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My Career Journey Map By: Farahnaz Nazir

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1. My Career Journey Map
By: FarahnazNazir
2. Kabul
Universityof Kharkov Ukraine
Graduated from high school
After graduationwent back to Kabul
Born in Ukraine
3. T
Baby Girl Born
Electrical Engineer
Moved to Pakistan as refugee
Farsi language teacher in college
CDO certificate and other training
Community development Officer (CDO) in Mercy Corp International
Back to Afghanistan
4. I
Doctors with out bothers (MSF)

  • Supervisor of Health clinic 5. Supervisor and facilitator of Community health worker 6. Supervisor of nutrition unit


  • Relief coordinator for 500 familieswho were displaced

Had to flee the country
7. Exploring myself in a new society
Political refugee in Canada

  • Learning the English language 8. Volunteer work 9. Speeches 10. Networking 11. Got honorable membership in the International women organization, ZONTA 12. Media interviews 13. Traveled to USA , Europe and around Canada 14. Got landed immigrant status 15. Got job as a counselor 16. Still getting used to the weather 17. Got Canadian citizenship

New environment
New culture
New language
New system
No identity
Back to Kabul For 17days
18. Continue working with Afghanistan women Association

  • Contacted members of AWA 19. Fund raising for Women and children in Afghanistan 20. Reestablished AWA under a different name and register with the government 21. Funded a skill development project and adult education 22. 80 women graduated after 2 years and opened their one small businesses 23. Got an award for life long learning in Canada 24. This opened a new desire togo back to school for a career change.

Attended human rights conference in Kabul
Career Developmentpractitioner
25. Goals & wishes

  • Graduate from Conestoga. 26. Get a job as a Career development practitioner. 27. Help others