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    I have been washing my hands to stay healthy and safe from the Coronavirus germs.

    I have been staying home to stay healthy and safe from the Coronavirus germs. Now I see people who take care of me are wearing masks. We will call these Coronavirus blocking masks: Face Coverings​.

  • People will wear ​face coverings​ when they go to

    the grocery store

    or anywhere in the community where they may be around

    other people . Wearing ​face coverings ​keeps the germs from touching

    our mouth or nose . It is one more thing to keep us healthy while the Coronavirus is here.

  • Seeing my mom or dad

    in a ​face covering​ may feel

    scary and confusing . Seeing my staff

    in ​face coverings​ may feel

    may feel uncomfortable and sad .

  • When I feel sad or confused, I can remember that they wear the ​face coverings​ to keep us all safe. It is the right and brave thing to do!! I am proud of them for wearing ​face coverings​.

    And I like seeing their smiling faces when they take their ​face coverings​ off.

  • We still need to be careful about the Coronavirus germs, So I may need to wear a ​face covering​ sometimes.

  • Wearing a ​face covering​ can feel strange.

    My breath may feel warm on my skin

    I may feel hot under the ​face covering.

  • The elastic or ties around my ears or head might feel annoying.

    And my voice sounds strange when I am wearing the ​face covering​.

  • Aaaaah, I may want to take the ​face covering​ off!!!

    I will be brave and keep the ​face covering​ on when adults I trust say it's important because it protects me and other people from the germs.

    I know I will be able to take it off soon.

  • I have choices for my ​face covering​. I can choose what feels most comfortable or is the easiest to take on and off.

    I can use a bandana as a ​face covering​.

    I may feel more comfortable with a face scarf .

  • I can make covering my mouth and nose more fun too! I can decorate my ​face covering​.

    I can wear a ​face covering ​with a cool design on it.

  • Getting used to face coverings can be fun. I can put a ​face covering​ on a stuffed animal.

    I can ask my mom or staff to take pictures of me in my ​face covering​.

  • . What other ways could I make the ​face coverings ​more fun ….let me think…. THE END

    Bancroft School 2020