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  • N-series thin clients for Citrix HDX Partner solution handbook


    Section 1: Background and market opportunity ________________________________ 2 Enterprise perspective 2

    SME and SMB perspective 2

    Section 2: Specific targets _______________________________________________ 4 Primary targets 4

    Secondary targets 4

    Section 3: Key messaging _______________________________________________ 6 General message 6

    Analyst perspective 6

    Key benefits for customers & partners 6

    NComputing and Citrix working together 7

    Citrix perspective 8

    The N-series is “Ready for the Enterprise” 8

    vSpace Management Center: centralized management for the N-series 8

    Multi-host and device management across multiple locations 9

    Premium Support 10

    Section 4: Competitive positioning _________________________________________ 11 Compared to PCs 11

    Compared to existing/traditional thin client devices (Dell/Wyse, HP, etc ) 11

    Compared to other HDX SoC devices 11

    Major Differentiator - The N-series “Supportability Advantage” 12

    Section 5: Pricing and SKUs ______________________________________________ 13

    Section 6: FAQ _______________________________________________________ 14 N-series launch at Citrix Synergy 2012 (San Francisco) 14

    Details of the N-series product line 14

    Technical innovation 17

    Section 7: Enablement and resources _______________________________________ 18

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    Section 1: Background and market opportunity

    Our mission at NComputing is to deliver high performance, low cost computing for all users through continuous innovation in software and hardware. The N-series has been developed in response to the growing need for innovation within the enterprise market to attack the two biggest barriers to adoption of desktop virtualization: cost and complexity. Our strategic partnership with Citrix enables us to address the largest segment of the enterprises where desktop virtualization projects are either currently active or just now in the planning stages.

    Enterprise perspective

    A key part of the Citrix Desktop Virtualization solution stack: • Citrix is the clear market share leader in enterprise VDI with XenDesktop (includes XenApp) and the

    rich HDX “experience” is their advantage • There are over 100 million XenApp users worldwide with over 25 million applications in production

    (Source: Citrix) • Cost of the end point device to run HDX is still prohibitive to massive expansion of Citrix virtual

    desktop deployments with XenDesktop • Traditional thin client market is stagnant – not enough upside compared to PCs • Citrix and Citrix partners need a high performance, low cost end point device solution to enable

    existing and new HDX deployments to deploy to full potential

    SME and SMB perspective

    Unique market opportunities include: • PC refresh • PC expansion (The ability to expand seats within an existing budget/deployment) • Citrix VDI-in-a-Box (Note: uses same protocols as Citrix Enterprise VDI)

    Citrix and NComputing have a common vision to drive the mainstream adoption of virtual desktops and applications, with the rule of thumb being “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Together, we share the same goals of dramatically reducing the costs of VDI and being able to provide an amazing HDX experience for all users. For partners looking to help their customers broaden their deployments of Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp, or VDI-in-a-box, the new NComputing N-series thin clients for Citrix HDX deliver 100% of the HDX experience at a fraction of the cost of PCs or other thin clients.

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    Section 1: Background and market opportunity

    With NComputing’s N-series, you now have the ability to: • Cut unnecessary cost and complexity out of the endpoint component of the virtual desktop stack • Incorporate more strategic, higher margin data center gear and complimentary solutions as a result

    of the endpoint savings provided by the N-series • Incorporate more high-value, high margin services as a result of the endpoint savings provided by

    the N-series

    In addition, you will now be able to: • Provision more Citrix HDX seats within existing deployments • Accelerate projects that have been stalled due to the high cost/complexity of end points • Create happier users with new, additional high performance products and value added services • Create faster deployments with highly reliability endpoints and a better cost structure • Gain competitive advantage and differentiate from other partners by leveraging the innovative

    alternative solution

    NComputing as a company and the N-series provide a powerful business opportunity for Citrix partners globally. With powerful functionality at a disruptive price point, partners can offer their customers a more comprehensive solution or pass along the savings directly. • Ability to support partners and customers globally, with operations worldwide and enterprise

    support • History of delivering high quality purpose-built devices demonstrated by 4M devices in service

    worldwide • Easy substitution with legacy suppliers delivering simpler, more powerful and more affordable

    solutions – switching over to NComputing Is not difficult.

    0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35

    Lack of in-house management skills

    Waiting for all virtualization technology prices to come down

    Non-IT executives won't approve it

    Doesn't make sense for the number of desktops/users that we have

    Lack of in-house installation skills

    Existing servers can't accomodate all desktops as virtual machines, and we don't want to buy new servers

    Applications not a good fit

    Too complex

    Budget approval won't come until 2012

    Waiting for virtualization product options to mature

    Too expensive

    Source: TechTarget’s Virtualization Decision Purchasing Intentions Survey, end of 2012

    Limiting Desktop Virtualization Adoption Which factors have limited your adoption of desktop virtualization (select all responses that apply)?

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    NComputing N-series devices are ideal for any and all Citrix customers: • Wherever HDX is currently, or planning to be deployed and cutting cost and complexity of the

    endpoint is a key customer consideration • XenApp, XenDesktop and VDI-in-a-Box users • Appropriate for both task workers (N400) and knowledge workers (N500, N500w) • Customers with enterprise-class requirements will appreciate N-series features and functionality

    including security, manageability and premium customer support offerings

    Key verticals to focus on for N-series opportunities: • Healthcare • Finance • Manufacturing • Education (primarily Higher Ed) • Public Sector • Retail

    Primary targets

    Citrix customer accounts with a pending thin client endpoint purchase should be considered primary targets for the N-series. This is very much a case of “replace in place” of any other thin client being proposed for a Citrix HDX deployment. The net result for Citrix HDX customers will be a substantial reduction in cost for the endpoint component of a proposed solution stack, combined with an expanded set of functionality and performance capabilities. The included N-series enterprise-class centralized management and premium support offerings can be leveraged to create differentiation as well.

    Partners will also then have the ability to either reduce the amount of their overall proposal to reflect the savings to the customer or propose providing additional valuable and more margin-rich solution stack elements to complement the endpoint devices that can now be paid for within the original budgeted purchase amount.

    Citrix customers who have already been using thin clients in their environment and now looking to expand their u