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My Heroes Journey

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My Heroes Journey. The Adventure. You have been invited by a mysterious wizard to come on an adventure with him and a company of 17 intrepid explorers. The explorers ask you to help them reclaim a lost and ancient treasure in a remote cave a long way away from here. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Meeting the MentorYou feel like those dangers are going to need minimal difficulty to defeat and you feel even more confident on completing this quest. Meeting the mentorYou decide to run home as you are certain that it will mean death for all in the company.

THE ENDMeeting the MentorYou talk with the wizard along the way for about half an hour and he tells you about the dangers the company will have to face along the journey.

Do you keep walking or run away in terror.The RaidWhen you are walking there is a raid on the company by a bunch of bandits who injure one of the company members by cutting him on the arm but its not fatal. Luckily you have a basic medical kit with that you always take on journeys and you fix him up so the company can continue.A few hours laterA few hours later, the company stops and says its getting too dark to go on, so everyone sets up camp, has dinner and goes to sleep.WAKE UP! WAKE UP!You wake up to the sound of shouting, first you dont know what it its but then you notice its the wake up call. You then start to pack your stuff for the day and the long walk up to the top of the mountain to the cave where the Balrog (a giant creature like demon) lurks.ContinueYou have your stuff ready and prepare to start walking but you then think you should have breakfast but all your food is in your bag.

Do you unpack again or skip breakfast.The MountainsThe company turn onto a different road, the one that will take them to the mountain pass up to the cave of the Balrog. Across the Mountain passThere are two paths across the mountain, one is a longer way but more direct, the other one takes a considerably shorter time but will mean going along the edge of the mountain via a thin path that one can fall off at any time if they lose their balance.

Do you choose the long path or the short but dangerous one.

The Balrog.The Flames of HellAbove the company stood the Balrog, luckily it didnt know they were there. The company managed to sneak behind a few rocks against the wall. From there they quietly made a plan to get the treasure unspotted. The Balrog started to walk off through the cave towards the entrance. The company came out from behind the rocks and started to look for the treasure, but they knew they didnt have much time before the Balrog came back. They all split up in to different areas of the cave until they found the treasure in the corner inside a cabinet.The Escape The company managed to pull the cabinet behind the rocks before the Balrog came back. The Balrog wanted to destroy a small town east of the cave so it went outside. That meant the company could take the cabinet out of the cave and escape.The company forgot about the wizard outside until you remember and tell everyone. They all panic and hope the Balrog doesnt go out yet and you hope the wizard will hide, but he doesnt. At first you and the company hear a loud roar and then silence, then there's a shout from the wizard and after that there's an explosion of fire at the entrance to the cave.The Battle of FireYou get to the entrance with the rest of the company and see the wizard battling the Balrog. The Balrog is burning everything around the wizard, but the wizard is protected by an impenetrable energy shield around him. The wizard then sends a energy projectile at the Balrog leaving him weakened for a few seconds. Quickly 8 members of the company manage to get in and get some rope around the Balrog's legs. The Balrog then burns the rope with its fire and then jumps into the air and lands down so hard it created a shockwave in the ground, knocking over all of the company. The shockwave was so loud and so hard that the town to the east felt it and knew it was the Balrog, the towns soldiers came to arms and started to march up the mountain to the cave. When the soldiers got to the top they saw the Balrog fighting the wizard, it didnt take long for the soldiers to know what was going on

The rescueIt didnt take long for the soldiers to know what was going on and quickly they aimed their bows and arrows at the Balrog and fired. The Balrog didnt know what hit him and went to turn around to face the soldiers, but the wizard shot another energy projectile at the Balrog's legs making it off balance and fall over. The company tried again and this time were successful with restraining it with the rope. The soldiers managed to get to the injured members of the company while the rest got the water they brought and tried to put the fire out.After that the soldiers pulled the Balrog into the cave with the leftover rope, when they were done the soldiers gave a lift to you and the company to the town to the east. The company stayed in the town for the night and when they woke they all thought it was a dream but it wasnt and they all got up and packed their stuff to go home. When you have your stuff the wizard uses his powers to teleport you home. Right at this time you get angry with the wizard because he could have used his teleport to get to the mountain instantly. You feel like you want to punch the wizard for this but he blinds you and teleports home.Fin