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  • Even if the depth was not great, and the water was clear, such as the bathroom, I still kept away from there. I was sure that ghosts live in the water.As a child, I was very afraid of water. I was not afraid of drowning , the reason was quite different. When I touched the water, it seemed to me that there is someone, and that someone grabs me and carries off the bottom.

  • More I didnt scare the ghosts of water, I got rid of my fear thanks to the stranger boy. We laughed and splashed water on each other, and then swam to the shore. When we came out of the water, I turned around to say thank you for the boy and to ask him his name, but he was not there. He disappeared, and I didnt see him in my dreams any more. One night I had a dream in which a boy took me by the hand and led me to the lake. Surprisingly, I did not resist, but simply followed him.We got into the water, and I thought that it was the end. More I wont get back to the shore, I wont see my friends and family, all of life flew in front of my eyes. But suddenly the boy squeezed my hand harder, and I calmed down.

  • In the morning when I woke up, immediately I told my mom that I want to swim, that now I dont afraid of water. She was very happy and sent me to the swimming pool. I swam, participated in the competitions, and took first and second places. I was happy to do my favorite thing.

  • Years passed, and I had so many hard things: learning, music school, tutors, dancing, so I stopped going to the pool. I'm so tired of all that I decided to give up my hobby. But in life, nothing happens by accident.

  • Two months ago, when I was walking past the amazing lake near the home of my friend, something called me, and I walked over to the water. It was evening, shining lights and people shoot fireworks. It was so beautiful, but I hurried home, so I turned to leave. But suddenly I tripped and dropped my bag. A man came up and helped me up, and picked up my bag. I looked at him to thank.

  • Guess whom I saw in front of me? Yes, it was the boy from my dream, who deliver me from fear. Of course, it wasnt quite a little boy, it was a guy about 16 years old. But his eyes and his smile still radiated kindness. We stared at each other, but I had to run home. The last words I said to him were, "Thank you, that changed my life."

  • Be aware, nothing in this world happens by chance. Even in a dream your whole life can change.