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  • 1. VINCENT VAN GOGH Vincent Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands in 1853.

    He was interested in art, but he had other jobs too.

    In his early years, his paintings were dark, but when he was in Paris, the colours were bright.

    He was obsessed with art and he was in a mental hospital for years before his death.

  • 2. JIM MORRISONJim Morrison was born on December 8th, 1943.

    He was an American rock singer and songwriter.

    In 1965 he was the leader of The Doors, an influential rock band. His song Light my Fire was number 1 for weeks.

    Unfortunately he was addicted to drugs and died at the age of 27.

  • 3. ALBERT EINSTEINAlbert Einstein was a Jewish only child.

    He was interested in science, but at school he wasnt a good student.

    He was the creator of the Theory of Relativity and was an influential scientist.

    He was divorced from his wife because he was in love with his cousin Elsa.

    He was 76 when he died.

  • 4. MARILYN MONROEMarilyn Monroe was born in LA in 1926.

    She was a pretty and sexy actress. She was successful at work, but was she lucky in love? No, she wasnt.

    She was divorced on three occasions and she was alone. When she was 36, she died of an overdose.

    Her life wasnt easy.

  • 5. JOHN LENNON AND YOKO ONOJohn Lennon was born in Liverpool on 9th October, 1940.

    He was the leader of the Beatles and a famous singer and songwriter. His songs were popular all over the world.

    John Lennon wasnt a good student. After his divorce, he was in love with Yoko Ono. They were married and werent a conventional couple.

    Were they together forever? No, they werent. A crazy fan killed him in Central Park, New York.

  • 6. PAST TO BEWAS /w:z/ /wz/WERE /w:/ /w/WASNT /w:znt/WERENT /w:nt/tired in the morning

    AFFIRMATIVENEGATIVE: FULL FORMNEGATIVE: CONTRACTEDI was You wereHe was She wasIt wasWe wereYou wereThey wereI was notYou were notHe was notShe was notIt was notWe were notYou were notThey were notI wasnt You werentHe wasntShe wasntIt wasntWe werentYou werentThey werent

  • 6. PAST TO BEWAS /w:z/WERE /w:/WASNT /w:znt/WERENT /w:nt/tired in the morning?

    QUESTIONSSHORT ANSWERSSHORT ANSWERSWas IWere youWas he Was sheWas itWere weWere youWere theyYes, you wereYes, I wasYes, he was Etc.No, you werentNo, I wasntNo, he wasntEtc.