need to check your rio salado account? go to:

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Need to check your Rio Salado account? Go To: http://

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  • Need to check your Rio Salado account? Go To:
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  • Check your current class schedule. Check if you owe tuition. Pay tuition. Order official and unofficial transcripts. What can you do at my.maricopa?
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  • If you know your MEID and password (or even just your MEID) click on login.
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  • You can enter your MEID and password here or you can choose Forgot Your MEID or Forgot Your Password and get those! You will probably need to know your social security number!
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  • If you dont know what an MEID is, click on the orange box to create one!
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  • I do have your student ID number if you need it! Also, the SSN is your Social Security number!
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  • You will then be able to verify the information. Click OK if it is right!
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  • I know this is fuzzy, BUT you can see it will provide you with your MEID! Write this down! It is important!
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  • Now that you have your MEID you can go to to create your password!
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  • Click on Forgot Your Password? And follow the directions. Once you have set your password, come back to this page and log in!
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  • Once you are logged in you can check your account, pay tuition, and order transcripts!
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  • Scroll down to see if you owe spring tuition!
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  • Follow the directions here to pay your tuition!
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  • You can also click on My Class Schedule to be sure you are enrolled in all the dual classes you are supposed to be in!
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  • This is also the same place where you will want to order your official transcripts! You wont want to do this probably until right after you graduate! But, if you need them earlier just select Official Transcript under the other academic drop down menu!
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  • Just fill out the required information and you will be all set!
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  • Please remember that as much as I want to help you, there isnt a lot that I can do to assist you with making your payments and accessing your accounts! The only information I have is your student ID number so you may need to call the college directly! Below are some helpful numbers! Cashier's Office 480-517-8334 Registration & Transcripts 480-517-8540