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1. SULFATE, SILICON, ALCOHOL, NACLFREE HERBAL NEW ANTI HAIR LOSSSHAMPOO ARGANRain 2. Hair loss is a very a common problem; in fact, it affects not only men but alsowomen and children. While hair loss in men is commonly related to balding,other times, it can be a result of poor diet and lifestyle choice.The most commoncause for hair loss, however,is a prolonged illness, such as typhoid or jaundice,which can result in sudden and excessive hair loss.In many cases, it could also bedue to an imbalance in the hormones, for example, if your thyroid gland is notfunctioning properly, you may experience sudden hair loss. Hormonal changesduring pregnancy can also result in hair loss in some women. Apart from these,hair loss is also a side effect of certain medicines.Fungal infections of the scalpcan also be a cause for hair loss. 3. Cycles of growth :Our hair growth is identified to be following three phases duringits life, namely anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen is the phase that lasts fromtwo to five years and this growth phase is terminated by extreme interruptionbetween hair shaft and nourishing papilla. This interruption lasts only for a fewdays and is called the Catagen Phase. The next three months the hair rests andthis period of resting is called Telogen Phase. After this resting period, the hairfalls and in its place a new hair growth cycle begins. 4. Causes of Hair Loss : The primary cause of loss of hair lies inthe genes, the genetic endowment and is irreversible. Thereis also loss of hair due to the Chemo therapy, treatment ofinfection by ingesting chemicals or drugs into ones biologicalsystems. The other supplementary factors are stress, poordiet and personal hygiene, physical illness, environmentalissues like pollution etc. Lets see each one of the causes insome more detail. 5. Genetics :We all carry genes from our parents in equalproportion. If anyone of our ancestors has had permanenthair loss it is carried forward to our lives also and henceirreversible. This is called Patterned Baldness, morepronounced in males and hence the common MalePatterned Baldness or MPB. 6. MPB :This legacy that one inherits is most common in young males butalso known to affect the middle aged people. Early detection is importantand to date there is no known medical cure to this ailment. Good scalpcleaning and nourishing is important. Generally speaking, around twentyfive percent of men under 30 years of age and sixty six percent of themover 40 years of age experience male patterned baldness. It starts theprocess by thinning the top of the head or the hairline and recedes furthertowards the crown. In some cases the loss is more pronounced around thecrown. 7. Pregnancy and related issues :The hormonal status undergoes marked changesduring pregnancy and some of these lead to growth of hair. This is due to the factthat the Anogen phase of growth is more prolonged. However, after delivery thehormonal balance is restored to its erstwhile levels and the prolonged Anogenphase is induced into Telogen phase after completion of which the hair is lost.Therefore when a woman loses large amount of hair after about three months ofdelivery, there is no need to panic. This loss is temporary and after a month or soit will return to normal levels, new hair follicles replacing the old ones. A similarsituation is true in the cases of abortion and when under treatment with femalesex hormones or with the contraceptive pills and the treatment is suddenlywithdrawn. 8. Fever and Other General Illnesses :A typhoidpatient, after passage of about three months afterthe fever, tends to lose excessive hair. High feverdue to other causes such as dengue, viral or lowfever but prolonged as in tuberculosis or recurrentas in malaria can also lead to excessive hair loss. 9. Emotional Stress :Emotional stresscan also lead tohair lossirrespective ofthe factor relatedto the stress. Thefactors can be asvaried as workplace, examphobia, loveaffair, maritaldiscord or oflosing near anddear ones– thehair is induced into the telogenphaseprematurely. 10. Excessive Dieting :Hair shaft is nothing but a proteincalled Keratin; hence diet is very important factor inthe growth of hair. In order to reduce their weight,people tend to do heavy dieting and this can lead toexcessive hair loss. A proper and healthy diet is veryessential for healthy hairline. Hair loss due to dietingis not seen if the process of diet control is slow. 11. Accidents andInjuries :It isobserved thatsome personslose excessivehair due toaccidents.Anemia :Chronicanemia is also acause of excessivehair loss. Thisanemia can bebecause ofdeficiency in ironor due tofrequent loss ofblood. 12. Drugs :It is a misnomer that use of antibiotic leads to hairloss whereas the disease itself can be a cause for hair lossfor which the antibiotics have been provided. But there arecertain drugs mainly used for treatment of cancer orimmune system, which can lead to excessive hair loss, andhair re grows the moment the use of drug has beenstopped. 13. GET HEALTHER, MORE ATTRACTVE HAR ! STOP HAIR LOSS SPECIAL FORMULATION Sulfate, Slicone, Alcohol, Salt and Dye Free formulation Special Formulation with %100 Organic Argan Oil Prevent Oily Hair Long, healthy hair FASTER HAIR GROWTH Microbiologically, Dermatologically and allergy-testedClick here : review :