstability also in fires and is available intwo types for indoor and outdoor use.

KBS Woodcoat is a fire protection coat -ing that is applied by brush, roller orsprayer and can be used either in clear(transparent) or pigmented (white)form.

Pipe fire stops

Pipes that lead through walls and cei-lings en able the fast and uncontrollablespreading of fires. The fire-retardant sealing of pipes pro vides a fire proof and flue gas proof barrier. The pipe sleeves with a fire protection mass are retro -fitted on both sides of the pipe where it leadsthrough the wall or ceiling.

Fire protection cladding

Special fire protection panels can be used forthe fast and economical fireproofing of electricinstallations, ventilation ducts and steel con-structions. They not only prevent a fire fromspread ing, but also ensure the operability of critical equipment.

Fire protection joints

Joints are weak points in walls and ceilings.Special permanently elastic fire protection joints provide reliable protection against jointsburning through and ensure that walls and ceilings remain fireproof in the event of a fire.

Structural fire protection



Cushion fire stop Combination fire stop

Panel seal

Pipe sleeves KBS Pipe seals

KBS Coating

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Fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing units andwall hydrants are intended for the very firstoffensive against the fire. They must be installedwhere they will be needed in the event of a fire – in addition to being highly visible andeasily accessible. It is also extremely importantthat this equipment be used strategically forputting out the fire. The training of employeesin the use of fire extinguishers, fire extinguish -ing units and wall hydrants at the workplace isnot only necessary but also makes sense.

When there is a fire,every second counts.Every movement mustbe perfectly coordi -nated in order toeffectively fight thefire in the beginningstages. In order toprevent operatingerrors, the WorkplaceRegulation (ASR 137 1and 2, number 6.1)

recommends that all fire extinguishers within aplant be equipped with the same control devices.

Therefore, it is a good idea to consider usingonly fire extinguishers with the same controls,even if they are designed for different types offires. That is why Minimax fire extinguishers areequipped with the standardized one-hand con-trol. The compact unit consists of a carryinghandle, an operating lever and a safety catch.

Fires are classified in five fire classes based on thetype of flammable material. Minimax pro videsthe right fire extinguishing equipment with theright extinguishant for every type of fire:

Fire class A Fires involving solid materials: wood, paper, straw, coal,textiles, etc.

Fire class B Fires involving liquid orliquefying materials: gasoline, oils,grease, paint, resins, wax, tar, ether,alcohols, plastics, etc.

Fire class C Fires involving gases: methane, propane, hydrogen, acetylene, natural gas, etc.

Fire class D Fires involving metals:aluminum, magnesium, lithium, sodium, potassium, etc. and corresponding alloys.

Fire class F Fires involving cooking oilsor fat.

Everything under control with the One Hand Control

Not all fires are the same

Fire extinguishers

Pull out securingring/safety device

Press down triggerlever and releaseit. Aim the nozzleat the base of fireand press downthe trigger lever






Carrying handle Pressure lever(trigger)


Securing ring


Extinguishingagent container (cylinder)

Tandem pipe

CO2 cartridge(propellant agent)

Handle grip

Spray nozzle

Sealing screwof CO2 cartridge

Screw cap

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Minimax legendary Minimax cornet bag – it means now over 100 years experience.

The fire extinguishers are approved in accor-dance with the European standard DIN EN 3and are CE inspected.

Some extinguisher models were also tested byMinimax according to other standards, such asthe British Standard (BSI) and the German ship safety authority (See-BerufsgenossenschaftDirective 96/98/EG); in addition, our extin guishersare TÜV certified and bear the GS mark of“tested safety“.

Special extinguishers for special applications can be produced on request without approvalaccording to DIN EN 3.

Water fire extinguishers

The extinguishing effect ofwater on ember-formingmaterials of fire class A isbased on its heat-bindingability. The cooling effectdisrupts the conditions forthe thermal reaction and prevents further processesin the flammable materials,so that the supply of flam -mable gases and vapors isstopped.

Extinguishant volume: 2, 6 or 9 l

Minifog mobile water mist fire extinguisher

In contrast to conventional water- or powderextinguishers the fine spray nozzle on theMinifog mobile has a much lower throughputof extinguishing agent. For example a 6 litrewater mist extinguisher can reach the extra -ordinarily long operating time of more thantwo minutes. In comparison: conventional 6litre water extinguishers last a maximum of oneminute, powder extinguishers only around halfa minute. Despite the fine mist the Minimaxwater mist extinguish er extinguishes from asafe distance, effectively and precisely.

Compared with conventional jet of extinguish -ing water the fine mist of extinguishing agentmeans that the surface area of water is multi-plied many times. The fire is put out as a resultof the intensive cooling effect. In addition thewater mist vaporises in the heat of the fire. This reduces the concentration of oxygen in thevicinity of the flame; the additional smotheringeffect results in a particularly efficient form ofextinguishing. The small quantities of mineralsadded to the extinguishing water form an ef -fec tive barrier preventing embers from lead ingto a re-ignition of the fire.

Extinguishant volume: 3, 6 or 9 l

Powder fire extinguishers

The effect of the extin guish -ing powder (MULTI-TROXIN)on ember-forming, liquid orliquefying and gaseousmaterials of fire classes A, Band C is based on the anti-catalytic effect. The inter-vention of the powder par-ticles in the reaction processof the combustion causes achain ter mination reaction.

The formation of melt coat -ing on ember-forming ma -

terials also causes the extinguishing powder toexert a barrier effect. This prevents the diffusionof oxygen from the air into the source of the fireand keeps the immediate area of the fire fromheating up, thus preventing backflashes. Specialextinguish ing powders are available for metalfires of fire class D (META-TROXIN), and BC pow-ders in a foam-compatible (COMBI-TROXIN) andnon-foam-compatible (NOVO-TROXIN) versionfor fire classes B and C.

Extinguishant volume: 2, 6, 9 or 12 kg

Fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers



Powder fire extinguisher

Water fire extinguisher

Minifog mobile water mist fire extinguisher

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Foam fire extinguishers

The foam water mixture AFFF extinguishes veryeffectively and nearly residue-free because of itsstrong net effect. In many cases AFFF is a goodalternative to powder extinguishers because itdoes not produce an extinguishant cloud im -peding the visibility.

In fire classification A the combination of coolingand barrier effect is extinguishing: the waterlowers the temperature below the inflamma tionpoint and during evaporation a coat of salt crys-

tals builds up and preventsthe fire from flaring upagain. In case of fire classi -fication B a very thin slidingfilm is formed on the bur-ning liquid, which im me di -ately spreads over the wholesurface and prevents theoxygen supply. The fire issuffocated and reinflamma-tions are reliably prevented.

Our AFFF foam is a thin,creeping and fast flowing

foam. These characteristics make the foam es -pecially suitable for difficultly accessible areaswhere a lot of material is stored.

Extinguishant volume: 6 or 9 l

Minimaxol Fire extinguishers

With its very effective additives the foam watermixture of the Minimaxol fire extinguisher aimsat success – because unlike powder extinguish -ers it does not produce an extinguishant cloudimpeding the visibility. With its high ratingMinimaxol is an effective and nearly residue-free alternative to the powder extinguisher infire classification A and B. In fire classification Athe combination of cooling and barrier effect isused: the water lowers the temperature belowthe inflammation point and during evaporationa coat of salt crystals builds up and prevents thefire from flaring up again. In fire classification Ba sliding film and a foam layer stop the oxygensupply and prevent reinflammations and theoccurrence of toxic vapours.

Minimaxol is an adhesive, covering, stablefoam, which is not seeping away, being es pe -cially suitable for burning liquids and surfacefires. With its good covering characteristics it is recommended for areas containing differentsubstances.The Minimaxol fire extinguisher iseven available as frost-proof version up to –30 °C.

Extinguishant volume: 6 or 9 l

CO2 fire extinguishers

The extinguishing gas carb-on dioxide (CO2) functions –in connection with extin-guishing spray heads – withliquid or melting materialsof fire class B through thesmothering effect. CO2

extinguishes with no residueat all, and is non electricallyconductive.

Extinguishant volume: 2 or 5 kg

Fire extinguishers

CO2 fire extinguisher

In the Minimax fire extinguishers with a patented carbon dioxide overcharge, the propellant is distributed in the form of finedroplets through a perforated pipe into theextinguishing liquid, where it is thoroughlymixed. A similarly high operating pressure canbe achieved at nearly any operating tempera-ture – including very low temperatures. There is no separation.

This produces an even and optimum flow of extinguishant with a constant and very effective extinguishing effect.

Minimax fire extinguishers – Fire extin -guishers with patented CO2 overcharge

Foam fire extinguishers

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Fire extinguishing units, due to their size andweight, are mounted on a chassis with twolarge disk wheels with solid rubber tires.

Fire extinguishing unitswith a capacity of 50 kgcan be adapted to awide variety of require-ments by using diffe-rent extinguishing powders

Foam/water extinguish -ing units with theirstainless steel tanks are limited to a capac -ity of 50 liters of extin-guishant. The extin -

guish ants Minimaxol and AFFF are available forthese units.

The fire extinguishing unitswith the extinguish ant CO2

are designed for 10, 20, 30and 60 kg.

Additional fire extinguish -ing units, such as trailerswith CO2 bottles (C 120, C 240), powder fire extin-guishing units with a 250 kg extinguishant ca -pacity, or foam/water can-nons are also available.

The ultra-fine atomization technology of theMinimax high-pressure fire extinguishing unitHDL 250 enables extremely short extinguishingtimes with immediate extinguishing success,since the ultra-fine atomization under highpressure multiplies the water surface. This makesoptimum use of the heat-binding capa bility andcooling effect. In addition, water vapor preventsthe supply of oxygen to the fire source, thusreducing the oxygen concentration, which re -sults in suffocation of the fire. Even fires withstrong glowing embers can be easily extin -

guished. The low water requirement of max. 25 liters per minute protects the environmentand prevents water damage.

With the HDL 250, it is also possible to addfoam agents.

This unit is available in many different config -urations, also for use in extinguishing vehicles.

Under certain prerequisites supervising author -ities, industrial injuries insurers and propertyinsurers request the provision of permanentlyupdated emergency documents within the scopeof the individual organisation of personal andobject safety.

In case of fire everything must go quickly. Onlypeople who are prepared for emergency canreact professionally and thus, avoid a largerdamage. In such a situation good tactics requirethat the task forces of fire brigade and technicalservices can rely on exact schedules and organ -isation plans. They inform about the structural,spatial, technical, staff and organisational pre -requisites without a delay. Minimax providescomplete escape and rescue concepts.

Escape and rescue concepts

Fire extinguishing units and accessories

High-pressure extinguishing

Fire extinguishing units and accessories



In the sector of fire protection equipment andfire protection accessories, Minimax offers anoptimum line of.

Our products include:

fire hoses

fittings and mounting parts

extinguishing units, wall hydrant cabinets

escape and rescue route planning

fire department and fire protection signs

rescue route signs

equipment for technical assistance

oil-binding agents

personal gear

medical kitsetc.

Fire protection equipment/ fire protection accessories

Foam fire extinguishing unit

CO2 fire extinguishing unit

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Drinking water, used as the extinguishant innearly all cases, plays a central role in extinguish -ing water systems. The fact that drinking wateris prepared for human consumption places tightand specific requirements on the planning andimplementation of equipment that is directlyconnected to the town mains. Minimax extin-guishing water systems guarantees the highestpossible safety.

“Wet/dry“ extinguishing water feed

The “wet/dry“ extinguishing water system (DIN 1988-6) has a direct connection to the townmains. The maximat filling and draining stationprevents water stagnating in the pipes. It is theinterface for a plentiful water supply withinseconds and ensures that the drinking water iskept clean.

“Wet“ extinguishing water feed

The "wet" extinguishing water system also has a direct connection with the drinking water supply network.

The pipes are permanently laid and always filled with drinking water. The water fire mains"wet" can only be laid as drinking water mains(special case) if the consumption of drinkingwater is greater than the underlying consump -tion of extinguishing water (DIN 1988-6).Otherwise the water fire main "wet" must be designed as a non drinking-water main inac cordance with DIN 1988-1.

Thanks to the use of the BAMX-NA double back-flow preventer or the DIMX isolating station anystagnant water which may occur in the waterfire main is safely kept apart from the drinkingwater supply system (wet/wet). The separatedsupply line then becomes a water fire main.

Use: When retrofitting old existing systems and with the agreement of the water supplycompany.

“Dry“ extinguishing water feed

The “dry“ extinguishing water system (DIN 14 462-1) is used exclusively by the fire brigade.

Minimax extinguishing water systems consist ofco-ordinated components: fire extinguishing hose connecting equipment (wall hydrants), feedand discharge equipment, maximat filling anddraining stations, Town water connection DIMX,Backflow preventer type BAMX-NA, feed tanks,pipe ven tilators and exhausters, Minimax foam orwater hydrants, Minimax mobile foam systems,above-ground and underfloor hydrants, andaccessories such as the control panel from theMinimax FMZ 5000 series.

System components


Extinguishing water systems

Technical advice for planners, architects, authorities, sanitary installers and operators

Assistance in preparing tender documentation

Pipework calculations for extinguishing water systems

Acceptance testing

Investigation of the quality of extinguishing water (microbiological/chemical)

Recurrent testing of the extinguishing water pipework and ist components

Maintenance service


Filling and draining station Wall hydrant

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The compactfoam/watermonitor foralternative usewith foam orwater has re -volving joints forhorizontal andvertical move-ment. The pro-

jector pipe can be fixed in any desired positionwith clamp screws.

The nozzles of the foam making branch pipefrom Minimax ensure constant foam quality. Inthe enhancement piece that follows, the foamgeneration is optimised, and the ideal structuredeveloped in the foam.

Foam making branch pipes M, ME und SE

The type M and ME foam making branch pipesfor the generation of medium expansion foammake use of multi-zone foaming agents. Thetype SE foam making branch pipes for the pro-duction of low expansion foam are designed forprotein, fluoroprotein, multi-zone and waterfilm forming foaming agents.

Inline Inductor

The type Z foaming inline inductors generatemixtures of water and foaming agent. It is pos -sible to mix protein, fluoroprotein, mulit-zoneand water film forming foaming agents.

Every Minimax inline inductor are exactly prepared for delivery.

Foam/water trailers

The compact foam/water trailers are particularlysuitable for effectively fighting dangerousrapidly spreading fires, and for the preventivecooling of large objects subject to explosionhazard from a safe distance. The fire brigadetrailer has a very manoeuvrable single-axlechassis.

Mobile foam unit

The mobile foam unit for connection to theextinguishing water supply for the generationof low expansion and medium expansion foamare used wherever fires with embers and liquidfires must be expected, and where extinguish -ant residues on the burning surface itself mustbe restricted. The unit is constructed in such away that it can be effectively used even by asingle fireman in a restricted space.

Foam/water hydrant

Combined foam/water hydrants are used forextinguishing with both foam and water. Thisensures high flexibility when fighting fires.

Foam making branch pipes

Foam/water monitors



Foam equipment

Fighting fire with low expansion foam

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Minimax develops, manufactures, markets andservices fire extinguishing systems and fittingsfor fire brigade and emergency vehicles. A basicmodular scheme allows customers' requirementsto be implemented in such a way that evenwhen space is restricted, a compact sytem can be created appropriate for the vehicle's weightdistribution. Emphasis is placed on the easy andsafe handling of the units while ensuring per-manent functional safety. Depending on thenature and possible hazard presented by fire,Minimax systems can be supplied for the appli-cation of powder, CO2, premixed foam, foamadditive and water. In order to maximise theposibility of variable extinguishing tactics, therange also includes combination extinguishingequipment for the simultaneous use of multipleextinguishing agents. Anything from 60 kg ofCO2 up to 10,000 kg of powder can be supplied.

Powder extinguishing systems, 75-10,000 kg

CO2 extinguishing systems, 90-840 kg

Water/foam extinguishing systems, 250-1,200 litres

Combination extinguishing systems (twin agent)

Extinguishing pistols, 2.5 or 5.0 kg/sec.

Snow pipes 0.6-1.75 kg/sec.

Reels, mechanical or electrical

Monitors, 15, 25 or 40 kg/sec.

Extinguishing systems are available in forms suitable for all types of vehicles

Minimax extinguishing systems are CE inspected.

Conventional charging with nitrogen (charging time approx. 8 sec.)

High pressure

One or more containers, depending on mounting location and weight distribution

Complete system on frame




All drawings and technical data available

Maintance contract possible




Product range

Systems for fire and emergency vehicles

Special fire extinguishing system for commercial or fire brigade vehicles

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With its comprehensive planning and services,Minimax creates all the prerequi sites for keep -ing damages to a minimum in the event of afire.

After visiting the building, grounds or construc-tion site, Minimax specialists create customizedfire protection concepts. They also provide forthe maintenance of systems and preventive mea-sures.

Furthermore, Minimax offers training programsthat deal with the issues of fire prevention.

Preventive inspections are necessary in order to ensure that fire protection facilities functionproperly, which is also important for your in -surance coverage.

Our service provides for the timely inspection,in accordance with regulations, of water extin-guishing systems, gas extinguishing systems, kitchen protection systems, fire detectionsystems and fire extinguishers of all types, inaddition to extinguishing water technology and smoke and heat extraction systems.

The fire protection systems entrusted to us areinspected, maintained and if necessary, repairedwith extra care by specially trained employees.

Minimax provides for the implementation ofpreventive measures for structural fire preven -tion. As with all technical facilities, the oper a -bility of structural fire protection installationsof all types must be ensured and they must bemaintained in proper working order. In theevent of modifications or retrofitting of pipe or cable lines, the structural fire protection sep -arating elements must be serviced accordingly.

So that protective systems still function properlyafter many years of stand-by service and complywith the state of the art, Minimax service in -cludes much more than just maintenance.

We also offer specific measures and programsfor increasing safety and operational readiness,and for increasing convenience or lowering theoperating costs of a fire protection system.

We have customized solutions especially forpreventing aging and wear due to years of use.

In the event of encrustation and accumulationof sediment in water-filled pipe networks dueto varying water qualities, we recommend forexample the retrofitting of an extinguishing wa ter treatmentsystem by our servicepersonnel. The pre-servation of supplytanks and pressur izedwater tanks in waterextinguishing sys -tems is also coveredby the services weoffer.

Seasonal services,such as preparingsystems for winterfrost, is an impor-tant part of our ser-vice portfolio.

Extinguishing wateris frequently alsoused as drinking


Structural preventive measures




Complete fire protection management

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water. Minimax offers the service of taking samples in order to conduct microbiological and chemical analyses. The results are avail ablewithin 24 hours.

Statutory regulations generally require constantmonitoring of fire protection systems. In theevent of a fault, quick action is necessary. TheVdS approved fault reporting systems fulfillthese requirements, since all alarm, fault andmonitoring signals are sent to central location.When a fault message is received, the employeesat the control panel can determine the type offault, the location of the affected system, theidentity of the operator and the required actionto be taken. The employees also inform the res-ponsible authorities as defined in the individualplan of measures.

A competent team coordinates and controls allincoming messages around the clock so that thefault can be eliminated quickly. Additional linesfrom the fault reporting control panel to the firedepartment and police department enable fastemergency assistance. Furthermore, messagescan be received from heating, ventilation, airconditioning, elevator, building monitoring andintrusion alarm systems – an added advantagefor Minimax customers and rescue forces, inaddition to fast elimination of the fault.

For employee training and the presentation ofinformation to customers, Minimax maintainswell-attended training centers in Bad Oldesloeand Bad Urach.

Training subjects include legal foundations,basic rules for fire prevention, behavior in afire, use of fire extinguishers, how fire extin-guishing and alarm systems work, and the structure of emergency plans.

The focus of the training center in Bad Urach is on courses for fire protection officers andassistants, various specialized courses and seminars in fire protection and instruction leading to the qualification as an expert.

Of course, Minimax also instructs customer personnel, on their premises, in the use of fireextinguishing systems and equipment.

In addition, employees of our customers aretrained in the implementation of operator obligations, such as those involved with waterextinguishing systems or gas extinguishingsystems. This includes in particular the obliga-tory inspections that must be conducted by thesprinkler attendant. Minimax can, of course,perform the responsi bilities of the sprinklerattendant, if required.


Safety 24-hours a day with Minimax fault reporting management

Complete fire protection management

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Minimax GmbH & Co. KG Branch office Marine & Special SystemsIndustriestrasse 10/12D-23840 Bad OldesloePhone: +49 4531 803-0Fax: +49 4531 803-140

Minimax GmbH & Co. KG Branch office NordAn der Autobahn 12D-23858 ReinfeldPhone: +49 4533 2066-0Fax: +49 4533 2066-99

Minimax WindhorstBranch office of Minimax GmbH & Co. KGSteindamm 52/54D-28719 BremenPhone: +49 421 63890-0Fax: +49 421 63890-90

Minimax GmbH & Co. KGConsulting engineers Marine & Special SystemsAm Becketal 14D-28755 BremenPhone: +49 421 6691-203Fax: +49 421 6691-228

Minimax GmbH & Co. KGConsulting engineers BremenDesmastrasse 3-5D-28832 AchimPhone: +49 4202 9154-0Fax: +49 4202 9154-30

Minimax GmbH & Co. KGBranch office HannoverHeinrich-Hertz-Strasse 23D-30966 HemmingenPhone: +49 511 4206-1Fax: +49 511 4206-440

Minimax GmbH & Co. KGConsulting engineers KasselCrumbacher Strasse 129D-34253 LohfeldenPhone: +49 561 95174-0Fax: +49 561 95174-40

Minimax GmbH & Co. KGBranch office Rhein-RuhrLocation EssenGermaniastrasse 28D-45356 EssenPhone: +49 201 6164-0Fax: +49 201 6164-211

Minimax GmbH & Co. KGConsulting engineers KölnHeinrich-Pesch-Strasse 5D-50739 KölnPhone: +49 221 54698-0Fax: +49 221 54698-70

Minimax GmbH & Co. KGBranch office HagenGerberstrasse 22D-58095 HagenPhone: +49 2331 2006-0Fax: +49 2331 29522

Minimax GmbH & Co. KGBranch office FrankfurtHeinrich-Hertz-Strasse 1D-63303 DreieichPhone: +49 6103 5880-0Fax: +49 6103 5880-180

Minimax GmbH & Co. KGConsulting engineers SaarbrückenIndustriestrasse 27D-66129 SaarbrückenPhone: +49 6805 9424-0Fax: +49 6805 9424-10

Minimax GmbH & Co. KGBranch office StuttgartSchützenbühlstrasse 12D-70435 StuttgartPhone: +49 711 98271-0Fax: +49 711 98271-200

Minimax GmbH & Co. KGBranch office StuttgartLocation FreiburgHausener Weg 6D-79111 FreiburgPhone: +49 761 45564-0Fax: +49 761 45564-49

Minimax GmbH & Co. KGBranch office BayernLocation MünchenMarsstrasse 5D-85609 AschheimPhone: +49 89 998898-0Fax: +49 89 998898-295

Minimax GmbH & Co. KGBranch office BayernLocation NürnbergBrunecker Strasse 100D-90461 NürnbergPhone: +49 911 45002-0Fax: +49 911 45002-30

Minimax GmbH & Co. KGConsulting engineers WürzburgWinterhäuser Strasse 29D-97084 WürzburgPhone: +49 931 61589-0Fax: +49 931 61589-10

Branch offices/Consulting engineers in Germany



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Fire protection center in Germany

Head office:Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KGMinimaxstrasse 1D-72574 Bad UrachPhone: +49 7125 154-0Fax: +49 7125 154-100

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KGMinimax Location DresdenSerkowitzer Strasse 29aD-01445 RadebeulPhone: +49 351 8386660Fax: +49 351 8386688

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KGMinimax Fire protection center BerlinGottlieb-Dunkel-Strasse 20/21D-12099 BerlinPhone: +49 30 700008-15Fax: +49 30 700008-70

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KGMinimax Location RostockAm Vögenteich 15D-18057 RostockPhone: +49 381 2037437Fax: +49 381 2034857

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KGMinimax Fire protection center HamburgOsterade 23D-21031 HamburgPhone: +49 40 251966-0Fax: +49 40 251966-19

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KGMinimax Fire protection center HannoverHackethalstrasse 61D-30851 Hannover-LangenhagenPhone: +49 511 97839999Fax: +49 511 97839992

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KG Minimax Location BielefeldEckendorfer Strasse 101D-33609 BielefeldPhone: +49 521 7515-81+82Fax: +49 521 7515-83

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KGMinimax Fire protection center DortmundLindenhorster Strasse 101D-44147 DortmundPhone: +49 231 985153-0Fax: +49 231 855533

Fire protection center Münster Horst Brinck GmbHGeneral agency MünsterAn der Kleinmannbrücke 17D-48157 MünsterPhone: +49 251 14161-0Fax: +49 251 325220

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KGMinimax Fire protection center KölnHeinrich-Pesch-Strasse 5D-50739 KölnPhone: +49 221 54698-11Fax: +49 221 54698-90

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KGMinimax Fire protection center FrankfurtHeinrich-Hertz-Strasse 1D-63303 DreieichPhone: +49 6103 5880-280Fax: +49 6103 5880-285

Gebr. Molter GmbHGeneral agency SaarbrückenAm Neuhauser Weg 51D-66125 Saarbrücken-DudweilerPhone: +49 68 979001-0Fax: +49 68 979001-50

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KGMinimax Fire protection center StuttgartSchützenbühlstrasse 12D-70435 StuttgartPhone: +49 711 98271-129Fax: +49 711 98271-130

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KGMinimax Location MünchenMarsstrasse 5D-85609 AschheimPhone: +49 89 998898250Fax: +49 89 998898270

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KGMinimax Location AugsburgAugust-Wessels-Strasse 33aD-86156 AugsburgPhone: +49 821 741744Fax: +49 821 741745

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KGMinimax Fire protection center NürnbergBrunecker Strasse 100-102D-90461 NürnbergPhone: +49 911 45002-0Fax: +49 911 45002-40

General agency OberpfalzGünzstrasse 4D-93059 RegensburgPhone: +49 941 56719-2Fax: +49 941 56719-4

General agency NiederbayernBahnhofstrasse 61aD-94469 DeggendorfPhone: +49 991 8440Fax: +49 991 8449

Metzler Feuerschutz GmbHGeneral agency WürzburgWinterhäuser Strasse 87D-97084 Würzburg-HeidingsfeldPhone: +49 931 61901-0Fax: +49 931 61901-40

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KGMinimax Fire protection center ErfurtMühlgarten 10D-99094 Erfurt-MöbisburgPhone: +49 361 6437004Fax: +49 361 7968223

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AustraliaMinimax Fire Fighting Systems Pvt. Ltd.37 Cromer Road, Cromer Heights2099 New South Wales, Australia

BrazilMinimax do Brasil Ltda.Rua dos Cardeais, 191Jd. ItáliaCEP 13280-000 Vinhedo-SP, BrazilPhone: +55 19-3886 6670Fax: +55 19-3826 1679E-Mail: [email protected]

ChinaMinimax (Beijing)Fire Fighting System Co. Ltd.No. 18, 5th Zone ABPNo. 188 West Road, South 4th Ring RoadFengtai District100070 Beijing, ChinaPhone: +86 10 6370 - 1195Fax: +86 10 6370 - 1011E-Mail: [email protected]

FranceMinimax France SAS30, rue du Bois Chaland91090 Lisses, FrancePhone: +33 1 69113560Fax: +33 1 60860855

Great BritainMinimax UK Ltd.1025 Beverly GardensMaidenheadBerkshire, SL6 6SW, United Kingdom

IndiaMX Systems International Pvt. Ltd.701-A, Dipti Classic, Seventh Floor32/34, Suren RoadAndheri (East), Mumbai-400093, IndiaPhone: +91 22-2682 2550Fax: +91 22-2682 2530E-Mail: [email protected]

IndonesiaMinimax GmbH & Co. KGIndonesia Representative Office30/F, Menara KADINJI.H.R. Rasuna Said Block X-5Kav. 2-3, Jakarta 12950, IndonesiaPhone: +62 21 45 85-64 78Fax: +62 21 45 85-64 57

IranMinimax GmbH & Co. KGBranch Office IranNo. 3, 9th Floor, Mellat TowerVali-e-Asr Ave. Teheran, IranPhone: +98 21 220 25 992-3Fax: +98 21 220 25 288

KuwaitMinimax GmbH & Co. KGRepresentative Office KuwaitSafatP.O. Box 86413009 Kuwait, KuwaitPhone: +965 4 34 37 21Fax: +965 4 31 54 41E-Mail: [email protected]

LuxemburgF.I.S.Fire Protection Installation Services S.à r.l.9. avenue GuillaumeL-1651 Luxembourg, LuxemburgPhone: +352 76 91 75Fax: +352 76 91 88E-Mail: [email protected]

F.I.S.Fire Protection Installation Services S.à r.l.3, zone industrielle BombichtL-6947 Niederanven, LuxemburgPhone: +352 76 91 75Fax: +352 76 91 88E-Mail: [email protected]

The NetherlandsMx Brandbeveiliging B.V.Televisieweg 62NL-1322 AM Almere, NetherlandsPhone: +31 36 54 61 600Fax: +31 36 54 61 610E-Mail: [email protected]

AustriaMinimax-Österreichische Feuerschutz-Ges. m.b.H.Stationärer BrandschutzDeutschstraße 3A-1230 Wien, AustriaPhone: +43 1-6 15 61 05-0Fax: +43 1-6 15 61 05-16E-Mail: [email protected]

Minimax Mobil Services GmbH & Co. KGZweigniederlassung AustriaMobiler BrandschutzCarlbergergasse 66BA-1230 Wien, AustriaPhone: +43 1-8 65 81 61-0Fax: +43 1-8 65 81 61-59E-Mail: [email protected]

PolandMinimax Polska Sp. z.o.o.ul. Ogrodowa 27/29PL-05-092 Lomianki, Kielpin, PolandPhone: +48 227514080/81Fax: +48 227514082E-Mail: [email protected]

PortugalPefipresa-Proteccão Contra Incêndios Lda.(Pefiport)Galiza - S. João do EstorilRua das Avencas, Alto dos GaiosP-2765 Estoril, PortugalPhone: +351 21-4 64 74 10Fax: +351 21-4 64 74 20E-Mail: [email protected]

RomaniaMinimax Sisteme Antiincendiu SRLCalea Bucurestilor Nr. 91 B, 4. StockOtopeni, Kreis Ilfov, RomaniaPhone: +40 725194400Fax: +40 725194429

RussiaOOO Minimax Russia1. Kasatschij Pereulok 5/2Building 1119017 Moscow, RussiaPhone: +7 4952344251E-Mail: [email protected]

SingaporeMinimax GmbH & Co. KGSingapore Branch# 03-59/60 German Centre25 International Business Park609916 Singapore, SingaporePhone: +65 65628630Fax: +65 65628639E-Mail: [email protected]

SpainIncipresa S.A.C/Goya, 135-2° Izqu.E-28009 Madrid, SpainPhone: +34 913093636Fax: +34 913093488

Pefipresa S.A.San Cesáreo 22 y 24E-28021 Madrid, SpainPhone: +34 91 7 10 90 00Fax: +34 91 7 98 57 56E-Mail: [email protected]

ThailandFire Protection Installation Services(Thailand) Co., Ltd.54 BB. Building, 13th Floor1312 Sukhumvit 21 (Asoke) Rd.Klong Toey Nua, Wattana10110 Bangkok, ThailandPhone: +66 22 60 - 6 34 12Fax: +66 22 60 - 63 43E-Mail: [email protected]

Czech RepublicMinimax-Österreichische Feuerschutz-Ges. m.b.H.Zweigniederlassung TschechienBohumil KafkaBranická 43CZ 147 00 Praha 4. Czech RepublicPhone: +420 244 461130Fax: +420 244 461135E-Mail: [email protected]

HungaryMinimax Hungária Kft.Budafoki út 209H-1117 Budapest, HungaryPhone: +36 1 4810321Fax: +36 1 4810322E-Mail: [email protected]

United Arab EmiratesMinimax GmbH & Co. KGRepresentative Office United ArabEmiratesAbu Dhabi Trade CenterWest Tower - 5th FloorAbu Dhabi, United Arab EmiratesPhone: +971 2 6456657Fax: +971 2 6456658E-Mail: [email protected]

USAFlamex Inc.4365 Federal DriveGreensboro N.C. 27410, USAE-Mail: [email protected]


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Minimax GmbH & Co. KGIndustriestrasse 10/12 23840 Bad OldesloeGermanyPhone: +49 4531 803-0 Fax: +49 4531 803-248

Minimax Mobile Services GmbH & Co. KGMinimaxstrasse 172574 Bad UrachGermanyPhone: +49 7125 154-0Fax: +49 7125 154-100

E-mail: [email protected]











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