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Personal story


  • 1. I was born in Barranca city.My mother and father were happy, onoctober 25 in 1993.

2. First birthdayBeside my family 3. I studied in Carrusel Infantil. 4. With my cousin Jose. Childhood verybeautiful 5. Christmas With father 6. My mother is the mostimportant and marvelous and charming person. 7. My father is my best friend he is mysupport, he will be byalways for me. 8. In 4 grade, I travelledto Islas Balletas 9. My brother was born, on september 12 in2002, his name is Gonzalo, he isbeautiful andaffectionate, he likes swimming. 10. Strolling with my friends from theschool My secondary studies inthe San Martin de Porresschool. 11. Special Day my fifteen years anunforgettable night. 12. I travelled with my promotion to the city of Cuzco. 13. This year I entered to the university and in these photos I am going out my friends 14. This history willcontinue