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Megan DelatourMYMUSICAL JOURNEY1No one in my family is a musician nor are the musically inclined. Both my parents are from Haiti and the presence of classical music and/or any sort of instrument found in that platform were an oddity- not very commonly found

Me?FAMILY BackgroundWith my cultural background and the type of parents I have three career paths lied in front of me. Doctor, Engineer, or Lawyer 2

I started playing the viola in 4th gradeand absolutely hated it. I never practiced,I didnt really know about music nor had I beenexposed to it and to be honest my parents could care less about it too. It stayedthat way up till high school.

3High school was when I was introduced to a whole new crowd of people and musicians. I met someone who was amazing at viola and it made me go, so maybe classical music isnt lame. I began applying myself and during my sophomore year auditioned and got into NYSSSA SOS which was a life changing experience and led me down the path that I am currently walking on. The following for I found an organization that hits a little closer to home named Sphinx. I met so many amazing people and was able to compete in a quartet competition within the program while at Northwestern U. playing quartets by Ravel, Dvorak, Borodin. I went on to become president of my schools chamber orchestra and was the treasurer of TRI-M at my high school. One of the most amazing experiences during high school was that for my senior year I was privileged to study with a retired member of the NY Phil who passed his knowledge of the instrument onto me.

4Three of my modern day inspirations; Romel Joseph, Stephanie Matthews and Christopher Jenkins.


My mind is going in twenty different directions in regards to my future with music because I have so much I want to do. The biggest thing right now is I want to go back to my roots which is Haiti. Romels vision for haitis music culture is something I have been taking an active part in by donating and even volunteering in Haiti for the school. I want to help in the development of there first music conservatory. After that working for Sphinx is another thing on my to do list as I dont want kids to go about music tunnel-visioned. The list goes on and on.