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Integrated Media 2, 2012 By Madeleine Rebbechi, Taylah Kleid, Thomas Russell, Georgina Wills and Kat Drutschinin My Morning Story My Morning Story

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'My Morning Story' is a participatory project put together by RMIT media


  • 1. My Morning StoryIntegrated Media 2, 2012By Madeleine Rebbechi, Taylah Kleid,Thomas Russell, Georgina Wills andKat Drutschinin

2. ConceptWhats the first thing you do in the morning? How do you takeyour coffee? Are you always running late for the train? Whatdoes your alarm sound like?Whether its what you have for breakfast or the people youcross paths with on the way to work, we want you to tell yourMorning Story.Through text, images, video and audio, we want you to createa snapshot of your morning ritual and share it with us viaemail, Twitter, Instagram or ABC Pool. The end result will be acollection of mornings; a collage of your daily experience.1. An accessible idea2. A chance for each contributor to tell their own story3. A variety of platforms4. Across all media 3. Call outs 4. PlatformsTwitter: Call outs, promotion, links to submissions on Tumblr/ABC Pool pagesFacebook: Used mainly for call outsTumblr: Static call out, posting submissions in a collage-like format, regularlyupdatedwith text, image postsInstagram: User generated content, curated by platform manager and posted onTumblrABC Pool: Collecting existing works into our project, posting multimediasubmissions, reaching out to a different/more varied network 5. Key audience Young people Confident and techno-savvy Intelligent and creatively inclined Short on time Possesses own laptop and smart phone Students, creative professionals Uses more than one social media platform 6. Marketing Strategy Facebook event call out: introduction/information Initial twitter call out, regular reminder tweets Creation of hashtag #mymorningstory for twitterand instagram Direct call outs for specific submissions, ie. text oraudio posts Reached immediate and extended networks throughword of mouth; approaching friends and peers tosubmit their work 7. Submissions Submissions encouraged across all platforms Varying in medium, quality and theme Majority of submissions came via the Instagram hashtag#mymorningstory Promoted submissions via Twitter One audio submission, from fellow student Tess Lawley, was featuredon the ABC Pool home page As a result, our My Morning Story project was featured on Pool thenext week 8. Sonorous notes of spring envelope me as I wake slowly,laconic from slumber. Shy rays of sunshine bathe my bedspread with tepid warmth and I am instantly elated. Thecovers are pushed back without trepidation and my feetremain bare on floorboards warmed ever so slightly. Therehas been a turn, a gear shift, a new path is paved towardswatermelon and sunshine. 9. Curation Most submissions were posted on theTumblr page, with those of exceptional qualitybeing promoted on Twitter as well Tone of submissions was demonstratedthrough example posts by group members,inspiration sourced from other sites Face-to-face request for submissions provedto be successful, with more of an investmentfrom the contributor Those specifically requested submissionswere generally more elaborate 10. Results Over 100 photo entries Dozens of text entries Audio piece featured on ABC Pool My Morning Story featured project on ABC Pool Final collage curated via Glossi page 11. The Future: My Morning Mansion 12. The Future: My Morning Mansion 13. Thank youGlossi: @mymorningstory_Tumblr: mymorningstory2012.tumblr.comInstagram: #mymorningstory