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1. By: Jagr Boucher 2. Im Curious about everything that doesnt make sense andIm very adventurous and I really like tinkering with littleobjects and Im kind of obsessed with video games. 3. I was born in Surrey and raised in Castlegar. My family I dontknow much about. 4. My hobby is to tinker with little toys and make them lookkind of new I guess. Im interested in sci fi TV shows. 5. I like video games such as dishonored and the assassins creed franchise,also I like the Bethesda game studios, and the ubisoft productions 6. I really dont know much about myfamily except I no my backgroundswhich is close to most of my family,Im part German, French, Honduran,and a little bit of Chinese. And thatsreally the same for most of my familyor well the Bouchers at least. 7. FAMILY AND ALL MY FRIENDS MATTER TO MENUFF SAID 8. My learning style is good I get good grades but I do geteasily distracted but its still good and my personality iscurious, adventurous, mostly happy and yeah thats about itwell some find my annoying so do i. 9. My possible future might have me inventing things but if itis true Im going to have to get better at science and math.