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My DSLR Skills Alice Atkins

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My DSLR Skills

Alice Atkins

THE CAMERAWhen filming our media practical, we used two different types of cameras, the Cannon 750D & 1200D. We chose these two cameras due to them both having a high quality video resolution of 1920 x 1080.When taking the images for our ancillary texts, I used the 750D. This is because it has a larger ISO range, meaning the greater light sensitivity. This meant we could shoot in dark unnatural lighting and still have a clear shot. Another reason I chose the 750D is that it shoots 5.0 FPS meaning I was able to capture the smoke in the images before it disappeared. This was a very useful feature of the camera and helped me ensure our shot was strong and created the best shot of the smoke as possible.

My Skills- MANUAL SETTINGSWhen capturing the image for the film poster, I ensured that a low aperture of f/4.5. This allowed me to control the blur of the image and ensured that the focus point of the image was the girls hand and the cigarette she was holding. I used a fast shutter speed when creating this image to ensure that there was no camera shake which would obscure the image.This image was taken with the ISO at around 100-200, this allowed the photograph to have little to no noise and allowed the hand and cigarette to be clear.

MY SKILLS- Filming & photographsOn the DSLR, I am competent with both taking photographs and filming video. When filming the trailer, I spilt the filming with my group to ensure an equal amount of participation, but when it came to the film poster, I took the images. This is due to my knowledge of the manual settings of a DSLR. This shows my versatility and that I am able to efficiently use a DSLR.

Using a dslrThe DSLR camera was a vital piece of media technology within our final task and ancillary tasks, without it, we would of really struggled. By using a DSLR, we were able to shoot high quality footage and images which help to make our tasks look like professional media texts that could be used in the real world. If we had not have used a DSLR, I feel the quality of our tasks would have detracted from their purpose and that they would have been ineffective.

Overall, I feel that by having advanced DSLR skills, it was easier to produce our tasks and to ensure that the products were of a high quality.