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Pastels& Graphite painting Samar Ansar13023901-045Content Definition of Pastel paintingThree Kinds of pastel paintingChalk pastels Soft pastelsOil pastelsDrawing tools of graphite paintingProfessional Pastel Artist Groups Edgar DegasTechniques of pastels

PastelsA Pastel (UK: /pstl/; US: /pstl/) is an art medium in the form of a stick, consisting of pure powdered pigment and a binder. Pastels can be traced back to the 16th century. Its invention is attributed to the German painter Johaim Thiele. Kinds of PastelsThere are three kinds of pastels:Chalk pastelsSoft pastelsOil pastels

Chalk pastels ARE, AS YOU COULD IMAGINE, VERY MUCH LIKE CHALK. THEY ARE, HOWEVER, SOMEWHAT DIFFERENT THAN BOARD OR SIDEWALK CHALK BECAUSE THEY CAN BE SMOOTHED MUCH EASIER THAN CHALK YOU USE ON YOUR DRIVEWAYOil pastels are not like the two others I havementioned. They are much more dense and oily, and the effect on the paper is more vivid color. Also, once applied, you cant generally smooth and blend the colors. The oil pastels that I use come in crayon form.

Soft pastels are actually much like chalk pastels, only they come in pencil, crayon and block form. I really like to use pencil soft pastels as I feel they are the sharpest for fine detail work.Edgar Degas

Born: July 19, 1834, Paris, France Died: September 27, 1917, Paris, FranceBuried: Montmartre Cemetery, Paris, FrancePeriods: Impressionism, Modern art, Realism, Pastel ArtEducation: University of Paris, Lyce Louis-le-Grand

Techniques of pastels painting1- Blocking InBlock in large areas of color quickly & easily. For under painting, backgrounds & toning paper. Soft Big Oval or Angle Slice sponges are perfect for this.2- LayeringBuild up multiple layers of semi-transparent color. Or apply thin controlled veils (glazes) of color.Tip: to isolate layers when working, a workable spray pastel fixative can be used.

Techniques of pastels painting3-MixingMix colors, dry-in-dry, directly on the surface like paint.4- Blending and HighlightingBlend easily with Soft Tools.Add highlights / accents.

Techniques of pastels painting5- Mixed MediaTry combining Pan Pastel with pastel sticks, pencils, acrylics, watercolors and other artists media for a variety of techniques.

Graphite painting & ToolsGraphite

Graphite is a soft black made with purplish blues and brown and is not completely black. When waxed it becomes a beautiful black like dark slate. Tools:KnifePencilsErasersCotton budsTissues

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