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An autobiography as a requirement for my midterm



Autobiography is a form of art/literature and according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it is a biography written by himself or herself. Its simple as a life story written by yourself. You know what, it feels weird to write your own story because it has the same feeling when Im reading a memoir. I feel goose bumps but at the same time it feels good because youre reliving and reminiscing the oh-so-good-and-bad memories you have. The importance of writing an autobiography is that you can share what and who you are as well as your experiences good or bad, you can also put closure to a period or episode in your life and you can leave a message to whom will read your work. It may help or not but at least you can show the world your art of your life. If youre asking me why am I writing this its because one (1) its part of my midterm requirement in my Arts Appreciation and Aesthetics subject, two (2) Im an ordinary student/person in this world. In Earth, I am but like a speck of dust to the billions people but however my story can be an inspiration to the people who have time to read this.



Conception Stage

My parents were introduced to each other by their common friends. They hook up to each other and started dating for 3 years. They are sensitive with this issue. I dont know I think they dont want us to copy what they did. All I know is that theyre not meeting each other more often because of their work. My Papa is 7 years younger than my Mama. It was never an issue for my parents but its a big deal for their relatives.

In the year 1994, my parents did premarital sex honestly. So they decided to get married to get married June 14 of the same year at Manila City Hall and celebrate just with close friends in a Max Restaurant.

I will not narrate how I was created. Dont worry. All I know is that I/we are made from LOVE.


During the pregnancy of my Mama, she had a dreamed 2 angels flying on the street and making fun of her. She chased them and at the end of her dream was a rosary hanging in an image of Mother Mary. She told me that she never have problems with her pregnancy and just crave for green mangoes and santol. Shes also fond on eating twin bananas that could lift her mood anytime she eats it.My Mama didnt undergone any ultrasound because she believe that it will be much meaningful if it is a surprise. She just go to UST hospital for her monthly check-up because its near from the apartment she lived in.


On a busy day December 5, 1994, my Mamas day of work is done. And before she have to leave her workplace in as a government employee at MARINA located at UN Avenue, she first went to the comfort room to pee but who wouldve thought that that day will be one of the longest day of her life. My Mama noticed that her pee is longer than the usual time so she decided to call for her best friend Letty, my godmother, to take her to the nearest hospital.

Ninang Letty panicked while my Mama is still calm. They didnt expect it because my Mamas due date will be less than a month more. And my Mama is expecting to give birth at the end of the month at around December 28. Unfortunately, my papa is at his work in Cavite still training for Philippine Constabulary or what we call Philippine National Police in the modern times.

They decided to quickly ride a cab and headed to Manila Medical Center. The nearest hospital to their building but another problem is its not the hospital where my Mama is having check-ups and appointments. Contraction on my mothers womb is still manageable so they decided to wait for final wave of contraction before making a push and my time to see the world.

Finally, at around 9 oclock in the eve my Mama gave birth to me in the guidance of Dra. Catherine Pujol and other doctors as well as the nurses. Minutes have passed, my Mama still conscious in the operating room of the hospital. Shes ready to be transferred to the private room where they will bring my Mama to rest. But then Dr. Pujol noticed that my Mamas placenta is still not coming out yet so all of the doctors and nurses are called again. And after 36 minutes after they have brought my twin sister out in this world.

I came out head first while my sister is feet first. In Gods will, we are in normal delivery but still we still not strong enough so we are brought in incubators. My Mama cried because of happiness and sadness that she cannot carry us with her own hands but the doctors said that we must clear all of the tests and make sure that we strong enough especially my sister who have weak lungs before giving clearance to take us home. We are also small enough with just more than 3 kg each. We are like tiny creatures given by God to our parents.

The other doctors said if my Mama cant afford to raise the two of us, they can adopt my sister but my Mama definitely refused. Three days after we have been born, were finally registered in Manila City Hall as Ma. Kassandra Flores-Aquino, thats me. While my sisters name is Ma. Kriselda Flores-Aquino. Those names were given by our Ninang Letty. And after a week, we are discharged in the hospital.

Weeks have passed, our Mama tried to breastfed us but we dont like it. So we are feed b formula milk until we grow. Life is hard as well as taking care of us so our parents decided when we reach 1 year old we will move to Pangasinan particularly at a small town called Mapandan. Where we will spend most of our lives.


From a small apartment where my parents rent a room in Sampaloc, Manila we have moved to my papas hometown in Pangasinan. We lived at our Grandparents house together with Inang, Amang and my uncles that havent married yet. That house is newly renovated from the money that my Papa earned and my Uncle Roland. Honestly, my Papas family is poor. Amang is just a farmer with 4 daughters and 6 sons. So we dont except from them much. The worse is my aunts and uncles dont like my Mama. But Mama and Papa just keep their mouth shut and dont complain. My parents needed their help in taking care of us while their away from work in Manila. We were also baptized as Roman Catholic Christian in December 5, 1996 at St. Joseph Parochial Church. Since its hard to take care of two kids, Inang and Amang took care of me while my Nanay Helen and Tatay Rudy took care of my twin sister. My parents are just sending money for our expenses and go home when its weekend. As far as I could remember, it was fun taking care of your Lolo and Lola because youll be spoiled and discipline at the same time. Another complain hit my parents senses by my aunt. She told my Lolo that we should move to a different house because we were a burden for my grandparents and my aunts and uncles. So my parents decided to build a nipa house on the spare land from my Lolos farm. And they also transferred their jobs from Manila to San Fernando, La Union which is way nearer than Manila. They also hired my Nanay Helen to be our Yaya while my parents are working during the day.We grow up in a simple way not being spoiled by my parents. Only the things we need are the ones that are given. We even get corporal punishments. Our only addiction is that every Sunday after going to church we would go to Mcdo or Jollibee, eat and collect those toys that they have. Playing with my cousins which is mostly male made me boyish, in fact we frequently have Barbie dolls. We used to play those traditional games like patintero, tumbang presoand many more. We always climb trees, eat together, play together, laugh together and sing together those old school music like those from boy and girl bands. But my personal favourite is April Boy Regino with his song Di ko kayang Tanggapin. I have sang that song a million times.Funny moment in my life connecting to that song is that my youngest uncle, Uncle Macoy have his long-time girlfriend. I remember it was sometime in 1998 after the Typhoon Gading where Pangasinan what really hit by the calamity and our roof was blown by the strong wind and the men in our compound are fixing it and then I called out to my uncle saying, Uncle Macoy.Uncle Macoy! Look at me, I can now sing the song whole.Di ko kayang tanggapin na mawawala ka na sa akin, napakasakit na marinig na ayaw mo na sa akin~. He almost fell down because of that and all of them crack up while laughing hard. Unfortunately, after that incident, my Uncle cried because they have broken up. Whenever my older cousins are in school, we would just stay at our home and watch television programs that when we learn new things about the world. We learn how to sing the Alphabet song and count up to 100 though were still young and can understand English a bit and a lot of Filipino as well as Pangasinan language. My Mama wanted us to learn more like the habit of reading thats why she bought Encyclopedias, dictionaries and illustrations that can answer our questions. We particularly, me, are really eager about the world thats why I love science. I like discovering things. June, 1999. Were about to turn 4 years old. I clearly remember that time, our Mama brought us to this strange place where are many children like us and one of my cousins is working there and she asked us if we wanted to join them to play. It was a nursery school and its called Mapandan Catholic School. Its a private school. It was time to I was really excited because I can play with them. All I know is I can play all I want but I was wrong. Like one day, I was awake and hey, Im in school I learn new things. I am really bad at Math and reading. Its a really a disadvantage to us because our parents are away and theres no one to teach how to read and write. We also have a huge gap generation. Even helping us on our homeworks is really tough for them because they are tired from work and they even have to cook for our dinner as well as breakfast. At a young age, we were also trained to cook for all of us. Starting from cooking rice without rice cooker and simple dish like adobo and others. Time was fast for me that time. All I know is I needed to go to school to study and go home and play with my cousins. I never have enthusiasm at studying, in fact I thought it was a burden though I can learn something fast. I am always aloof inside the class because all of my classmates are very studious. (Well no much actually). I always have awards in school at the end of the school year and I dont mid it. I am very shy and do not have confidence. One factor is that I was bullied by my classmates as piggy. Yes, me and my sister. We were the tallest in class as well as heaviest in class. I am chubby because I like to eat. Reality hit me, when I was grade 2. My Filipino teacher called me to read the story for our topic and I was like very timed and like theres no words coming out of my mouth. I was really embarrass that time. My parents dont asks us what we did and what we are doing in school so I thought I needed to step up. I needed to gain more effort in the things I am not doing well like reading. I excel at reading in English but never in Filipino. I am worse when it comes to Math, Filipino and Arts. My mother also requested my cousins to help us in our studies since they are old enough to teach us. And they became our tutor for all of the subjects especially when periodical tests are near.Year 2003. My classmates parents decided to go our house for a visit related to my moms job. My Mama work as Human Resource Assistant at Maritime Industry Authority as I said earlier. That is a government agency where permit for fishing vessel is applied to and also seamans book. Its something like a passport but a different one because its for seafarers. They went to our house and what shock is they insulted us. Our house is a semi-nipa and semi-concrete house. We know that they are richer than us because they have these beautiful houses and can give all of their childrens needs as well as what they want. They look at us like were some kind of low class people. They are also questioning us why we dont have a more decent house while in fact we could afford ones.Yes, we are hurt especially my Papa. He said he was very embarrass and sorry for us that he cant give a wealthy life for us. But Im really fine with that. We live in a simple way but my parents give more than money and wealth to us but that is knowledge, love, values and education. For me they give more than enough. My parents reason out that they really wanted to build a more beautiful house but not the right time. Theyve been saving up money for years for our house.In that year, the construction of our new home has started. We spend lots of money to build it. Actually it was quite big than I have expected it. It has 3 bedrooms 2 comfort room, a terrace, 2 kitchens with huge spaces in it. The construction was completed May 2004. But has lots of things lacking on it like ceiling, finishing, the flooring and the paint. Who wouldve thought 2004 will be the greatest year for us. Greatest because we have our new house and another greatest. Greatest failure. My Mama decided to take one of my cousins in mother side to finance her studies aside from my Mamas youngest brother. We are very generous to the point that my Papa has this large amount of debt to finance all of our needs. But in return, we have nothing left to us. No, we only have faith in God, trust and love. After a year, my cousin chose to stop from her studies and go with her boyfriend. My uncle, still on our house but a big burden to us because he never give us money from his salary and often than not, he asks for money from my mother for his food and his vices like smoking and drinking alcohol. Oh, I forgot that my father just got his promotion from work because he got now all of the requirements for promotion like trainings and seminars and his diploma from college. I have no idea that my father just graduated from college when I was in Grade 2. He took up. BS Criminology from one of the small colleges in the nearby town. Hes working while studying at the same time and my mother almost finance all of his expenses aside from us.


I was an early bloomer. Meaning I got aware of my sexuality earlier than a normal child. At the age of 10, I got my first menstruation. Many things changed in me, like my appearance, my personality and the way I socialize with other people. I became more shy, sensitive and aloof. Since that time, I never played physical games with my classmates and cousins again. I am becoming aware of dos and donts in being a teenager, the worse is I gained a lot of weight at the same time I got bullied because a huge mole that grew on top of my nose.

I entered high school in a public school in the nearby town of Mangaldan. While my sister stayed at the school where we studied elementary. It was my choice because I needed to help my parents cut off some financial needs for us. I felt it. We are now poor. I told myself. Though its hard to enter that school, I tried my best to get to the science high school. Unfortunately, I failed. I lacked 3 points to get on the final lists of students. But still, I prefer to enrol there.

Mangaldan National High School is a prestigious school for many but I didnt know that. It is known to have top calibre students and have a large population of students in Region 1. It was hard for me to adapt to a new environment. On my first day to school, my mom didnt accompany because of work. I was very afraid that time. I even dont know what my section is. And the guidance counsellor said that they will just call out names of the students from the stage who belong to the same section. With so much people from the quadrangle where I spent my first flag ceremony in that institution and with no one I knew from the crowd, I heard my name. I got up on stage.

It was nerve wrecking. I dont know how huge the school was, who were my classmates, whos my adviser is and where will be staying. I just followed them. Good thing after we have arrived to our designated classroom, my classmate in elementary is also one of my classmates. But it took me a month or more to finally absorbed that I am in first section in the regular class, it was Diamond, that I have 49 classmates, that I have to be in school before 7:00 am because that is my first class period and that I have to ride PUJ everyday for my transportation.

It was hard to adapt but its worth it. I have gained new knowledge, friends and I found my bestfriends, new experiences, realizations and my first ultimate crush. Those 49 classmates of mine have different personalities, different origins and beliefs. Most of them came from the same grade school so it was hard to approach them. Almost all of my classmates are valedictorian including my friend from grade school. It was actually intimidating knowing that I am inferior to them. But I realized that God destined me to be with them that I can also do what they can do and they are smart and I am too.

Theres a lot of acceptance and rejections of friends back then. Groups of individuals have formed with their common interests. But I found them, and they have found me. I dont clearly remember why and how they became my friends but it was really destined by God and I am thankful for that. Their group was originally called Alcheniree. But then, I and my friend was added to the group and were transformed into Maria Deule Alcheniree. We are group of six namely, Ma. Kassandra Aquino (thats me), Deula Ann Ugay (my friend and classmate since kindergarten), Alpha Soriano, Cherryl Tadeo, Jenica Ocampo and Shekaree Mariane Sison. They are now my best of friends till then and up until now. October 5 is our anniversary. We shared fun, sad, lonely, and hatred memories with each other. I am glad and proud for all of them.

I also had my ultimate crush back then. It was a wonderful feeling of being inspired and the feeling of loving someone. I think hes the perfect guy to loved and look upon to. Hes intelligent, hes artistic, hes good at sports and hes handsome but as always hes not really perfect, he is not much taller than me, hes got a high temper, hes childish and he came from a broken family. But what hurt me the most is that he never treated me as friend but just an acquaintance and a classmate from high school. I am also thankful to him because I gained many things to him like confidence, inspiration, and love and also he taught me how to appreciate and learn new things like editing photos and videos, drawing, speaking and writing Korean and appreciate Korean culture. I have maintained to be on the first section until 4th year but never on top 10 students. I enjoyed my high school life. I was like riding a roller coaster. Its full of ups and downs like having a chance to go to different places because of projects and performances and joining different organizations like Girl Scout and Boy Scout. Downs because youre always being scolded because I am always late to go home, being compared to other children, never had the chance to learn how to play instrument and having a classmate and a friend die because of congenital heart disease.4th year in high school, 2011, play the most eventful year of my life. First its my last year in high school, I got a chance to take UPCAT, joined jamboree of boy scout, joined JS Prom and another obstacles for me and the lives of the people I care and cherish. One of my friend and classmate, Roanne, was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, a week after our Christmas party. She was really happy and excited that time. She even brought many gifts for her close friends and no knows it was her last day from school. While she was on hospital, there are some of my classmates who visited her. And I didnt know that it was very fatal disease and I know and I just prayed that she can do it. Shell recover it soon.A week on the opening of the classes after the break, we decided to visit her in their house. Shes still smiling and strong but she cant fully talk. We encourage her to stay strong because we still need to graduate ahead of time together. We told her that we cannot visit her I a week because we have to review and finish all the requirements for 3rd grading period. January 16, 2011, a day before our periodical exam shook our emotions. They told us that she was brought to Manila Heart Center for something like searching for cure or even transplant. And were glad of that and promise to visit her once she was brought home. But then right before our exam, Aris, one of our classmates told us that shes gone. Her mom is a co-worker of Roannes mom. We didnt believed that until Sabrina, another classmate, confirmed it. We all cried before the exam and we got low scores. Our proctor for the exam scold us and we should put aside our emotions and focus to the exam but still we cant. Shes part of our barkada, our Zseagmond Family. After all our exams, we visited her in their house and as we step in to see her. Its so sad and so heart breaking to see one of your friends have to say goodbye at a young age. Her mother explained to us that when they have reached the hospital in Manila, they immediately took her to ICU and then after that she said that she wanted to be strong and healthy so she wanted also to fix her things going to school and graduate together with us. But after a few hours, she suffered from cardiac arrest. They tried to save her but she didnt make it. It was Card day in our school, were supposed to be happy for getting our grades but its not. Its her burial day. That time, I felt the same feeling when my Lolo died. It was full of regrets, sadness and reminiscing good memories. I cant help but cry and accept the truth that theyre gone.Another tragic moment. One Saturday, 2 weeks before our graduation, my sister complained that she has stomach ache. And we give her medicines at all sorts of pahid-pahid to ease the pain but it didnt work so we rush her to the hospital. The doctor said, it must be appendicitis so they transferred her to another big hospital to perform appendectomy but upon seeing her x-ray, they have concluded that there was a cyst in her ovaries that ruptured and that cause her pain. They also removed her appendix. It was emergency and the money that was supposed to be the fund for our college tuition was paid out to hospital bills. Im alone at our house for about a week. After graduation, I have a dilemma in choosing the course that I want to take up. My sister enrolled in DMMMSU and chose BS Psychology. My parents are arguing where I will study. I like to study in Kingfisher School of Business but they oppose because they said that I will take 2 rides of jeepney. So I decided to enrol in University of Pangasinan and just chose BS Business Administration Major in Marketing Management as my course. Because I thought its easier. It was also hard to fight separation anxiety to your friends in high school and your comfortable life.Financial problem is my obstacle while Im studying there. My tuition cost up too much that I have to cut down all of the things I used to. Another thing is adjustment and adapting again to environment. I have to wake up early because I needed to be there at 7:30 am. I have classes up to 6:00 pm and all you have to lean on is yourself. You have to be independent in that school. Though my 2 bestfriends and other classmates enrolled the same university, we hardly meet up because of our busy schedule. In terms of studying, I still cope up to that, in fact I dont have problems, I only have few grade of 2.25 for algebra and statistics but all of them are higher than that. I also enrolled in ROTC. Here comes the end of 1st sem. My mom have inflammation on her foot and it starting to have pus on it and were worried about it. She decided to take a leave and consult a doctor. But after that day she was rushed to the hospital and I needed to accompany them. The doctor said she has high blood sugar content in her blood and they needed to lower it before the operation. My Mama has history of diabetes so it means it finally triggered in her.My Mama stayed at the hospital about a week and paid heaps of money for the medicine and hospital bills. I just paid registration and enrol that time without paying my tuition fee for my 2nd semester. It was really hard to live this world without money. We just have faith that time. We have health insurance but that didnt mean it will cover all of our bills. My Mama after she discharged in the hospital has lots of medicine that are really expensive including the injectable insulin. So I have made my decision to transfer to DMMMSU to take up BS Biology. Which was originally the course that I wanted plus they have low tuition fee that can lighten up a bit in our financial problem. I cried that time. I pity my parents who work up too much. We also have a big debt in different people. My first two years in DMMMSU went well because I adapted easily. That year of 2013, my parents decided to retire from their work so we could cope up with our debts. We have paid them all. But the problem is, my father just leisurely spend money for something not really important like purchasing 2 motorcycles and appliances. He also have this lending business.

Early Adulthood

I consider myself as an adult when I turned 18 years old. We have a small celebration in our house and invited all my bestfriends and relatives. It was one of the most significant part of my life though I dont care about my age. I just wanted to change my personality into a more mature and responsible person. Right now, Im in my summer classes for my last year in college. It will a sort of fun, exhausting and busy year for me and my family. I pray and wish I could graduate and formulate a good thesis. I thank first is God, for guiding me to all the ups and downs in my life. Second is my family who never fails to support and love me. Next are my bestfriends whom I miss and love so much and also my BS BIO family, Winde & Sheila and other friends and of course my teachers and professors whom I share lots of memories lessons, hardwork and laughter all throughout my stay here at DMMMSU.Without all of them, I wouldnt be the Ma. Kassandra Flores-Aquino here on Earth today.