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  • My Visit to Sloan Museum

    at Courtland Center Mall

  • I am going to Sloan Museum at Courtland Center Mall today.

    I will see two big dinosaurs before I go inside the museum!

  • My family and I will explore the museum, learn new things, and have fun.

  • When I get to the museum, I will wait in line. I will wait patiently for my turn.

    Right away, I will see some dinosaurs, some historic cars, and the gift shop, but I will wait in line before I explore.

  • The museum staff wear black shirts and name badges.

    The museum staff are adults that can answer my questions or help me if I get lost.

  • My family and I will visit the Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit.

    I will see dinosaur skeletons and fossils, and pretend dinosaurs that move. Some of the dinosaurs are very big and make a lot of noise.

    The dinosaurs may be loud and scary, but they will not hurt me. If the dinosaurs are too loud, I can ask the front desk for special headphones to help.

  • There will be activities that help me learn about dinosaurs.

    I can dig in the sand and uncover fossils with a brush, and I can touch replicas of dinosaur skin, eggs, and bones.

    I may need to take turns with other museum visitors.

  • I might look at the historic cars with my family, too. There are lots of cars in a long row, across from the dinosaurs.

    I can look, but I cannot touch the glass barriers. The barriers are there to keep me safe.

    Some of the cars were made by people in Flint and Genesee County. My family can help me read the labels.

  • There is an old car that I can sit in. This is the only car in the museum that I can touch.

    There are two old-fashioned bicycles that I can sit on and peddle. The bicycles won’t move forward when I peddle them. I might have to try to keep my balance on the tall bicycle seats.

  • If there is time, I can visit the play area. I will have many choices. I can climb on the climber or go inside the play house. I can play with toys.

    I might have to wait my turn to play. I will hear loud sounds and see lots of friends playing. I will try to stay calm if I get too excited.

    When I am done playing, I will help pick up my toys so another friend can play with them.

  • If the museum gets too loud, my family and I can find a quiet space in the corner of the museum to sit and take a break.

    In the quiet space, I can take slow, deep breaths until I am ready to explore more.

    I can borrow headphones from the front desk.

  • My family and I may visit the gift shop when we arrive, or right before we leave.

    In the gift shop, there are lots of toys to see, and I can look at the toys. The toys are for museum visitors to buy.

  • My family and I may get a souvenir photo taken.

    We can stand in front of a green screen to have our picture taken, and choose the background of our photo. The photos are for museum visitors to buy.

  • I can sit at a table in the café and eat a snack. This is the only place inside the museum were I can eat food or have a drink with my family.

    The restroom is around the corner from the café. I will walk past the play area to get to it.

  • At the end of my visit, I will leave the museum and wave goodbye to the Gigantoraptor and the Apatosaurus.

    I had a great day at Sloan Museum at Courtland Center Mall!