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Page 1: My Mastery Journal Timeline


by John William

Page 2: My Mastery Journal Timeline

MARCH 2014COURSE: Mastery; Personal Development and Leadership.

COURSE GOAL: Exploring the Mastery’s concept to apply

it to my personal growth and development towards my leadership skills. 1) Read the Mastery book by Robert Greene, take notes and

utilize every tips to myself 2) ) Research the journey of other masters using website

like 3) Learn how to behave and talk like a master using terms

and vocabulary that I read from the book or online.

Page 3: My Mastery Journal Timeline

APRIL 2014COURSE: Executive Leadership

COURSE GOAL: Learn the tactics how to become an efficient and successful executive leader in today’s

entertainment business. 1) Learn the strategies of the top 5 executive leaders

in the industry. 2) Take directions and advices from my career advisor

to lead me on the right path on how to be a successful businessman

3) Joining Full Sail Entertainment Network Society

Page 4: My Mastery Journal Timeline

MAY 2014COURSE: Project and Team Management

COURSE GOAL: Learn how to be efficient managing any team in any project.

1) Researching about project and team management skills

2) Learn techniques how to be a competent and a dynamic leader

3) Reducing fear and increase trust within the team

Page 5: My Mastery Journal Timeline

JUNE 2014COURSE: Business Storytelling and Brand Development COURSE GOAL: Acquiring every knowledge necessary to create honesty and transparency brand that sticks in the consumers mind through development and publishing.

1) Become proficient in infusing personalities into stories 2) Acquire knowledge of create characters my audience will

root for 3) Learn from the top brands in today’s business include

the beginning, the middle, and the end

Page 6: My Mastery Journal Timeline

JULY 2014COURSE: Entertainment Business Finance

COURSE GOAL: Get some more knowledge on how to manage large amount of funds as well as learning the

necessary practices needed to run a business. 1) Make research about Forbes magazine for market

trends 2) Schooling myself how to budgeting

3) Read about Entertainment Business Venture and financing to know the everyday news in the industry

Page 7: My Mastery Journal Timeline

AUGUST 2014COURSE: Negotiation and Deal-Making

COURSE GOAL: Understanding and think about the nature of negotiation.

1) To gain a broad intellectual on a set of central concepts in deal-making

2) Developing confidence in the process of negotiation 3) Learn how to evaluate the behavior of individuals or

groups in competitive situations.

Page 8: My Mastery Journal Timeline

SEPTEMBER 2014COURSE: Product and Artist Management

COURSE GOAL: Learn how to establish product and new artist in the Entertainment Industry.

1) Explore every source that provides information about Artist Management

2) Read the manual Artist Management for the Music Business by Paul Allen

3) Watch the video website management for musicians and bands on


Page 9: My Mastery Journal Timeline

OCTOBER 2014COURSE: Advanced Entertainment Law

COURSE GOAL: Learn how to be able to interpret and understand contracts without the presence of a lawyer. 1) Explore the book Kohn on Music Licensing by Al and

Bob 2) Learn legal and litigation terminology

3) Read “Sign Here: How to Understand any Contract Before You Sign” by Mari Privette Ulmer.

Page 10: My Mastery Journal Timeline

NOVEMBER 2014COURSE: Entertainment Media Publishing and Distribution COURSE GOAL: Discover methods used in Publishing and

distribution that will produce the best exposure for my clients and my company.

1) Join the music Publishing Society 2) Watch basic music licensing and publishing on

3) Familiarize myself with the distribution and publication


Page 11: My Mastery Journal Timeline

DECEMBER 2014COURSE: Digital Marketing

COURSE GOAL: Learn how to create marketing plans, strategies, and techniques effectively.

1) Join the American Marketing Association 2) ) Read “Music Marketing: Press, Promotion,

Distribution and Retail” by Mike King 3) Learn tips from Andrew Macarthy’s book “500 Social

Media Marketing”.

Page 12: My Mastery Journal Timeline

JANUARY 2014COURSE: Business Plan Developing

COURSE GOAL: Understanding the process of developing an affective business plan.

1) Develop the structure for my business plan 2) Have my business plan ready to execute

3) Read Rhonda Abrams book Successful Business Plan.

Page 13: My Mastery Journal Timeline

FEBRUARY 2014COURSE: Final Project: Business Plan

COURSE GOAL: Compile all of the research and resources that I have gained into a successful business

plan to launch my company. 1) Explore websites such as,, and

2) Have my portfolio ready to let the world know my business accomplishments

3) Look for investor to invest in my business plan.

Page 14: My Mastery Journal Timeline

CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONSOver the course of my Mastery Journey at Full Sail

University I plan to become a member or participate with the following clubs and organizations to network and

gain real world experience, by joining the following clubs and organizations listed below it will allow me to further my knowledge and skills in the music and entertainment

field. SPARK, iStandard Producers, The C.E.O. Society, Grammy U, Social Scene Ambassadors, Music Publishing

Society, Entertainment Networking Society.

Page 15: My Mastery Journal Timeline


Successful in their own career, Passionate, Approachable, Humble, Supportive, transparent, and honest. Interested in my success, Patience, Master of

his/her craft, Positive attitude.

Page 16: My Mastery Journal Timeline


Laura Annette Gibbs; Walt Disney World PR, (407)566-5337, [email protected] . Alayna Riggins; Walt Disney World, (252)266-7059,

Melanie Tom; HR at Warner Bros. Entertainment Group, . Hillary Hattenbach; Walt

Disney Company VP of Digital Marketing, T.J.

Marchetti; Walt Disney Studios Senior Vice President Digital Marketing, . Andrew Runyon; VP

of International Interactive Marketing at Paramount Pictures,

Page 17: My Mastery Journal Timeline