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N. Colleen Mattingly Portfolio Public Relations Professional May 2013 University of Central Florida Graduate Bachelor of Arts in Communications ncmattingly11.wix.com/ncmportfolio• [email protected] • (321) 431-1165 1

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  • N. Colleen MattinglyPortfolio

    Public Relations Professional

    May 2013 University of Central Florida Graduate

    Bachelor of Arts in Communications

    ncmattingly11.wix.com/ncmportfolio [email protected] (321) 431-1165 1

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    Professional Resume 5

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    Orlando Broadway / The Abbey / True Marketing 9

    Orlando Broadway / The Abbey / True Marketing 10

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  • Personal StatementGoals for the next 5 years

    Over the next five years I hope to

    1. Land a job I enjoy, that will help me to learn the necessary skills to begin a full-time career in

    the Public Relations industry.

    2. Work in some type of Entertainment Public Relations Agency either with Music Festivals or

    Broadway shows, etc.

    3.Work in London or New York.


    5.Develop long lasting friendship and maintain strong bonds with my family.

    ! I am looking to obtain a job that I am excited about that will help teach me about Public

    Relations and prepare me for the future. I want this to be a job that I enjoy going to work each day

    and therefore I hope that it will be a firm with exciting entertainment clients. I hope to work for

    an agency that has Broadway shows or Music Festivals as clients as these are big passions of mine.

    After growing up in Europe I am desperate to move to big a big city like London or New York in

    the near future. Again with my background I hope to be able to do a fair amount of traveling over

    the next few years and take advantage of my twenties. Finally I would like to develop great

    friendships in whatever location I move to and maintain my strong bonds with my family.

  • ResumePhasellus ut arcu ut nulla dignissim auctor


    COLLEENMATTINGLY (001) [email protected]

    Communications Graduate

    ncmattingly11.wix.com/ncmportfolio linkedin.com/pub/colleen-mattingly/3b/2b0/239/

    ABOUT enthusiastic, hard-working and motivated individual committed to assisting a successful

    team with my Public Relations, Marketing and Social Media skills. 1year of Public Relations, Marketing, and Social Media Experience and excited to begin my career. Have previously worked in Europe, passionate about Social Media, Public Relations and Travel.



    A U G 2 0 1 2 - M A Y 2 0 1 3Marketing and P. R. InternTRUE MARKETING, ORLANDO, FL

    Created talking points and news releases, monitored press coverage and assisted with press events for Florida Theatrical Association and Broadway Across America.

    J U N 2 0 1 2 - A U G 2 0 1 2Public Relations InternBEIGE LONDON, LONDON, UK

    Monitored press coverage, researched information for clients, created Social Media Analysis reports, press releases and planned London Media gift distribution for 50+ outlets.

    J A N 2 0 1 1 - M A Y 2 0 1 2Guest Services SupervisorUCF STUDENT UNION, ORLANDO, FL

    Provided administrative assistance at the Student Union of the largest American University and informed 40,000+ clients about the UCF campus.


    U N I V E R S I T Y O F C E N T R A L F L O R I D A - MAY 2013 - 3.10 GPA Bachelor of Science in Communication Hospitality & Event Management Minor

    Mass Communication Minor Leadership Studies Certificate




    A U G 2 0 0 9 - P R E S E N TCHI OMEGA FRATERNITYVP of STANDARDS 2012Oversaw Social Media, lead Standards Board & Risk Management and facilitated leadership workshops.

    VP of RECRUITMENT 2011Controlled Chapter Marketing and Social Media. Instructed 100+ women in Recruitment etiquette and best practices.

    AUG 2 0 1 1 - P R E S E N TQUOTES - P.R. CLUBMEMBERDevelop a continued interest in Public Relations & Social Media practices and establish best practices in the field.

    M A Y 2 0 1 0 - M A Y 2 0 1 2UCF HOMECOMINGKING AND QUEEN DIRECTOR 2012Prepare court applications and lead interview process and instruct court throughout Homecoming Week.

    PHILANTHROPY DIRECTOR 2011Planned a campus wide carnival benefitting the Childrens Miracle Network.

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    Social Media Platforms Administrative Assistance Communication Research

    Communication Media Pitching Microsoft Office

    Organized Adobe Photoshop Expert Traveler


    WORK EXPERIENCEMarketing and Public Relations Intern, True Marketing, Orlando, FL August 2012-May 2013Created press kits and releases, assisted with promotional and press events for Orlando Broadway

    Intern, Beige London, London, United Kingdom June 2012-August 2012Press Clips, client Research, Social Media Analysis, press releases, and worked with local media

    Guest Services Supervisor, UCF Student Union, Orlando, FL January 2011-May 2012Provided administrative assistance and information about the UCF campus to 40,000+ clients

    Intern Reporter, Heidelberg Herald Post, Heidelberg, Germany September 2008-June 2009Created and looked after multiple Social Media accounts, wrote and edited stories

    CAMPUS INVOLVEMENTChi Omega Sorority August 2009-May 2013

    Vice President of Standards 2012Oversaw Social Media, Chapter Standards & Risk Management and facilitated leadership workshops

    Vice President of Recruitment 2011Controlled Chapter Marketing and Social Media, instructed 100+ women in Recruitment etiquette

    Quotes - UCF Public Relations Club August 2011-PresentDevelop a continued interest in Public Relations & Social Media & establish best practices

    UCF Homecoming May 2010-May 2012 King and Queen Director 2011

    Prepare Court applications/interview process and instruct court throughout Homecoming

    Philanthropy Director 2010Planned a campus wide carnival benefiting the Childrens Miracle Network

    UCF LEAD Scholars August 2009-May 2011Developed leadership skills and provided 20+ hours of community service per semester

    EDUCATIONUniversity of Central Florida - 3.10 GPA - Graduated May 2013 Bachelor of Arts in Communications Hospitality & Event Management Minor

    Mass Communication Minor Leadership Studies Certificate

    N. Colleen Mattingly3519 Caruso Place, Orlando 32765 321-431-1165 [email protected] http://

    ncmattingly11.wix.com/ncmportfolio linkedin.com/pub/colleen-mattingly/3b/2b0/239/

  • Recommendations and ReferencesColleen was an absolute dream to work with during her time at Beige. The level of professionalism and personality she brought to the role well exceeded her years and experience.

    She worked across major clients such as General Mills (Hagen-Dazs and Nature Valley), Virgin Media (TiVo and V Festival) and Pioneer and was involved in tasks ranging from research and reporting through to 1-2-1 journalist desk visits.

    I could not recommend Colleen highly enough and would happily offer her a place at the agency should she ever return to the UK.

    ! Steph Aukstikalnis

    ! PR Senior Account Manager at Beige London http://www.beigelondon.com/


    Dr Libby Mustaine! ! ! ! Steph AukstilkalnisProfessor in Sociology! ! ! ! Senior Account ManagerDepartment of Sociology! ! ! Beige LondonUniversity of Central Florida! ! ! Wardour StreetOrlando! ! ! ! ! LondonFlorida! ! ! ! ! ! London, 32816! ! ! ! ! ! W1D 6PATel: 0014078232618! ! ! ! Tel: 020 7404 3000email: [email protected]! ! ! ! email: [email protected]

  • Work SamplesPhasellus ut arcu ut nulla dignissim auctor


    Virgin Media

  • Orlando Broadway / The Abbey / True Marketing


  • Orlando Broadway / The Abbey / True Marketing



    Virgin Media

    TiVo Takeout

    To promote Virgin Media and TiVo Beige London created the TiVo Takeout Card. This card granted the holder free takeout whenever watching their TiVo. I organized an extensive UK Media gift delivery to send out the cards. We partnered with Papa Johns to deliver fresh, hot pizzas in a fully branded TiVo takeout box to the media. The twitter response was brilliant with an extensive reach at the hashtag #TiVoTakeout

    WiFi on the Tube

    Following the success of the TiVo Takeout project I organized a round of Media Gift Deliveries. Beige London created Virgin Media branded iPad Cases made out of Vintage Tube seat fabric created by Transport for London. We sent these out to the local media to promote using your iPad on the Tube to stay in touch!


    These various Social Media posts show an

    example of the type of work I could do.

    I have experience with:

    Facebook ! Twitter

    YouTube! Pinterest

    Instagram! Vine

    Foursquare! Vimeo

    Keek! ! Tumblr




    UCF Homecoming 2010

    Service Day: Campus Carnival

    Children from all over Orlando flocked out to participate in a carnival put on by 29 campus organizations. More than 300 students gathered to create fun booths and activities for children to take part in. Each booth reflected this year's homecoming theme, "Knights on the Big Screen."

    I planned and executed this event through the planning and promoting stages to the Orlando Community.

    UCF Homecoming 2010 & 2011

    Concert Knight and Comedy Knight

    I assisted the Homecoming Executive board in the planning and promoting of the Concerts and Comedy events in 2010 and 2011. Acts included notable artists and comedians such as LMFAO, Ludacris, Panic! at The Disco, Ross Matthews and Bo Burnham and entertained 10,000+ students.

    UCF Homecoming 2011

    Homecoming Game: King and Queen

    I planned and organized the UCF Homecoming Half Time Show for the King and Queen crowning. This included concepting and creating a video to introduce the Homecoming Court and planning out the presentation of the court. This event had over 30,000 attendees.