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  1. 1. Nicole DelVicariosMCBS Story
  2. 2. Media has always been a big part of my life.
  3. 3. It became more prevalent in high school when Itook three years of journalism courses.
  4. 4. My favorite class was broadcast journalism. I ran myschools morning announcements, learned about tricasters, green screens, and camera operations. It waswhen I decided I wanted to go to college for media.
  5. 5. SoI graduated high school in June 2014 and moved1,000 miles away to Florida to pursue my MediaCommunications degree at Full Sail University~!
  6. 6. When I got to Full Sail, I thoughtI wanted to focus on broadcast
  7. 7. But I found out that it wasnt thepath I wanted to go down.
  8. 8. I learned about other careers in coreclasses and was picked up to do asegment on the MCBS Mix.
  9. 9. However, radio isnt my passion either,and I have actually found a passionfor blogging.
  10. 10. My dream career would be to comeback and work for the FSO blogafter graduation.
  11. 11. But Im still open to other careers in thefield if that doesnt work out. After all, Iam a Swiss Army knife!