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My Animal Report by Allana

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My Animal Report

My Animal Report

by Allana1Cover Page

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Gray wolf

2Animal Reports

Table of ContentsIntroduction p.3

What Do gray wolves Look Like?p.4

What Do gray wolves Eat?....................p.5

Where Do gray wolves Live?.......................p.6

Do gray wolves Have Predators?.......................p.7

Interesting Facts About gray wolvesp.8

Conclusion p.9


IntroductionWhat is that howl I hear in the mountains.Its a gray wolf coming out of its cave.

What Do gray wolves Look Like?Gray wolves are gray with four legs. And big paws with a strait tail. With long bushy fur. And a narrow chest.


What Dogray wolfs Eat?Gray wolves eat deers,elk, and bor.They also eat moose,grabage, andGoats.

Where Do gray wolves Live?gGray wolves live in North Americaand Mexico. They also live in the U.S.A., Europe, Asia and Canada.

Do gray wolves Have Predators?A gray wolves predator is a brown bear, fox, and a polarbear. Other predators are raccoons, and c oyotes.

Interesting Facts About gray wolves

A gray wolf is the worlds most well known and well researched animal.

There are more books written than any other wild life species.

Wolves howl to assemble their pack.

An adult gray wolf can eat 20 pounds of meat in one meal.

The gray wolf is the top predator in both boreal and temperate forests.

Conclusion I choose this animal because its my favorite animal in the whole wide world!!!