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My Immigration Story By Mikel Calderon

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My Immigration Story. By Mikel Calderon. Introduction. My name is Mikel Calderon November 19, 1985 I was happy living in Mexico. When I Found Out I was Coming. I felt confused My father said I would not go to school for 2 weeks My friends were sad, but wished me the best - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • My Immigration StoryBy Mikel Calderon

  • IntroductionMy name is Mikel CalderonNovember 19, 1985I was happy living in Mexico

  • When I Found Out I was ComingI felt confusedMy father said I would not go to school for 2 weeksMy friends were sad, but wished me the bestI felt nervous when I left Mexico.

  • In the US for the first timeI felt confused living in the United States for the first timeI lived in a garage with my Dad, Mom, 2 sisters and my brotherI didnt like living there because I had to be quiet all the time

  • My First Day in SchoolI felt scaredI couldnt talk to anyone because I didnt know EnglishI did not have any friendsI ate by my selfNow I feel good living here

  • Living in the United StatesI think Living in the United States is goodI didnt like to speak English because I was embarassedI dont like the discrimination and violence in OaklandI feel hopeful about the future

  • My Future in the United StatesLiving in the United States changed my lifeI see my self living in a nice houseMaybe Ill have 3 childrenMy future looks bright